The 10 Endangered Species of 2016, Close to Extinction

The 10 Endangered Species of 2016, Close to Extinction

Only those who belong to a species of any kind, but the means of its type. If a species becomes extinct then as God will have the last of its kind. Believe it or not 2016 suffers from several species at risk, are close to extinction. I finished that, then it will not matter a life becomes extinct animals like an elephant for example, is not much of a concern for some of the world? ... Because they can still walk into a convenience store and buy something to eat. Something that no one knows what the forest elephant is almost extinct, and they will ask themselves why bother How can I care? What is the reason many feel the life cycle to the top of the food chain from humans. It is easy.

Survival of the fittest animals live by the code, they hunt, hunt and eat other animals feed well. The humans become extinct spicy. Animals with a price tag in shops etc. wrapped processed animal feed (and buy good packages are decent and animals. The same human beings. I have food if humans then left to start human cannibalizing to survive the human will gradually formed, even when the last man, they shall die an animal or the humans should be eaten. world civilization will come to exist. it is not only a hypnotic scenario, extinction is a serious thing if we did not bring about a vigil in 10 species could be extinct in 2016, which saved or the changed or grew it You are allowed to make the last of its kind.

10. Blue Throated – Macaw

The macaws are one of the lost lands unknown and the most exotic birds very close to extinction. Blue is not your average parrot back with the only difference being a rare on Earth yellow Macaws are usually birds. Human animal or bird to eat it as their pets, which is attracted to that particular market at a higher price with them and are caught are sold around the world who where are not going to. Once sold as house parrots or budgies, new owners cage beautiful and treat them by some ill, they are well or not feeding abandoned him and he died that way in the end . For the year as habitat changes have decreased the total world population to go from the captured parrot, people with proper upkeep of dealing with the most vulnerable of 2016 species do not provide that is being sold.

9. Mountain Gorilla

Each gorilla wants to be King Kong! And really the alpha male as some intense guerrilla that they were born in. They are under a woman's risk of where the fighting is involved, can place their natural habitats to fight them Kongs defense or provocation of violence and the instinct really. The beauty of nature, but of course some get killed in the process. More Male gorillas are killed, women can not extend to reproduce the species of mountain gorilla population.

Mountain gorilla can be a large number of animals in size and stature, but they are not a very large population declines during the year after. He created more human activities such as a reduction in the population of the endangered species most at risk :, 2016. Land development, destroying their environment for hunting and fun and entertainment the game, as his selling black market on which it is currently only 2 conservation is extremely dangerous for the security of Africa, a high crime rate and the civil war for their parts to Asian to guerrilla killed there are institutions for the protection of indigenous people's land, which is very popular with mountain gorillas species are usually high risk. Mountain gorillas are close to extinction and their habitats are not in place, and to be saved in Africa, is like taking a tray and place the eggs under the falling forks. How fragile the hope that it could be seen recently for the Kongs.

8. Sumatran Elephant

Among the endangered Sumatran elephant species most at risk in 2016. In the real world, people use, to store groceries or sound kidnapping people with the loudest stereo neon lights to install their trunks do as you leave the house are his throw fun up there, tied them or they will use their trunks to store a cache of weapons, but on the other elephants, a means of survival use their trunks. The food and water, the source of the voice ordering them to other friends or take them to a safe place or hold their children with a huge amount of power to feed them is the way through which will pass. Elephants are very close to extinction. The ultimate nature of the way that we're able to master our lives with him in life, were, both human and animal. The world we know, as always cruel towards animals of all kinds, not hunting, recreation areas, etc. Ivory is a living, a large market and ruthless by some women as men and women control the illegal black markets that are highly attractive as well.

Ivory is a factory for the ivory trade and to the teeth, can be inserted into a giant down like elephants and most have been very badly hurt or killed or highly among others, for the time being the surprise fall off their bodies and they are meant to eventually become a big part of dead meat and food to the treatment of wild animals. Although several effective hunting control channels in place, just not the control which makes it one of the most highly endangered species of Sumatran elephant suffers not from a now extinct legally can.

7. Hawaiian/Nene Goose

He says, "Good for the Goose, Good for Gander". If extinct or endangered Goose, Gander will not be able to reproduce them stirs a strong possibility at the end of the 'more' Goozie-ganders from. Another species, environmental systems, a whole lot out of other dependent species, the "Zombie Apocalypse" is near and I would imagine that it would bring about. This is not just talking about Geese.

Nene birds can be found mainly on the golf course, as well as other little things like water, slopes and lakes as a means of feeding on grass areas. The near extinction of animals. Response Nene because of Geese population has seen a sharp decline since their beauty bird early 1900s to aggressively hunt and gather eggs and God knows bred the birth of a new population of glory geese What could be done with.

6. Nigerian Giraffe

Wild giants, Serengeti giraffe's long neck and long legs who lives in the body. Killed a giraffe chances of seeing it in their homes uncontrolled African forests are very common. Africa, which has come the plane after a beautiful country scenes that will come to bask in the world's richest, with its aircraft to tour offered to Africa attracts tourists, However, Africa is known for the infamous many dark things can offer an immeasurable amount of beauty, the wildlife and animals who have anything to fear about to live in the dangerous housing Unlike the. So what are the odds of a giraffe going all out now and then? Nigerian giraffe is among 2016's most endangered species and are very close to extinction.
If it remains in the wild, Wild which means meat with an easy Survival of the fittest means, Africa and most parts in a war-torn country which will not be very long giraffe lions Cheetah home in unlucky days, 47 being caught in fighting in wars among the local people. It even has a strange thing may seem strange, however, because it is a possibility, it is suffering from any kind of danger. With this addition, giraffe, too, was taken to the zoo and zoo animals like to be simulated is known to be locked in a cage with the natural environment zoo keepers and visitors love and attention are not a However, it is safe in the zoo, they are food and proper care is bound to be mistreated by the zoo keeper of etc. like various other factors impact on giraffe distribution and population decline: Habitat degradation and human activities such as poaching, etc.

5. Indiana Bat

"Blind" as a bat - is the usual cliché, it's also another vulnerable species to the list of risk and therefore does not blind him to knock himself everywhere and fell to his death not to fly about could surprise. The 1967 is provided as Indiana beat being chased by people from caves in winter and average cave vulnerable about 20 000 known home - a total of 50 000 bats other parts of the flight and eventually died in this way.

Snake fear a cave bats, he in a cave more snakes bats last numbers to be in ambush behind the rocks before the meal was unlucky held in the mouth for snakes that will live bats, which Indiana bats are near extinction. In 2006, something called a White- nose syndrome (WNS) 'further reported to suffer from risk and killed near his role in bringing more than a million bats ending likely.

4. Kihansi Spray Toad

Frogs are most usually are not returned the love of his scaly, amphibians due Beady eyes and mucous organs, but they mean that it is not necessary to be upset. Kihansi spray toad name suggests and is stressed and in fact, as critically endangered, although it is not your normal frogs. According to a study conducted in 2009, stands as extinct themselves unable to maintain its Kihansi spray toad in the forests of the population. Why that is not completely extinct species to exist in various parts of the world to save it precisely. Which comes in addition to being Kihansi, is famous for its beauty. Also, the measures to protect its habitats falling rocks than the risks involved concerned about the size of frogs, amphibians, sea predators on woman African American bird species over the 2.

3. Iberian Lynx

Lynx has always been a kind of cat that was a phantom in the world, 'Ghost', a mysterious type of cat lurks around the average stray cat does not like you'd find the lost around the streets too is seen or a pet in your home. 2016 Lynx are among the most endangered species and forests in different parts of the marshes and the rocky areas or small stature are mainly distributed. The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered wild cat species in danger. Are not like other cats as it should be dangerous cat lovers around the world, is about to go on a cats' nine lives as usual.

Almost like a car engine of the Iberian Lynx women by 2010, almost reaching the maximum RPM line up once, shaking a surprising and rather protected right 90% to almost edging which dropped down. the European rabbit, can be traced back.

2. Hawaiian Monk Seal

Monk Seal is one of the world's rarest species. It is very close to being an endangered species and the most endangered of 2016. Do you or care about them, their horses, but should realize about how it affects their activities normally Sea Life Horror and Ocean etc. in this state of being, especially so fragile. Seal culling is no surprise to the world, and we've seen a heap of large UPS dead seal up over the years. On the other hand, has been declared extinct since the Caribbean monk seal in the 1970s and is one of the species.

That no human hand makes a monk seal, nature prey is killed at the end was so mysterious lives fully lived in the depths of the sea and by-catch accidentally too deep-sea fishermen and thrown back his blood for the injured, which can attract the shark, which is designed to take a life and put out of its misery. Fishermen monks minimum cell concerns, they are the most obvious way packaged die, where women 'mobbing' are killed, more Monk Seal women that were killed by a process from men, this is going to basically means death for being too slow with the reproduction of the species.

1. Kakapo Parrot

The end of 2016, the risk of suffering from a number of different reasons, species list, ranking number one Kakapo parrot. As well as Flightless parrot Kakapo, that this situation conservationists etc. "How unstable that Flightless in her life, mass terms really concerned by the ground around the world is an appropriate name as we think we do a countdown to the end for her, because it's really more of a number that fits in thousands or millions rather than a fast having suffered less than other species at risk. It looks like an owl in the Kakapo parrot, appearance. After the accidental death of a woman with a serious boil down to its existence, which is the name of Sandra protectionist.

Bird near the end. All the Kakapo 'Kakapo Recovery Program, they are formed in the track with transmitters to help rangers. Sometimes the only female Kakapo, the Kakapos since it can not be reversed until the final countdown to the brink of falling below the fall so fast and drop the death. It just seems to be a hybrid species to survive and exist in this world will be by means of creating Kakapo species. The Kakapo hangs on a yarn, and dealing with the risk that is very close to the end to one of the animal species, the process of creating a hybrid of the Brink back, this species birthed out of hand there can be brought.

10 Endangered Species of 2016, Close to Extinction

1.Kakapo Parrot
2.Hawaiian Monk Seal
3.Iberian Lynx
4.Kihansi Spray Toad
5.Indiana Bat
6.Nigerian Giraffe
7.Hawaiian/Nene Goose
8.Sumatran Elephant
9.Mountain Gorilla
10.Blue Throated -Macaw