The 10 Powerful Rulers Who Went Through Total Humiliation

The 10 Powerful Rulers Who Went Through Total Humiliation

Throughout history, nations have had many great and powerful rulers. The war at home peacefully, most of them died either excellent, or. In any case, this was the legacy of the mighty.

However, some cases are also the most powerful and seemingly intangible rulers went through the humiliation, in this life or after his death.

10. Bayezid I

Turkey has seen its fair share of great rulers, especially in its early stages with time. Mohammad Sulaiman winner or wonderful addition, a truly remarkable Sultan Bayezid, whose strength and spirit had gained her nickname "Thunderbolt" among his soldiers.

Constantinople was able to get the victory actually painful. However, increased their influence and power in Anatolia, she made enemies, and at the turn of the 15th century Mongolian warlord Tamerlane encourage Anatolia of Turkey lords to join him in his fight against the Ottoman Sultan excited. The unfolding of new events turn their attention away from Constantinople Bayezid and forced to fight in the Middle Tamerlane. Eventually, he was defeated in battle and Ankara, as a prisoner to Constantinople, the Byzantine officials a symbol of weapons, were on their way to hand over the keys of the city are just as.

Tamerlane then parade as locked in a cage and Bayezid symbol of his victory. Bayezid few months later, was held there until his death. Thunderbolt invincible, in a dark-humored twist of fate, the Tamerlane's "pet" and went on to become the most dishonorable biggest winner this time for dying.

9. Henry IV (Holy Roman Emperor)

During the 11th century, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV was the most powerful ruler of the whole of Europe will impose respect for all. However, due to disputes over the appointment of clergy, he had several clashes with Pope Gregory VII. Henry ignored warnings and demands of the pope and ended up getting deleted. And yourself could be the top Henry hurt good feeling, getting out was a big deal for a politician in the Middle Ages and actually got his followers to make way for a new king. Henry saw the danger and quickly Gregory made a request for forgiveness. It was not so easy. 1076/1077, during a severe winter in the last decades, Henry Canossa, where the Pope was appointed by covering more than 450 miles, mainly due to a track of Manitoba. He had to do it barefoot and the poorest monks, dressed in a burlap. After all this effort, I think Gregory is one that will provide her penitence. Nothing wrong! Once it arrives Henry Canossa, he was not allowed access to the palace, she had to wait outside in the cold for 3 nights at the 3 and the inner courtyard. He had to keep it all day long.

Finally, after all the difficulties, the Pope took him, along with the cancellation of the excommunication, they allow most of the honor of kissing the Pope's feet.

8. Richard III

Richard of Gloucester - known as Richard III - ascending as Britain defender and finally take the crown for himself, in Shakespeare's portrayal, a bold and capable person, despite the war against Scotland during the show, maybe jail bravery in battle and kill the sons of the former king.

Although it was a close conflict, he lost his crown and life in the battle of bosworth field to decide in the end. That blow may be delivered to the head, was likely to die in battle, but the body of the suffered one of the worst insults an English king: Winner Tudor soldiers and completely dishonorable, sword his head and body mutilated in his private parts insertion of a sword, cutting off part of the back with a dagger. Since then, the former king without a tombstone, were thrown on a horse like a sack of grain brought to public notice in the city of Leicester and despair, and finally buried post inappropriate manner. Richard is one of the fun ends, one of which will face the most despicable criminal lowborn.

7. Valerian

Even during the late Roman Empire in the 2nd century A.D, as a great power would you explain the title of emperor and you will kneel to no one. However, the emperor's personality suffered a huge blow to reign as Emperor became the first and only to be captured in the war Valerian.

Earlier in his reign only 5 years, much higher than the average during the third century crisis of governance - - during a confrontation with the Persians, led by their king, Valerian, sahpur I., after the Battle of Edessa who had suffered a stroke of bad luck, his army destroyed just before the outbreak of war. After that, they had to surrender to the Persians. Valerian is a successful attempt to parlay with sahpur to get an honorable retreat, but in a most unexpected act of rebellion and backstabbing, sahpur, went back on his word and Valerian met them captured Roman soldiers put her captive and enslaved.

Sahpur systematic, Valerian growing humiliated when made use of the Emperor as a footstool and many more, the used amount of bragging rights as a living trophy on his horse. Spend Valerian rest of his days in the hands of the Persian king, and death, as after death did not end the abashment, Valerian was skinned and to be displayed in a Persian temple filled in the order, if all I could see the great humiliation ever suffered a Caesar Augustus.

6. Muammar Gaddafi

You who are ruled by a dictator 42 years with his country constantly, causing poverty and death, including the murder of more than 1,200 people abusing human rights on the occasion of your citizens (generally, an iron fist, that as little should surprise you that people are not fond of you and they may be against you. If they get their hands on you a blessing that she will be the last thing to consider That.

During the 2011 Libyan civil war, Libya - Libya's long-time ruler - was trying deposed and fled with his colleagues. The convoy was bombed and he took refuge in a drainage pipe. Shortly after, he was found by anti-government rebels. Captured and fear for their lives, knelt before him a pariah Colonel capturers and called for their lives and safety. Spit, him hitting her, dragging her around by her hair or even by sodomizing with a gun: the fighters humiliated and abused him, as in, it was to no avail . Some tried to carry out mob called the guilty, but died somewhere along the way. Obviously, he wounds, possibly one of the many who died from a self-inflicted shooting with golden 9mm pistol.

5. Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini's name is synonymous with the fascist movement in Italy. He said, in a fight to rule the country with an iron fist for more than 20 years did not have known it, draining the economy and its citizens to poverty and death.

As history shows, this plan was ill-designed. Their removal, together with a German convoy off the power, repelling the North they contain until it had no choice but to flee to the border. Disguised as a German soldier, he recognized and stopped the convoy and Italian supporters were caught when a full search. One day later, on 28th April 1945 at the head of Lake Como, was executed with her boyfriend and other fascist leaders.

His body was Milan, who moved to where his mistress were hung upside down and 5 Piazza Loreto, along with other colleagues. The same as in the Piazza Loreto, a group of anti-fascist supporters were publicly executed just a year ago, was a symbolic display for his adversaries. At that time, people, urine or any other body to spit on him while trying to show their hatred towards the former dictator, flocked to see the gruesome display. Information, Mussolini's body was laid down in the end, he was hardly known to be distorted.

4. Al-Musta’sim (Last Abbasid Caliph)

Mongols had many superstitions, that it was unfortunate for the royal blood of them. Although this awesome point should be enough of a warning, Baghdad's Caliph, Imam Musta'sim, Mongol threat or leader, Hulag was disregarded. (Genghis Khan's grandson)

It is true that the Caliph of Baghdad was the supreme ruler of Islam, but it was a time when no one can withstand the Mongol threat. In Baghdad, the Caliphate Jewel, the Mongols invaded and 1258, was dismissed by killing most of its inhabitants. As for the Musta'sim, Mongols respect their tradition: the great Caliph, was deliberately wrapped in a carpet and trampled to death. A wonderful end to the caliph and overall a wonderful end to the Caliphate.

3. Romanos IV Diogenes

Byzantine Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes led by, the decisive 1071 Battle of Manzikert, the Byzantines an important moment and lead to conflict between the legendary Alp Arslan Seljuk Turks.

Byzantines army was strong, due to several court, but lost the battle and finally Romanos found himself surrounded by enemies. Even after he was finally arrested, he fought bravely.

Romanos, Sultan was being added all the dust, sweat and blood. Alp Arslan had put his foot on the neck of his prisoner, and forced as a symbol of humiliation and submission to kiss the floor. However, since then, he follows his treatment of prisoners decently and he let it be a short meeting.

Yet, Romanos' grief will not end there. Returned home, he found himself ousted and forced into a brief civil war. Once lost, they were promised a peaceful exile, his opponents will be tortured and cheating on him just as he was blind. He is due to end on an island glare from infected wounds, he was sent into exile, some died later, where. A sad end for a man who could restore the glory of the Eastern Roman Empire.

2. Charles VII (King of France)

France Charles VII Charles winner was known in French as well as English to defeat the legendary Joan of Arc and succeeded in ending the war 100 years. During his 38-year reign, he founded the University of France on the intervention of the Pope and the overall reform of the administration, the state of France was almost a sense of unity.

Although his last years, some rebel vassals, some strong enough to destabilize the state and marked by his son and heir. He left in 1458 as the longest death scenes in history fell ill and was expected to be a brief suffering. It soon became an infection which started with a small sore on his leg slowly spread through his entire body. Charles pain, fever and delirium episodes deal with, namely the disabled. In the summer of 1461, infection, spread her mouth so the king now food or water, resulting in an abscess that can not swallow. He died July 22nd 1461 in suffering, thirst, hunger and death. Highlighted by overcoming one of France's biggest challenges in the long term, then, he went out of evil, pain and even in his final years would not care to see it. humiliated by his son, Joe.

1. Maximilien Robespierre

After the French Revolution, Maximilien de Robespierre Jacobin movement, came to power as the leader had a great influence in French politics at the time. Under the careful watch, the reign of terror, which means the presumed will of the counter-revolutionaries guillotined, was established. At the time, Robespierre and may be able to get a life and decide who would die. His position led him to consider others to be an effective dictator who was near absolute power.

Shortly, the opposition began to develop among his political colleagues and 1794 was ordered by the National Convention in the summer of his arrest. Desperate over his imminent defeat, he tried his own terms and move out of the scene itself. Robespierre tried to shoot himself but only succeeded in breaking his jaw. Badly wounded and covered in blood, the Convention, where many of his enemies humiliated him and spent his last day at a wait mocked his condition. Only several hours after a doctor to attend to the wound and bandaged his jaw.

Robespierre is one of the last living gruesome scene. When his turn to be guillotined, executioner tore the bandage her broken jaw and blood all around him fell on his chest, with splattering. There he lies mutilated said, people thought that they ruled, instead flies the fun and laughter of thousands who flocked in large numbers to their suffering. The head fell, above the crowd roared for free from their oppressors in several minutes, finally.