Top 10 The Celebrities Who Died Before 30

Top 10 The Celebrities Who Died Before 30

Famous extravagant and sometimes also known to be dangerous to life. With these films, music and sports million dollars contract, they have the ability to virtually everything they want. It is not surprising to see them involved in the life of rock and roll with his high-profile friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a high mortality rate. Over the years, we have lost a lot of stars. And often, we lose them very quickly. Who who died before 30 the celebrities? Here are some of his famous left us too early.

10. Aaliyah

First on our list of celebrities that Aaliyah died before 30. Brooklyn, born in New York, Alliyah the beginning of his career. He later became an actress and starred in Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned films. She appreciated a cool artist in the late 1990s. Aaliyah's three albums to her name in the R & B scene was able to release the stable.

What made brilliant career is the fact that he was able to sell millions of albums. He was able to collaborate with the likes of R Kelly and Timbaland.

Unfortunately, the private life of Aalliyah was not exactly smooth. Before it hits the legal age she was married to R. Kelly. R & B star's marriage was annulled a year later it was. He died in 2001 after a video shooting. The pilot decided to get all the tools to overweight aircraft flight. It was later discovered that the pilot system was cocaine and alcohol.

9. James Dean

James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause. She was the personification of youth rebellion in the 50s. He starred as a troubled teenager Jim Stark. He became one of Hollywood's demise in 1955 in a car accident in which his legacy of great strength.

He began his career in a Pepsi commercial. After realizing his potential, he entered full-time acting since I left college.

Even before Heath Ledger posthumously won the Academy Award, which he received a posthumous nomination for the best actor James Dean. He also Best Male was ranked 18th on the American Film Institute's list of movie stars. He was known for his roles in East of Eden and Dev

8. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger 10 Things I'm known for his role in the fantastic clown in 2008. Dark Knight Nolan made it in Hollywood hit Brokeback Mountain Heath Ledger before 1999 Hate About You is an Australian actor. Together with Jake Gyllenhall, he was able to work as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain.

By January 2008, Health Ledger died of an overdose. It also decided to create a diary to get Joker psychology.

He was considered by many ardent fans as the most effective clown character. His death occurred during the editing phase of the Dark Knight. He was among the few actors to receive posthumous awards including an Academy Award for best supporting actor said.

7. Amy Winehouse

Our list of famous personalities who have made it a talent of Amy Winehouse who died before 30. Amy Winehouse has been described as deeply expressive voice in the new spirit would go for it. This style of blues, jazz and R & B was a collection of wrapped into one. He first experienced success in the UK. In 2006 when she made her 2006 album Back to Black, they experience success in the mainstream. His 5 Grammy Award back to black. He tied the record for most awards, winning a female artist in one night.

Her song Rehab, not only in Britain but throughout the world Winehouse mainstream success. In 2011, he died of alcohol poisoning. After his death, Black Back in Britain became the best selling album of the 21st century. He was also mentioned by VH1 as the top 100 Greatest Women in Music.

6. Tupac Shakur

The Rapper Tupac Shakur was an American known for his incredible lyrics, which reflect society's problems. When Tupac was a strong rivalry between eastern and western regions rappers Shakur lived at one time. Tupac and Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube together with the best representation of West Coast rappers.

Tupac was not always a rapper. He began his career in a Roadie and even as a backup dancer music industry. The drive by shooting in 1996. After his death in a hit, he is remembered as one of the greatest rappers. He was mentioned by the 86th as Rolling Stone's 100 best musicians of all time.

5. Biggie Smalls

Also known as Notorious B.I.G, Biggie was able to describe the East Coast hip-hop. He is also known for some of the best Hip-Hop Rhymes after a former drug dealer. Who has joined the list of celebrities who died before 30 of their importance to the style of hip-hop. After death, life after issuing ready to die, he was able to raise another level on the East Coast hip-hop during the 1990s.

He died after a party. Earlier in the soul train awards. Just like Tupac, there were many conspiracy theories about his death. The fans online, it is likely that the LAPD had caused his death. Other fans who still believe that I had at that time were in the 90s or even the violence related to gang rivalry as the East Coast to West Coast.

4. Selena

Born in Texas, was considered Selena Tejano music queen. Jennifer Lopez before she made it big, I did not Selena. He was not only able to build a following among US and Mexico. His charisma, he was able to enjoy a crossover of different cultures. Thanks to Selena, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are enjoying the approval of the US audience today.

After Yolanda Saldivar, Selena died in her fan was shot by club president. After receiving some tax documents, Saldivar pulled a gun and shot Selena.

3. Jimi Hendrix

Celebrities our list was a guitarist who died before 30. Jimi Hendrix. It marks the status of guitar legend during the 1960s is any, it would be Jimmy Hendrix. He was way ahead of its time that is remembered for his fiery and power efficiency. He was able to reinvent the guitar solos for generations of guitarists of the time.

He was able to record hundreds of songs. However, he was able to release a few albums. Jimi Hendrix made an impact in his generation, performing at Woodstock 69. Yes, he was the epitome of the wild youth 60s. He was known for his memorable performance at Woodstock Star Spangled Banner 69.

One of the biggest myths that he was a heavy drug abuser. This is the complete opposite of what Jimmy Hendrix. In fact, he died after taking alcohol and sleeping pills. He was shot and died choking on his own vomit into. However, even after his death, which many find it as an example of guitarists. Lenny Kravitz is one of those artists is their style patterned after Hendrix.

2. Sid Vicious

Simion born John Ritchie or better known as Sid Vicious, bassist of the famous is the famous punk band, the Sex Pistols. Sid Vicious was the original bassist for the famous punk band. He came on as a substitute in 1977 for Glen Matlock.

His life was colorful and represent the punk scene of rock and roll lifestyle in the UK during the 70s. He said that because he was in hospital IV drug use were recorded during the Bollocks Never mind. She had a relationship with Nancy Spungen, who was manager of the band. Together, developed a codependency to use drugs. He died of an overdose at 21 years old.

Also faced Look phones sexual assault 10.

1. Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain by Kris Novoselic and Dave were together with the Nirvana frontman Grohl. He then made the flagship of Generation X. Rockstar Kurt Cobain in a series of famous grunge Pearl Jam and redefined the 1990s, along with other bands as Alice. With honest and energetic performances, not to mention the raw lyrics, he was able to describe a generation of rebels.

From the underground music scene in Seattle Nirvana revolutionized mainstream grunge. Unfortunately, Kurt Cobain 27. Most musicians who died at the age club on April 5, 1994, was part of 27, he decided to kill himself. His passing is also floating around the Internet about this time pointing to his wife Courtney Love were so many theories.

Because there are many causes of early death for many celebrities. For those celebrities who are the victims, their style of life, because unfortunately died because of conditions. Our list should include you? You agree with the list?

Top 10 Celebrities Who Died Before 30

1,Kurt Cobain
2.Sid Vicious
3.Jimi Hendrix
5.Biggie Smalls
6.Tupac Shakur
7.Amy Winehouse
8.Heath Ledger
9.James Dean