The 10 Most Popular Historic Periods Portrayed in Movies

The 10 Most Popular Historic Periods Portrayed in Movies

Inevitably there are some periods in history so fascinating that he can pass for a perfect setting for a film. Film-makers are well aware of this fact. This list are popular among filmmakers and often about some historical periods presented in movies.

Films will be drawn out period of time in which they are established to qualify for this list. Here are the 10 most popular films historical periods:

10. Golden Age Of Piracy

Top Movies: Caribbean series, Peter Pan and the Pirates of Treasure Island.

The time period between the 1650s and 1730s commonly referred to as the golden age of piracy. Pirates have always been a popular theme in movies but Pirates of most films disappointed the audience, only a few succeeded and shown that most of them had been panned by critics for Pirates of the Caribbean franchise . This series not only survived but became one of the most beloved style in today's time. Earned $ 3.7 billion, with only 4 films says it all. This success is all the more credit Johnny Depp's Oscar-worthy acting and ILM visual effects boggling the mind.

9. French Revolution

Popular film Les Miserable, Marie Antoinette and Lady and the Duke.

Among the most popular historical periods presented in the movies, our music film that period of history "Les Miserable" in the memorable role of Victor Hugo is inspired by the famous novel of the same name "Fatine", the details of the height of the insurgency . I prefer singing to more violence, but those who want the classic "Lady and the Duke" checks bitter truths. This period also produced several films about Napoleon and thus the number of popular off as Marie Antoinette figure. This revolutionary age we are given to different types of movies Musicals violent historical dramas.

8. Ancient Greece

Top Movies: 300 Series, Alexander the Great, the Titans and Titans, Hercules, Troy conflict and anger.

Gods, heroes, monsters and epic battles, no wonder that ancient Greece was a super heart is an absolutely perfect setting for summer blockbusters. Other style can fight with the battle between the Spartans and the Persians in 300, but hundreds of thousands of half man and half god-like monsters Kraken time. The Oscar-winning films, but certainly not the wide and quiet audience of entertainment that time period. Only a few films nonfictional this stage but we have no complaints about the film Juggernaut Hercules and Leonidas.

7. Ancient Rome

Top Movies: Gladiator's, Ben Hur, Passion of Christ, Hail Ceaser.

Perhaps the most historical periods or no period in the history of the most famous movie characters than ancient Rome. Julio, Ceaser's, Celia Petra and Commodus only name a few of the countless legendary names of that era, but the most popular is a Ridley Scott's Oscar-winning film "Gladiator" the imaginary "Maximus DecimusMeridus" . The film practically does describe this amazing era. Gladiators, chariot races and large-scale battles is nothing not to love about ancient Rome. It was also the biggest castle in the world with over 90 million inhabitants, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular historic period for the entertainment industries.

6. Medieval Period

Top Movies: Robin Hood, Braveheart's, Excalibur, Snow White, the Huntsman, in Maleficent, The Viking Sagas and King Arthur.

It is also known as the Middle Ages that lasted from the 15th century, after the Roman Empire 5th. This time period is probably the largest and most important in the history of human beings. In this time period, we saw the rise of the Arab world and Vikings. But this time things are so perfect and translation strongest warriors in setting the perfect cinema that is popular for movies, memorable Kings, princesses and beautiful castles. Many are set in the period of the famous Disney movies. The filmmakers Henry 2nd, Black Prince, King Arthur is no shortage of characters to select both real and fictional, including Robin Hood.

5. 1920s of America

Top Movies: The Great Gatsby, Bullets Over Broadway, hot, like Chicago and Boardwalk Empire.

Also known as the Roaring twenties, the decade was the absolute and widely regarded as one of the greatest decade in American history as it is the natural setting of the popular Hollywood movies. Try not to disappoint them for well-known and loved as Jay Gatsby of our classic comedy "Some Like It Hot". This decade also increase crime in society, especially jazz and "Chicago" and "Broadwalk Empire is shown that" films. Even "for an upcoming trilogy of" Fantastic Beasts and Where is set in the time period. United is the fifth film in the 1920s our list of the most popular historical periods.

4. 1970s

Top Movies: American Hustle, almost famous, in Anchorman and show her 70s.

Long hair, bell-bottom pants and platform shoes, known by some as the glorious decade for fashion people for this period. Tight upper clothing and wear loose bottom of both men and women used to wear. A wide variety of films in this decade have been used to good effect. News anchors to hold rock band, it has some of the most interesting characters in the order specified Cinema films. It "shows of the 70s that 'shows the growing youth group at the peak of a decade. Stars All Rock car was very good in this decade. Surprisingly Another popular memorable decade for movies worldwide.

3. Victorian Era

Top Movies: Sherlock Holmes series, Wonderland Alice, Prestige, David Copperfield, Oliver Sweeney Todd.

Queen Victoria's leadership is known as a period of national self-confidence for the United Kingdom from 1901 to 1837 time period of peace, prosperity and the United Kingdom. This film is a very popular time period for manufacturers, the main reason has been the custom for an author Charles Dickens, both small and big screen several of his works. This time period also like real life, "Jack the Ripper" and unrealistic "Sweeny Todd" is home for dangerous criminals. Among the most popular films in historical periods. No wonder around the streets with evil people "need detective like Sherlock Holmes". Director Christopher Nolan has also been the name of a famous movie "The Prestige" was set in that time period.

2. Old West

Top Movies: the unforgiven, it's Django Unchained, slowly west, True Grit and hateful eight.

If you prefer to live under the constant threat of cowboys and pistils instead of guitar rock stars and kill the Old West is for you. Known as the Wild West, American history, John Wayne, is the era of Robert Redford and the heavyweights like some of his best roles Clint Eastwood. Western style from the 1960s, but Quentin while driving through the drought period after directors like Tarantino style "from Django Unchained" and so ease the current backlog of films will not let die, not 'hate eight "proved that style is alive and well, they can still fall in love with holding Rascal Old West gun Cowboys.

1. World War II

Top Movies: Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, The Inglorious Bastards, The Pianist, The Great Escape and The Fury.

Guns, conflict, no wonder millions of explosions and deaths World War was one of the most brutal periods in human history. It has a number of popular historical periods presented in movies. This time it looks like the new World War II movie is released each year, is the most widely acclaimed filmmakers in the past few decades. "Saving Private Ryan is doing" and "Schindler's List" was Oscar favorite and explored various elements of the war. This period resent the success of the viewer screen in 2014 are not tired to see and filmmakers of this period, even Christopher Nolan's next film to make a film about the set time period shows that they are not bored.

10 Most Popular Historic Periods Portrayed in Movies

1.World War II
2.Old West
3.Victorian Era
5.1920s of America
6.Medieval Period
7.Ancient Rome
8.Ancient Greece
9.French Revolution
10.Golden Age Of Piracy