The 10 Biggest Lies Obama Told Everyone

The 10 Biggest Lies Obama Told Everyone

Running for president, while Obama had made a number of promises to his people and the world. Now, most of whom have been left unfulfilled think he is the president of the United States.

They were all part of his propaganda speeches deceptive, they aim to get all the voters were mere promises. The good news is the decline in ratings that Obama supports each year. Check it out now, the 10 biggest lie Obama

10. He Promised GMO Food Labelling Obligatory

Top 10 is the biggest lie Obama started his promise to make the obligatory GMO labeling. Americans have long complained that the real threat to people's health GMOs. They were happy to learn that GMO food labeling Senator Obama's plan to erase most of the time we became president. Fast forward to now, the customers will be informed about what is in their foods to provide device independence, Obama has switched sides and is also approved Monsanto Protection Act in effect. This is done to protect the companies involved with GMO labeling. As if these were not enough, Obama senior adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner, former Monsanto VP, as Michael Taylor.

9. He promised to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison

We all know about the Guantanamo prison facility? We are the people who are perhaps not fully aware of the innocent who are merely suspects, what inhuman atrocities out. According to some, it has not been put through any kind of legal process, many detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison. He is being illegally detained and tortured by being human way. Obama promised to close the facility. But the biggest lie told Obama in a show. The Obama administration seems to have no interest in the matter. The president is not keeping his promise to lock down the inhuman penitentiary.

8. He promised to Lower US debt

Next, run a hard campaign for President Obama, when set in 2007/2008 and was then when he pledged to reduce US debt. They work very well for his predecessor George W. Bush and the national debt as used argument against his government. I believe it or not, just four years, Obama has managed to raise the US debt from the last 43 leaders. During elections, Dr. Webster Tarpley has warned Americans against Obama and his policies. But alas! We did not listen to the wise professor.

7. He Promised To Not To Come After Americans People Guns

Barack Obama, assured that they will not go after gun owners in the US The Second Amendment of the US Constitution is the legal right of every American. But like the other points in this list, it is among the biggest lie Obama told everyone. He also broke his promises in advance and tell the truth to the American arms.

6. He Promised To Campaigned For Peace

In this regard, Obama did not do than just break your promise, but Bush's bombing of Afghanistan eight years of conflict. Apart from the Iraq and Afghanistan bomb attack on peace and security, deploy more troops in those countries. US intervention in Libya has ended, the killing of thousands of innocent lives, and according to some, Obama's government is actively supporting and funding Syrian rebels attacked a sovereign country until the international agreement have.

5. He Promised Not To Use Presidential Signings To Bypass Congress

Of course, it does matter now. Libya war was a crucial moment. Opposites enter the country, they did not allow the Congress to the presidential decree. Obama has not only killed thousands of illegitimate and unconstitutional war in Libya, but Libya was killed several US military that the United States took. Ruin the whole thing was completely unnecessary.

4. He Promised To Promote Freedom Of Speech

Instead, they worry informants. Together with her than all 43 presidents Obama regime before it is abused more informants. And once again we see the promises made by President Obama is not being realized. Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning as they put their lives in the line by exposing the US government. Today they threaten, they were being hunted, imprisoned. He has been very valuable to the open world and a few, not to mention the US government had a hand in the illegal NSA spying scandal and discrimination IRS.

3. He Promised Not To Raise Taxes

Seriously though, when President Obama will end the lies. During the campaign for themselves, we "Yes, we can" hear a lot of screaming, and that the government will not raise taxes again, for a cent of it. But that is not the course is left reeling under the pressure of American tax.

2. He Promised To Make Government More Open

In one of his early days, Obama was heard laws written public, will be more accessible for no more hiding. The goal was to make clear that if the administration knew exactly why he's being put through. But the complete opposite now. Obama access to information under the government's much more difficult than before. A few days ago the Associated Press (AP) Washington bureau chief, Sally Buzbee published a report that revealed how even blocks media administration.

1. He Promised Not To Spy On US Citizens

Today, it seemed Obama told the biggest lie that has turned into one. Recent news of the US administration and the American people to actively get emails and calls out that spying. Running for President to remember, while Obama criticized the Bush administration for this. He also pledged that no national security letters will not be any unauthorized wire-tapping of American citizens to spy on people, etc.

Obama at a time when most people went with what the government is very unlikely to pay attention, December 31, 2011 approved NDDA (National Defense Authorization Act). NDAA is that it gives the government the authority to regulate and jailed without any charges for any regular American

10 Biggest Lies Obama Told Everyone

1.He Promised Not To Spy On US Citizens
2.He Promised To Make Government More Open
3.He Promised Not To Raise Taxes
4.He Promised To Promoted Freedom Of Speech
5.He Promised Not To Use Presidential Signings To Bypass Congress
6.He Promised To Campaigned For Peace
7.He Promised To Not To Come After Americans People Guns
8.He promised to Lower US debt
9.He promised to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison
10.He Promised GMO Food Labelling Obligatory