The 10 Anti-Gypsy Countries Where They Face Antiziganism

The 10 Anti-Gypsy Countries Where They Face Antiziganism

Antiziganism term civil nomads means enmity or discrimination. They are often seen as largely thieves, many who are illiterate, lazy and dirty. In their semi-nomadic lifestyle, as well as their culture, their language, and as a result they look, Gypsies are often eyed with distrust.

For the Romanian population in the country are facing discrimination. And Gypsy history is a mystery to most people in the oral culture of today. Here anti-Gypsy 10 countries are going to list down the antiziganism face:

10. Poland

Donald Francis Nicosia Niewyk and romantic one million people about a number of at least 130 000 dead people who lived in Europe from Nazi control. Michael Berenbaum writes researchers estimate 90 000 220 Sybil Milton, 000. To calculate a detailed research 220 000 500 000 victims of the former historian, the USHMM. Poland is among the countries most hostile nomads. The number of victims is more than 1 million Ian Hancock, University of Texas at Austin Exploration Summer Programs and Documents Center Romantic archive manager. Hancock writes: "The death toll is more than the number of Jews killed in Auschwitz".

Before concentration to be sent to the camps, the victims, were as happened to hundreds of thousands of people crowded Warsaw Ghetto settlements. Einsatzgruppen teams search and murder camps romantic little trace people. Like killing a number of people in romantic romantic Croatian Ustaše puppet governments in the Jasenovac concentration camp, were also attacked by which collaborated with the Nazis.

9. Romania

Romantic situation is not any better since, even the most anti-Gypsy families in the countries. 24.617 Romania deportation of Roma children of Transnistria in 1942, General Antonescu, who were more than 11,000 missing and was ordered to return to Romania only half of them. Nomad entire community was labeled as "dangerous to public order". Country Piki from deportation generals Constantin () Vasiliu and Constantin under Tobescu order was executed by the Romanian Gendarmerie and was in two parts: evacuated between 11441 June 1st and 15th August 1942 for public order nomad gypsy, and 13 176 Gypsies volatile and dangerous, taken out between 12th-20th September 1942.

One of the Romanian researchers, from Viorel Achim hunger, coldness, epidemics etc. speaks in his lectures about the circumstances which led to the murder of this community

8. Bulgaria

In 2011, the General antiziganism Kiril Rashkov, Bulgaria, in anti-Roma protests in response to the Angel Petrov was killed on the orders of a Roma leader in the village of Katunitsa. In the following case, the killer, Simon Yosifov, was sentenced to 17 years in prison. As of May 2012, an application was under way.

Protest march against the romantic and he apologized to "punish crimes" witness against the political elite in 2000 with Bulgaria, to be released on October 1 in Sofia. Volen Siderov, leader of the far-right Ataka voters and presidential candidates, asking for the death penalty to return to the romantic villages destroyed, spoke from the presidential palace in Sofia.

The project was followed by many ethnic conflicts and racist violence against the Romani demonstrations. Protesters "gypsies into soap" and the racist slogans shouted "kill the Turks!" Many demonstrators were jailed for public order incidents. Anti-media named Romantic killing of protesters.

In addition, in 2009, Bulgarian Prime Minister Borisov Roma "bad human bodies" as mentioned make it very clear that the country's anti-Gypsy countries. European Socialists Party vice president, Jan Marinus Wiersma, he claimed that "the right-wing populism and passed invisible border between extremism".

7. France

In the summer of 2010, French authorities destroyed at least 51 illegal Roma camps and begin the process of removing the occupants and their mother countries. The French government was balmed carrying out their functions as part of their political agenda. In 2013, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a far-right politician and founder of the National Front, because he made a "to France's Roma community" smelly "and" rash was dragged to court. His remarks violated French law on incitement to racial hatred. Against the European Roma and Travellers Forum, SOS Racisme was filed by the French Union of Passenger Association. But justice is yet to come.

6. Ireland

In 2008 Marioara Rostas, was a teenage Roma girl allegedly kidnapped a famous local crime in Dublin city market by gang members. Over the next week, he removed several times, bruised, his teeth, and he was killed, including rapes. Her body Irish indifferent to crimes within Irish society Garda Representative Association (GRA), a crime that astounds were found in the Wicklow Mountains four years later and why there had been no "hate outpourings such depravity here Maybe ".

Ireland led the journalist to write Cormac O'Keeffe Irish Examiner lack of public complaints, "kidnapped, gang raped, tortured, shot and dumped him, but no one cares," March 2012. anti-Roma sentiment feelings were made in newspaper website comments section and eastern European Roma are a follow-up article on the country's position on immigration. The highlight is an indication of racism in Ireland: "We must fight discrimination of Irish" Articles successful. Dehumanized people demonized and Roma Integration Centre in Dublin, according to "normal." What can be noted is that this barbaric behavior was a factor in female crime. Irish traveler "March is a strong message that" no one deserves to die young and will send out "a horrific brutal manner. Alan Wilson was accused of killing his sister dated 5 April 2012, but in 2014 was found guilty of murder.

5. Italy

In May 2008, local residents attacked a Romani camp in Naples was set on fire. Some are saying that resemble nomads actions taken by "increasingly those of a dictatorship of" reaction. No wonder most of our planet against Gypsies in Italy has been among the countries.

4. United Kingdom

The LGB rights associations and charity Stonewall, antiziganism is widespread in the UK. He is called a "modern gypsy traveler families". What happens in 2008 shows that a survey be nomadic population was openly than a third of that experienced a large amount of inhabitants of a survey of Britain discrimination being discriminated against Gypsies that show. Many blame the government does not take adequate measures to ensure their safety. Some also say that their community crime laws were declared fully approved by the previous Conservative government. For example, leaves passengers with little choice but local authorities are responsible for the transfer of sites to get themselves registered to the new sites.

3. Kosovo

By the end of the war in Kosovo, to almost 80% out of approximately 100,000 Kosovo summing Romanis, were expelled. For the 1999-2006 period, the European Roma Rights Centre and other non-Albanian ethnic communities as well as the reported number of crimes committed by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian with a plan to rid the region of the Romani population. Murder crimes, including kidnapping and illegal detention, torture, rape, confiscation of homes and other property and forced to work. The romantic villages were burned to the ground by Albanian. Romanis remaining in Kosovo are systematically denied basic rights to be published. They "live in fear of ambient environment" and often, verbal harassment and threats against ethnic Albanian areas by intervals. Over Kosovo Romani population is considered, for the most part. The third in our country's anti-Gypsy countries.

2. Switzerland

A Swiss right-wing magazine, a picture of a gun-wielding Roma children Weltwoche, the cover 2012, published with the title "Switzerland are shown to the Roma". He announced a range of specialist subjects of gangs, robberies, thefts, a growing trend in the country's "criminal offender Eastern European Roma clans for tourism" with expertise in organized begging and street prostitution. This country is the most anti-Gypsy is not particularly amazing since the countries. Published early as being deliberately provocative, right wing came under public criticism for his links to the People's Party (SVP) and ethnic origin, and to promote regulatory racist crimes together. Following complaints against racial discrimination laws that cover Switzerland's Federal Commission Switzerland, Austria and Germany have recognized legal action against racism.

Published Berlin Tagesspiegel Gjakova, Kosovo, the Roma population inspected Photo source was removed during the Kosovo war hovels built on a toxic land where slums. Italian photographer, Livio Mancini who first uncovered the abuse of this picture, which was taken to show the problems of Roma families in Europe.

1. Canada

A first world country like Canada and a claim of the developing countries in the world. It is wonderful to see Canada ranking number one in anti-Gypsy countries. In 1997, the Canadian government and the country, neo-Nazi Romanian immigrants allowed to stay in groups and protest against them. Where they lived emigrants took to the streets outside the motel. He said: "If you hate Gypsies Horn" held a sign boards, and "G.S.T." Canada is not a Trash "- Gypsy taxes suck".

In September 2012, the famous Canadian conservative commentator Ezra evening moved a commentary: "The Jewish Gypsy vs." Source which is blamed by the romantic to one of the criminals: "It's nomadic, a synonym of thieves culture ... so many false refugees have arrived here. and if they cheat and they came again to steal confidential as is done in Europe for many times here. ... they are nomadic families . and that one of the key features of the economy of culture that is stealing and begging. "