Top 10 The 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Top 10 The 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

The Johannes Gutenberg, well before the first printing press was invented back in the dark ages of the introduction of electric light, and from the dark ages, I mean purely in the 15th century. Yet in the modern era, printers were slow in printing. And print quality were a high point that today as opposed to how it all really. As the year progressed, printers more advanced it was and fax, scan, copy, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, this authorization directly to the cover of a disc in the CD tray after becoming Print and that he saw a tray of integration with the most functionality for wireless, yet too small to feed multiple pages at a time, use a big office. Printing business has flourished and the world. But he was not expected to be very low even after the printing market information. Now you can print the items from the printers and that nothing can replace a 3-dimensional physical form were taking about! As 3D printers by shaking the invention is known today. Take a look at the top 10 3D printing materials that will blow your mind away from the state of shock.

10. 3D Printed Makeup

Artificial colorants that women are something of a life saver, especially for women and dominate product sales industry for many occasions. This fashion, the modeling industry are just like all other unnecessary waste of money in my life and things abit of powder on their skin, lipstick is a huge demand by girls. Since no one can blame them for women and those things actually look at them or enhance their beauty on a surface. Red powder or touch the touch. Sometimes, women make up runs out and thus can now be created and stored in the house. If women can make their own at home, most would certainly poses a great threat to the billion dollar beauty industry.

9. Shoes

I love shoes! Dammit, but also really like shoes for men, women, they just do not? Men? They seem to be more attracted and connected with real people, good people these shoes instead of spirits, these days 'soles' for. The destruction of the world, where physical objects and material things become more precious than a human life. Although it is the world as we know it can not be changed more and more. Some women of a certain shape, size, can be a shoe color and style, is the heel, flat type or casual slip used to wander around for hours in the market looking for but that she thought I'd go to the extent of making their own shoes. Jazz would say that dedication. Never the less I printed shoes will say, a woman what she mens hours and store them time looking at can not window will torture or wasted time savings in order to afford them shopping as the 'step' in the right direction anyway afford.

8. Usable 3D printed Clothing

I do not mean to sound wrong, gender discrimination, but dedicated to women's another thing that makes his mind still dazed, his charm and enthusiastic passion, just like dress shoes range. Note that all they want to use their clothing as a means of getting the kind of attention and focus kinds of men. I'm guessing the color, size, styles, patterns, can display a dress cut and how much you can appeal to the most original clothing item with women. Men do not wear, but it's not fantasize about or start groups and talk about it, etc. can be made to the 3D printed dress the custom tailored and you still totally awesome as you can look like a million men and women a 3D printer and a cell phone even if you owned. This allows you will not see on the store hangers, etc. to create a totally futuristic design of fully clothed and patterns, parts etc.

7. Synthetic Food

Yes! You can also print to breakthrough 3D printer, thanks. But here as in a cheeseburger that has a display object was not talking about a 3D object printing food. Here I'm talking about the actual edible artificial food! It would be crazy to think, oh this is going to be somebodies body more harm than satisfy their hunger. Yes, you depend on your stomach, feed into the printer to feed, but it seems it is not as dangerous as full, not be at any level. Seeing how a particular task, it can feed your printer, steel or plastic resin and with this method, it turns into a tangible, physical object, be it feed printer components will mainly form in place and it has been the desire to add other ingredients and compacting the edible thing as a ready to eat. Eating printing remains completely 3D printing as an experimental stage, the big question, satisfying comfort food that will be printed on the printed form looks as good as a healthy and safe? Side effects of printing fails a whole lot of food and a lab report from mice to show answer us soon.

6. Medical Implants

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Top 10 3D printing materials Here is where the most interesting. If you are a doctor, respecting any of the doctors or the medical field, dental go to a professional and easy to need something that can not be bought Anti say, size and specialized to form the teeth or artificial a new set of teeth is as valuable a fit, size, shape and precision-LY where you need to without too different from the rest that comes from your mouth, or need fit one thing to say to fill in some missing gaps cut teeth. You printed with 3D medical implants, it is now possible to bet. Now you can come to medical implants look and feel more realistic, professional technical superiority professional and well cut. Literally and physically. Technology to get a medical implant since though, allows for a new dimension in medical implants, is not purposeful, it is quite expensive and also you were given against the natural brightest parts to destroy.

5. Ultra-Realistic face mask

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Are you a film actors duplicate roles, has seen the good and bad guys with a face standing next to each other, but they are not twins, he is a doppelganger and something amazing they look like they're so funny. It will still print as you can, as an hour to repair or realistic skin texture and patch yourself with simple things like a blood clot in your eyes as the real thing as you final 'heeling' can give you the edge! If you want a nose, you want a certain color of eyes, lips and ears of different shapes, whatever it may be in terms of physical characteristics can be produced now you desire. You can imagine with this technology, how many doppelganger Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley or perhaps less Kardashians, wandering the streets and actually taking the composition of people fooled an entire nation, All this took the news to do it over, do not know, it's actually just realized? There was a hipster with an identically skin texture mask! I had one, I would play with the concepts of mental destruction of people. It's also fun as the voice to make a carbon copy face yourself and others, it is crazy and if this is done properly can cause damage to society as anyone else .

4. GUNS! And gun parts

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In terms of that 3D is incredible printing products, 3D printed guns provocative, but as One big gunsmithers legal suppliers) in the work station and black industry "(" Sacred things are not unpredicted to serve as support. 3D printers while, 3D printing is perfectly legal, 3D printing guns would be happy about the Law of his home, the patent for sale to civilians within the office or any other premises . This black market production and sale of illegal firearms is not enough trouble. Gun, a gun that makes it to fire regulations as well as it is possible to control the gun in any country are sold only reliable and licensed personnel with a projectile highly protected and rigid labor laws back some regulated by sales of core parts. Some gun enthusiast's need only parts of their guns to fire that gets creative to a network of thousands of gun owners and parts and uploads create 3D blueprint of what the happens? The law enforcement agencies and gun violence on the streets, killing, destruction, and has yet to cause outrage in the world of chaos. However it is possible and it gets to that point and the virus can not stop it at once. This technology and its use will be the absolute destruction of wrong and injustice of this invention and can even be subject to the ban by authorities basically where. The good thing here, but this is only true in an industrial printer will be able to S and borne by a lot of restrictions, however, can be used as plastic parts printed and templates for real metal it is possible to cast something scary part to fit the custom of some tweaking for which it was intended to be used.

3. 3D Printed Car (Strati Car)

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Oh how cute. Why $ 20 000 spent or so or to purchase a market retail car when you design can revolutionize and spend $ 2,000 around to print your own with the Superiority etc. have to go through the trouble of saving? Yes, it can be a shock, but may eventually put 3D printed parts of a vehicle as a car together and build on their own. As to road drivable vehicle can be a real life like other normal cars with a unique blend a bit of creativity to perform basic functions. Custom to make the put parts of a car or you want something like the look of your vehicle's ability to expand existing certainly as a god gift and sure the technology is taken to extremes. The beauty, the freedom to add their own design of the body, a fender replace the old parts with a fresh new gate on a position that has been ravaged by conflict in another car Print you can now literally and figuratively build your own car with the right amount of skill and you can even save you thousands in repairs on your own, long 'run' look, War etc. This means that it practically. It truly car industry and car owners that will certainly "Pimp My Ride" is an added bonus for a run for their money. It is also auto mechanics who might pose a huge risk to lose some business to shock levels.

2. Five story office building

It ranked No. 2 offensive by 3D printed items, it is taken to extremes. Just when we think printing food, crazy guns and cars, you have to wait 5 story office building that was the freaken 3D printing. This means that the building has been put on the cost of using only an industrial 3D printer? Regardless, as it was amazing and 3D printing Just finally, a 5 will make the whole building so builders and companies part, so do not have to go through that builders and construction workers whose as means could have been for the last few centuries, brick, cement laying, metal sheeting and rodding of the physical labor of weeks and build it will take more than 6 months did not build will be. But the important question is whether it can be part of France and a 5-storey building, many people, this heavy objects and other things, how high that it can be built, how stable up one will be able to hold another building down the specific nature and manmade forces etc.

1. Biodegradable body parts!

3D printed 3D printed objects Objects.

Last but not least, food, clothing, faces, beauty, guns, large buildings that you etc.?......LIFE most important thing! Nothing will be larger than life and all living things on this planet. The people's lives are valuable and if they were created with some part of their body. Because our bodies are made of flesh and bone, they are very precious and fragile at the same time for the mankind. This is a matter that we can not afford any of the body parts to be proceeded with, for that matter. 3D printed parts of the body, an object in motion with no surprise that it has become as we speak. From parts of the body count is as follows: For example, you have no reason to lose one earlobe. Substances that work in hand with your natural body parts in order to bring an ear lobe in the form of medical science, it hit some cells from your skin from hands that shape reform can be printed with the merger can be filled 3D, printed forms and eventually the skin in the form of 3D object's shape degrading layer of fresh new skin grows it !! 3D printing since the invention can be considered as life itself, and the next we have not seen, I hope to see which can be printed in the future!