10 The Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces

10 The Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces

In the previous list, we have 10 of the most luxurious houses and covered the ten most beautiful palaces in the world. Today, 'us' photos Ten Most Outstanding British royal palaces, bring another set.

We all know one of the Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family royalty rich world has ever seen. Crown the power to permeate the smell of men and money. They are only speculation that China may come expansive and magnificent palaces in France.

Although we want to live in a number of construction servants and security, teeming with possibilities at the complex shelter, we established a complex mansion fit for a small bungalow, fit queen will die for a horse.

That said, Buckingham Palace, the British people the power of the web to see the official seat. 77,000 M2 area is covering, palace graced with 775 rooms, 19 state rooms, 52 principal bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices with a whopping 78 bathrooms. Royal, extravaganza and take center stage in construction as the case with luxury and is not saved a cent. Golden concrete maze Royals have a look at home.

10. Inside the Royal Ballroom, Buckingham Palace

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

Have you ever seen the ballroom? Well, unless you attack friendship with the house, you will never set foot inside the ballroom. Designed as state of the art dining area, ballroom queen hosted a number of parties organized by the state. During the meal, servants room as well as some of the usual teems with food of your choice, the most expensive wine and champagne you ever think about.

9. The Grand Staircase, Buckingham Palace

The Grand staircase of Buckingham palace.

Buckingham Palace, Grand Staircase is indeed a surprise to the general public and inexperienced persons. British King George IV 1825-1830 by the architect John Nash designed case features some remarkable structure carefully mix acanthus, oak and laurel in a beautiful masterpiece for the King. The results speak for themselves.

8. The Throne Room, St James Palace

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

Although the British royal family at Buckingham Palace St James' priority, the latter was used as a seat of power for hundreds of years. Although the castle is closed to the public, chosen to earn some money by renting it out during the Olympic Games for the Queen £ 30,000 a day. The throne room opened and the public were received during this period had a good view.

7. The Crimson Drawing Room (Windsor Castle)

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

20 Nov 1992, around 11 am, when the Queen's private chapel in Windsor Castle undetected by workers and spread the smoke alarm fire ripped off. Fire destroyed several priceless artifacts that rages for painting and drawing. It was controlled by time, nine hours, was destroyed large parts of the castle.

Days later, Landmark Restoration began in earnest with the donation of two million pounds queen. After restoration, the room was completely destroyed crimson face. Memo is a clear emphasis on the Kingdom of Fire.

6. The State Dining Room

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

The dining room is expensive and rare gallery features. Equipped with state of the art furniture, the room is often used as a retreat for dignitaries after the banquet ballroom. It was also used by the Queen to record his Christmas messages. Currently, the room is closed following concerns roof will fall as a result of negligence.

5. The Imperial Corgis

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

Among the Royals and the staff, but no one is allowed to wander the depths of the palace of the Queen companions. Royal Palace corgis wide roaming and even plane with a group of close associates across continents with Madame T hopping on the dirt floor has been documented to ** s off the case. Oooh, and do not worry about their transportation, their own car, a handler and a driver.

4. The State Couch

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

The royal couch, but is often used by members of the royal family or royal weddings, formal occasions such as coronations. Built in 1762 by Samuel Butler, the car had less action and a decline in popularity among the royals. 4 tons is known for its heavy weight, they require a pair of four horses to pull and it does not come cheap. At the cost of £ 28M, I bet he's one of the most expensive gold-laden horse-drawn carriages out there.

3. The Imposing Buckingham Palace

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

In his opening comments, I had fun, chances are we will not build our better leave it alone for half a Buckingham Palace are good. To begin with, the palace has 77,000 M2 and surrounded with a garden of 40 acres. It stands around 108 M and 120 meters deep. It currently has 800 employees and is one of the royal palaces in operation. The market price, it is valued at £ 1 billion ($ 1.5 billion). Math, Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, declared bankruptcy only with an estimated $ 87 billion (of 58 palaces built before without internal paintings and furniture). Due to the amazing size of the house, maintaining the palace pay more than 150 million pounds for the British recovery has had a busy time.

2. The Private Retreat

Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palaces.

Life is hard for him. Time to get up, as usual, visitors paying addresses to receive ambassadors, and the basis for many public meetings by the police after a quick lunch before meeting the heads whisked charity before the security intelligence is characterized by hosting before heading home to get information courtesy call to institutions for long investors bath at night.

To keep a good frame, is a quiet retreat for people and even looked out for the Royals elusive little privacy irrelevant demand to move the film away from the prying eyes of journalists battery.

Fortunately for the Queen, Balmoral Castle comes in handy. The 1852 is used as a place of retreat and residence of the monarchy, after a hard city life in Buckingham Palace the Queen housing pride. Surrounded by vast stretches of land, the castle horse riding popular among the Royals and is an ideal site for shooting game

1. The Swan

Taylor Swift during visit Princess Diana Memorial.

In the UK, natural Swan River Thames and United Kingdom are exclusively owned by the Queen. In medieval times, they were considered a delicacy rich and took the slot. Fast forward have today, the times before being tagged and released Swan. Oooh, they are the only animals enjoy the protection of the dignity of the corgis.

Ten Most Magnificent Photos From British Royal Palace

1.Inside the Ballroom, Buckingham Palace
2.The Grand Staircase
3.The Throne Room, St James Palace
4.The Crimpson Drawing Room, (Windsor Castle)
5.The State Dining Room
6.The Imperial Corgis
7.The State Couch
8.The Imposing Buckingham Palace
9.The Private Retreat
10.The Swan