The 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies

The 10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies

Nothing captivates the viewer is a possibility of a film "based on a true story." Real people, stories about places and events tend to add an extra element of magic to a film. Some directors of artistic license as long as enough to venture out on what could be described seem to believe that this enables them "historically accurate." The wrong assumption that the audience completely correct these films under my name forward for these historical films.

Add and remove characters, romantic interests are created, and moments exaggerated or completely fabricated! And sometimes even completely change the dates. And the truth-bending trickery, many of these films, they rarely are widely loved by the very popular among historians, fans.

10. J. Edgar

John Edgar Hoover was often the founder of the FBI who was known to exceed the federal jurisdiction. However, it is made up and I have worked incredibly biopic, the film makes a change from the original story. And in particular judges, prominent Hollywood personalities, artists harassed skips and exaggerates certain events out of proportion. The film is presented as a tortured visionary Edgar wrong things and rationalize them as necessary to lower, better he did.

9. JFK (1991)

Director Oliver Stone is an obvious love for making historical films, thrillers and a New Orleans district attorney (played by Kevin Costner) who uncovers more that tracks the story of the Kennedy assassination. '' Jfk to one of the most historically inaccurate movies. The film's opening film is a documentary archive of audience perception, the film will bring more vision and a montage of footage of them again. * This is not the spoilers. It persuaded to put weight behind the popular 'JFK' plots in the years after his death, merges reality and conspiracy.

'JFK' in 1967 conspired to cheat, Jim Garrison, the main witness Pierre Russia independently, it is shown that a witness, who was revealed to be false in the movie, although it was 1972. The the case was based on the drug prior to his testimony. Although the director of an important scene, David Ferrie admits error in the film was a figment of the imagination; Ferrie has always maintained his innocence.

Stone's thriller also strongly Lyndon B. Johnson, Kennedy's successor in the White House is the claim that there is no evidence that was the driving force behind the murder, although I managed to do it.

8. Gladiator (2000)

Another best picture winner was a bit light on the facts, 'Gladiator' the fictional Roman general Maximus Decimus Meridius starring Russell Crowe as an epic historical drama directed by Ridley Scott. Maximus betrayed and where he is widely respected as a gladiator fighting the slave is general comes from. Many historians were hired to advise on the film's historical accuracy, the left changes to make Gladiator 'in a script most historically inaccurate movies between "because it is interesting to note.

Although certain of the characters directly Maximus the facts have been blurred, real historical figures. Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius in the film, though he died of smallpox, is killed by his son Commodus. Of Commodus with Joaquin Phoenix, snivelling blood relations or eyelashes and bizarre imagery, appears in the historical record that it was not anything like that, and he was a good ruler for more than a decade. He had fought in the show, but was not killed in the field - in fact, he was strangled in the bath by his wrestling partner / lover nrkss.

7. Apocalypto (2006)

Set in the Mayan kingdom faces its demise, the rulers insist the key to survival is to build more temples and offer human sacrifices. Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood), arrested for offering one of the men, ran away to avoid his death. A true feeling of authenticity of genuine ancient Mayan language used throughout the film director Mel Gibson film, a provider that is not mirrored by its historical accuracy.

Mayans and Aztecs were derived from the radical film which was presented as savages, had a reasonably peaceful people of the Mayans. Bad films alone the fact that historically 'Apocalypto'. Mayans also rarely showed any human sacrifice. If they did, it was against the treacherous elite, not ordinary folk. Furthermore, the film Spaniards, around which ends with the advent of Mexico happened in 400 years after the Mayan collapse.

6. 300 (2006)

Zack Snyder's breakout hit, '300' is an adaptation of Frank Miller's 1998 comic series, which is a fictionalized retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae. Although based on, '300' is one of the most historically inaccurate movies. Although the scale is not a film would lead you to believe, surely one of the most one-sided efforts in recorded history. 300 Spartans were unable to meet their enemies and advance their ranks around 7,000, formed an alliance with other Greek city-states. And looked great on camera his dress fashioned ABS revealed - and served for years as a source of inspiration for Halloween costumes the brothers of the community across the country - in comes the Spartans of the movie glory would wear the armor of loincloths.

Persian Empire were also misrepresented in the film. Xerxes certainly had a deep voice and a strange, bald giant with an effeminate appearance, and the Persian Empire allowed slavery because of their Zoroastrian faith. In fact, the Spartans were one of the largest owners of slaves in Greece. Another reason to love "the boy's strange," When the Spartans were not shy about their Pederasty the Spartans that the Athenians up.

5. Marie Antoinette (2006)

Led by Sofia Coppola Eye Revolution is a beautiful film to catch the reflection of France. A vibrancy that the film's color palette and Costuming helped conceal a unique visual look, about historical accuracy. Almost the strange vision of France's iconic queen Coppola, portrayed in more of a painting than a photo to order (allow a few more) artistic liberty.

The visual style issues Coppola. Clothing dyed colors were not available, and the conversation can be seen under a cloth shoes a pair. But the biggest story liberties were taken in the area said. In the film, Marie Antoinette and Louis Auguste sharing a bed together, he did not. The greed of a few months on the screen. In real life, it was seven years. The main problem with the film is that there are no politics. It seems they do not like it, but it is not clear why. One of which is disputed historically - tediously count every time is spent on shopping sexual contact with Axel Fersen, being chained to the feed, and. Everything was left out of the film, this is the one of the most historically inaccurate movies.

4. The Patriot (2000)

This portrayal of the American Revolution (Mel Gibson in his second appearance on our list) after his son as Benjamin Martin leads back to the colonial militia is killed by a British officer. The film, derived from the American Patriot propaganda, especially in unfair representation of the British soldiers who remember World War II depicting Nazi fresh great. The military is the most popular burning scene where the elderly, women and children to death inside a church. Jason Isaacs' evil historical figure was based on the British Colonel Colonel Tarleton, and they do not give any evidence that he broke the rules of engagement, left by a child shooting in cold blood.

Gibson's character is a sympathetic father 'Patriot', while it is historically recorded person which was based on her character, Francis "Swamp Fox" from Marion, Native Americans hunting for sport it is the female rape. he did not have children until after the war - the time. watch this film from his cousin, but keep in mind that it is almost completely entertaining fiction albeit it is a work of fiction. any fact at Guilford courthouse final battle, where Martin Bad movies of his nemesis defeat this movie fault typifies. in fact, the Americans lost the encounter. 'Patriots' history is ranked number three position in our list.

3. Alexander (2004)

The director for the wrong picture of the history of this epic film about Alexander the Great's conquests Oliver Stone (once the offender on the list) and Warner Bros. Has been met with controversy since its release, including the threatened prosecution. One of the lawyers involved in the case, Yannis Varnakos, "the production company should make clear to viewers that the film is pure fiction." The
The scrutiny of historians is that the film comes from a lack of events of Alexander's life and the pressure is more than human achievements of the biopic. Filmmakers are several dark events of his life in the small ones, and different from those attributed to individuals in the history of their actions. The majority of the actions depicted milestone in fact, occur even though in different times and places. For example, three major battles, Granicus Battle, Issus battle of Gaugamela battle, are all integrated into one. So try and after the film's release to resolve this issue 4 that are lacking, the director - it due to inconsistencies in historical records together, to block the action of Alexander's life immensely difficult.

2. Braveheart (1995)

Historically, this is the director's films / star Mel Gibson's third appearance, 'Braveheart's William Wallace, a 13th century Scottish warrior king of England, Edward I began to rebel against which follows. The film has a very dramatizes, and turn on the timeline, heavy as real-life historical figures simply do not age row. Film historians took issue with the random forces of the tactical battle is depicted as the enemy is running, along with the film's battle scenes. Scott are stand out against their English opponents who wear kilts known about 300 years too early.

The biggest mistake Wallace's romantic interest. Wallace King Edward II's wife, Isabella of France is in the film, and the resulting child was Edward III. According to history books, Isabella was only 3 years for war, and Edward III was born 7 years after Wallace's death. People do not really seem to add timeliness. To add icing on the cake, appearing in the film The Battle of Stirling Bridge impression? It did not feature a bridge in real life.

1. Pearl Harbor (2001)

"It was Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attack on Michael Bay's 2001 retelling, except for the fact that there is not much in common with the fictional characters in the film Danny Japan Haiti, Yemen and 1941. Rafi, who are following courses bomb by, seeing them stationed in Hawaii's Pearl Harbor during the attack hop planes to shoot down enemy fighters. They live through this war before being sent to bomb Tokyo.

Historians state that only a few Japanese fighters have ever number more than 20 well in the film, fighter pilot was never sent to bomb targets in Tokyo, and was shot down. I would never have been granted to the Apostle, to the British squadron that as against neutrality was violated. Ultimate fictionalization when Rafe comes not only a master aviator, but origami is revealed that is well trained in the ancient art. An oddity, considering that Origami was only discovered by foreign troops since the war. This pale compared to the moment President Roosevelt, of course, stood up from his wheelchair to a dramatic speech.

10 Most Historically Inaccurate Movies

1.Pearl Harbor (2001)
2.Braveheart (1995)
3.Alexander (2004)
4.The Patriot (2000)
5.Marie Antoinette (2006)
6.300 (2006)
7.Apocalypto (2006)
8.Gladiator (2000)
9.JFK (1991)
10.J. Edgar