The 10 Super Weapons Built by Nazi During WW II

The 10 Super Weapons Built by Nazi During WW II

It began experiments trying to develop a mega-weapon Nazi was around the end of World War II. Modern day jet bomber destroyed a four-storey building monstrous battle tank the size of the planes that look like machines, they tried to build it. Hitler did not want to conquer the world and that no secret is left unturned when trying to create a super weapon that stone.

Fortunately the building only a handful were successful and they just prototypes. I found many of these plans and blueprints were made public. In Germany the fact that no one was only grateful, will be changed as a result of war then. So, without much ado, built by the Nazis during World War II super weapons check.

10. The Horten Ho 229

Horten Ho 229 was the most amazing of super weapons built by the Nazis. The stealthiest aircraft is one that can sneak up on the enemy without being raised in enemy radar. Speaking of potential, Horten 1 to 229 kilograms (2,200 pounds a distance of one km (620 miles) per hour 1km (620 mph)) can carry bombs. But the problem was the fuel consumption.

Hitler ordered the mass production of the aircraft but could be due to many different reasons. Only a few non-use of more prototypes were built that still remains, the rest are either destroyed or captured.

9. The Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte

It Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte was called and the length of 145 feet and was planned to be a four-stored building height. It was 1000 metric tons of heavy weight, than any other tank in the world. Soon Krupp and design director Edward Grottein adopted by June 1942, although it was not practical to build like a tank and has postponed its plans soon. The tank is useless to force the same weight, it is not easy and can be easily spotted by the enemy from a distance. But the tank was easily top super weapons could be built in the Nazi, construction Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte.

8. The Schwerer Gustav

Schwerer Gustav is built by the Nazis but also super weapons ever built and the gun fired in human history. It 800MM shell and weight can be removed so that had to be transported by railway. In an attempt to destroy the strongholds of the French Maginot Line, Arsenal was built by Krupp in the 1930s. Arsenal shells were designed to weigh 7 tons and the device would weigh 1,350 tons. The gun can be assembled in just 3 days and 250 men had to be operated. As with many of the weapons in this list, the weapon was too big for practical use and can be an easy target for enemy planes. However, he managed to build weapons were used in the siege of Sevastopol and Stalingrad was fired around 40 rounds, but was captured and destroyed by the Allies.

7. The V3 Super Gun

Germ of an idea to build this weapon appeared with the mission to destroy the City of London. Although it was not their first attempt. V1 V2 rockets and guided missiles plane was built to the same thing, but obviously they were not successful. The V3 can be the most deadly weapons, it ranks among the Nazis and built by super long round fired from a distance of 165 km per hour 300 9 feet. The gun was built by the city and headed but the weapon was fully operational before, destroyed a large part of the British bomber weapons. And shelved any future work on the construction of a new V3.

6. The Fritz X Guided Anti-Ship Glide Bomb

Today used by armies all over the world in the design, bombings targeted Allied ships in the Mediterranean in 1943. The idea started after a powerful bomb that can be remote control and change the direction of flight. Reduces the consequences and collateral damage to its accuracy. It clearly hit the enemy shock and possible damage to flight in a Nazi bombing of the way. The bomb was steered using a joystick radio control systems and some new weapons was caused panic in sight of the enemy.

5. The Rocket U-Boat

To strike, the Nazis were without a number of projects, all of which failed. In particular, although it was not that stood out. The rocket U-Boat name. This is the name of a submarine rocket launchers. But the car was not as well and could not navigate the waterways well. The V-2 rocket was developed out of a lot of the submarine. He began work on the Type XXI U-boat but could not finish it before the war was over.

4. The Panzer VIII Maus

Count of super weapons built by the Nazis, mouse Ferdinand Porsche (yes, the same company sports cars were designed by that) these days. 145 tons of weapons around the Yank difficult to cross the bridges and covered distance. He came up with a clever plan and rivers and tanks designed to be able to cross the lakes. But then the tank can handle up to 45 feet deep. But it was scraped with the project due to its practical design and occupied by Nazi enemies unfinished prototypes were destroyed. And complain about any truly honest.

3. Type XXI U-boat

German U- boats are precursors to modern submarines. Known for being the best on the attack, U- boats have sunk countless of ships, tankers, frytrz and battleships. They are very quiet and sneak attack sneak around enemy ships and massive. German U-boats used during the Second World War was much better than its predecessor. Type XXI, Elektoboote dubbed super weapons was built by the Nazis and was capable of a completely new car and was staying under water for an extended period of time. XXI boat that had come with better weapons systems. Purpose by the hydraulically loaded torpedoes and sonar had done away with the need to periscope depth of torpedoes, which the attack.

2. Messerschmitt Me-262 “Swallow”

I-262 was the first operational jet fighter of the world. Although the plane was dangerous and extremely fast, it encountered engine problems. Luftwaffe and Allied escort fighters planes when it debuted in 1943, experienced pilots can still penetrate too far into the Reich. I-262 The Germans dominated the air. The aircraft came to Hitler and to redesign and re-design time by craft came out, the war was almost over.

1. The Sun Gun

Who is the craziest I can think of a super weapon and was not built. But it was, it would have been one of the Nazi build super weapons. giant was thought to be diverted to burn sun beams cities. Although ambitious, this idea is fully applicable and no surprise was abandoned at the end.

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