The 10 Reasons The World is Shocked At Jolie-Pitt’s Divorce

The 10 Reasons The World is Shocked At Jolie-Pitt’s Divorce

Kristen and Robert Pattinson, who gave up the break.
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are still well together-, who cares!
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has filed for broke and now divorce-!? Oh, I lost my faith in love!

Yes, this is exactly what we reached in the news about how to react when Julie really impact us. We can explain the reasons for this decline, although the process safely. Read on ...

10. Mystique Couple

Brad and Angelina have always come as a surprise for the couple. He did not look for fame and low-grade "could not get the spotlight buy an overpriced jacket", and the words "The food Meurice". So when the news came, it was open ears.

9. The Jolie-Pitt Things

They have paid for their children's magazine shows, he gave the money to charity. These are things that only the couple can do it! Together they started with the Jolie-Pitt Foundation in 2006 to restore our faith in humanity.

8. Nine years together

Celebrity weddings are long (usually the apology) is not the last, seems to support the fact that only the couple. They have been together for nine years and nine out of three children were still together- just got married for two. Julie, who brought with them their children, he said.

7. Mastectomy

Style number shown on the exploitation and the extreme beauty of women- Angelina data because they had high BRCA1 gene to a double mastectomy.

Now gene itself is not harmful, this mutation. Yet, he chose to preventive surgery and Brad stood by its full support. Oops! What exactly went wrong.

6. Fortune

Brad Pitt and Angelina do-oops were together worth US $ 400 million. Angelina was $ 160 million, while the remaining $ 240 was bread. His children and filed for divorce, custody, Julie can claim a good part of its worth! They also come with their $ 60 million mansion in France that produce wine from grapes.

5. They both denied cheating Jennifer Aniston

We see the memes about Jennifer Aniston for Jolie-Pitt separate air punching, denied that the two had cheated on Brad Jennifer. Mr & Mrs Smith, but he did get close to Angelina set, which never intended, "he said. After the shoot was over, he realized that he really wanted to be a couple.

4. Angelina and her parenting

Angelina Jolie adopted her first child Max in March 2002, Cambodia. When she met Pitt on the set of Mr & Mrs Smith had already been a mother for three years. They adopted their second child Zahara, with Brad had to sign the paper and later adopted in the official Max and Zahara. The couple could have known three biological children, parents, and other names with content that was gold star couple will separate.

3. Their kids!

In 2006 the couple had their first biological child, a daughter named Shiloh. The images were reportedly sold for $ 7.5 million as a cumulative two different magazines. The money was donated to charity. This means a couple of things "is", so do not be with someone like taking them apart can not explain. Has been sold for $ 14 million and photos of the twins Jolie-Pitt foundation money went this time.

2. Drinking and weed

Angelina says that it is forced to divorce, alcoholism and grass output. However, they did not know before? Any chance of reconciliation and restoration? The leaves many fans worried.

1. A rated couple

Couple of power, made public appearances were scheduled. He eluded vacationing travel with light and often, children were reported to be working, a family would do. It is sad to see this happening in any family break apart- east or west.