The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time

The 10 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time

Horror Cinema is the most popular way to create a nightmare for almost a hundred years. We have discovered the hope that the one thing that, more than the love of all that in a darkened room and the worst imaginable creature is awake their consciousness jump and his top concerns out to rattle the brain.

There may be a private thing of being afraid, but, waiting for a sermon being as I sit in a crowded theater with dozens of others if confused with each other, and better than nothing Is. Developed trends and monsters, but the fear is our desire, and endured these films and have conversations about the night creatures fear change. Each time the greatest horror movies take a look at the following:

10. The Thing (1982)

Slasher film of John Carpenter turned a cottage industry with Halloween. But the thing ', Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby' with his remake of "thing from another world, a nasty little number. He is up against the icy tomb of a thousand years to a form of extra-terrestrial, always put a dozen people, led by the brilliant Kurt Russell.

It takes the form of these men at a time, pitting them against each other before they can get around to neutralize external threats. 'Thing' is a powerful political film, the master Stan Winston and Rob Bottin Genius models by practical effects. They do not make them like this anymore.

9. Near Dark (1987)

Hot dust-stained and need to clean up all the new vampire films that are bloody, black 'bar' near Kathryn Bigelow. A dust devil erotically charged Killing Spree, near-black, not leaving anything in their bodies, an RV in the southwest after sucking a bag of burning gypsy blood in the United States. He is the youngest vampire Mae brings home Caleb with a fresh bite mark on her neck. They have to learn how to ride with them or they will leave him to fend for himself with his new reliance on human blood.

The greatest horror films of all time count, Bigelow's vampire joy and 80s of finding an undeniable desire to spend time with the most terrifying killers, waste rampages across the country. 'Near Dark' is seductive as it is scary.

8. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Changed forever after "the Blair Witch Project. Found footage sub-genre - now both a thriving multi-million dollar mainstream and direct-to-video horror Also - 'Blair Witch Project' is not a viable option for filmmakers without a huge profit turned to a relatively small the investment can be.

It also showed how fear can motivate you by promising that there was nothing in the woods waiting. It's incredibly wrung every ounce of - heading into the woods to shoot the film footage for a documentary on the legend of the Blair Witch simple as possible. This is a small easily prove that we can encourage data independent filmmakers to Hollywood house competition Box Office, and as much as I like seeing the blow suffered or things of romance and indirect like the idea of ​​being afraid of that.

7. The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Wes Craven post modernity brought "out" and "Elm Nightmare on the Street" American Horror fun hanging joke, can be remembered today as thanks man, but first he seemed genuinely dangerous and often the greatest horror films that made movies that are rated among.

His 1977 film "The Hills Have Eyesis' a great example, to take no prisoners Hillbilly black comedy and a mixture of violence and harassment. Carter family holiday breaks to a tribe of cannibals living in a radioactive desert. suburbanites must learn to fight dirty if they want to one day being hunted by their enemies to survive cut-throat. Sneaky we are alive and we have developed a crisp, hate oriented look at what protection will try to provide as little as only.

6. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Crisis George Romero in 1968 (Vietnam, racial tension, high-profile murder) I looked around at the world and the ugliness of the leak in his first film, 'Living Dead', a good angry, aggressive suburban passive aggression DECONSTRUCTION. Giving an ancient monster, zombie, now found new life that is reflected in the creation of a crisis is the best groove.

After the trauma survivor Barbara (Judith O'Dea) and a remote farmhouse attacked by two zombies, Ben (Duane Jones), meets a charismatic black man. The family, warm tone Harry barricade themselves inside without the sense of leadership (Karl Hardman) inside already. The issue of race Ben has never been fully explained, but otherwise, it can not be forced on Harry's distrust and head strong, beautiful and tough guy (Romero photos will speak for themselves Knew). Cool spin because the film is often not prevent the zombies pounding on doors and windows, even though it is regarded as the greatest horror movies, the real monsters are already home.

5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Tobe Hooper's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre "is still evaluated as a work of art precise craft and cream. Each film and its reputation as one of the most frustrating experiences in all of film history, but how many points do incredible was to have Blindsided fans through rigorous ghouls in the heart of the story I know you can.

Unfortunately, while five children make a pit stop in an abandoned house on a road trip. When they go to the nearest house to ask for the gas, and Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen), does not take kindly to strangers who meet a hulking mass of muscle with the child's mind. 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is one of the most disturbing film, but just because it looked like the construction of a realistic world around them idealistic hero Hopper. If we did not believe the kindness of strangers, the children still expected, illusion, along with their bones, is shattered in an instant when the two would not hurt bad.

4. Kuroneko (1968)

The legacy of Japanese horror, a long history and haunting, apparitions and filled with more pictures supernatural things twisted beyond recognition. Director Kaneto Shindô, the first group was a quiet horror director studies an incredibly patient purveyor of luxury - the route passes, their interest in the fundamental change in the way of survival.

'Kuroneko' is an experienced (Kichiemon Nishimura) returning from the war a hero, has just been murdered by his wife and mother (Kei Sato and the Nobuko Otowa) marauding deserters to learn. Their ghosts still haunt the grove near his home. Shindô dynamics of scenes scare them and love the quiet and the perfect command of the master and running of the winner and the next burst of violence like an orchestra, conducts.

3. The Exorcist (1973)

The third very properly, 'Exorcist's our list of the greatest horror movies. Documentary films William Friedkin William Peter Blatty, a young woman possessed by adapting the best-selling story, crime dramas and experimental theatrical adaptation directed them to use their experience. Friedkin incision nerves of the audience with an unexpected technique or an image. The trick is to look as scary as the treatment of the real world like an impossible problem of invasive and could only get the devil.

Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair) doctors, a psychologist as hypnotherapists perplex themselves and began to behave this way. They eat themselves harm, and two men of power, and when he pressed claims to the devil himself. Two priests (Jason Miller and Max Von Sydow) surgery and fail the test when it is brought in to try their luck. Friedkin punishment spares his audience to imagine the worst kind of horror characters.

2. The Shining (1980)

Stanley Kubrick productivity following 'Shining', and this is tragic in a sense, we've got no more films with him, he has years of difficult but psycho-sexual to optimize the final in a slow crawl 'eyes Wide shut' or 'shining', a vision of the greatest horror films ever produced.

Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) is a writer for up to something with a little peace and inspiration. The horror, a creeping anxiety style hotel and quickly takes a job as caretaker of the falls. Creation, leaves her hotel guests whose hearts changed by violent madness inherited by the delay in the corridor. 'Shining' is a wonderful, wonderful immersion in an artist's obsessions.

1. Psycho (1960)

No other film ranks among the greatest horror films of "psychological" deserve a position. Alfred Hitchcock was a man who is a scientist with the feelings and reactions of your audience, and pictures were under the microscope medium. 'Psycho' was tested and breaking expectations of a film with a TV production budget.

Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and is run by the search steals a suitcase full of money and homey night at Bates Motel, nervous, awkward Norman (Anthony Perkins). After eating a wonderful dinner, Marion, takes a shower and then Norman's mother, Mrs Bates met. "Psychological" changed the way people like horror movies - suddenly there was a safe, a place, a role, or our traditional concept of good and evil. Hitchcock had some way to be saved thanks to the reasonable limits of a horror movie game.

10 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time

1.Psycho (1960)
2.The Shining (1980)
3.The Exorcist (1973)
4.Kuroneko (1968)
5.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
6.Night of the Living Dead (1968)
7.The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
8.The Blair Witch Project (1999)
9.Near Dark (1987)
10.The Thing (1982)