Top 10 Crazy Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Top 10 Crazy Things That Happen If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

It was almost, you barely closed an eye out for any reason, or perhaps you could not sleep. Others that they, perhaps only one or two complaints I slept for a few hours. Most people have already experienced adverse effects after just one night of sleep deprivation. As fatigue, for example. However, these symptoms disappeared from my precious hours of sleep, not far from the worst that can happen to you. What people often do not realize they can be fatal not think there is time, and.

American Randy Gardner could not believe that sleep is essential. So he tested the medicine, drinking, staying awake for 11 days and 24 minutes without any drug or stimulant use and shape. In the end he had to leave, they experience paranoia, hallucinations and many other clinical manifestations.

Yet a good night sleep is important not convinced? Then we suggest you take a look at the following list. This is what you can expect to experience people with a chronic lack of sleep.

10. Car accidents

No, lack of sleep does not always lead directly to your car, especially if your homes, lack of sleep that a person is not driving the vehicle. But what happens is that you can build a long period of time and too little sleep may appear at times when you can least afford it. For example, when you drive your car on the highway.

The difference is in the perception (that they know at least as long) which is drunk are drunk or under the influence. A person with the sleep deprivation when it is too late will not notice any of this, and they park their car in the crash barriers.

9. Inefficient Brain

Any chance you're less so because it needs more time to get things done? You might be disappointed. Sleep deprivation can be very effective in our minds. To put it in other words, you can help your brain to be effective and efficient regular naps. Just like a computer, and now you must go and we must also allow for occasional night's sleep our brains.

(- Conscious thinking mind and a large quantity of forehead) studies the blood of people with sleep deprivation as 'their' prefrontal cortex to behavior pump is shown. Because your brain is working very hard to overcome the effects of sleep deprivation, there is a reason for this. And this energy is not put to any other use, only then to keep awake our consciousness. I thought that I'd lost a lot of energy that you win a couple of hours sleep!

8. You mess up your short-term memory

An active memory, a time period of only a few seconds to a few minutes, in fact, need sleep. Without sleep, you remember, can not remember the phone number of learning a single heart. Perceptions are not always stored directly into long-term memory, but always the first to go through your short term memory.

If you have sleep deprivation, often short-term memory you already have a contract. Symptoms start to soften, you are a little confused and numbers have trouble remembering, but it can start to get completely out of control easily. Randy Gardner, our self - introduction to the experimenter, who experience a repeating 7 100. They were also asked to stop at the eleventh day of the 65 subtracts the number gets, they have no idea that they ... What was the question we ask ourselves.

7. Long -term memory, also gone!

No short-term memory, but at least you will have memories from before diet gold. Right? No, I'm coming to you, but I see the mess will be your long-term memory. Put in mind, integrated order, because we have experienced in the past and experience need sleep to process everything this is the place. Not only that, but we are looking to strengthen our learning while asleep. Lack of sleep, which means it is difficult to lay down long-term memories badly, disrupt this process and it is difficult to learn new skills.

He is putting all of our experiences in our brain space that you can see it when we are sleeping. If we do not get our sleeping hours needs to be done. Even if you lose a lot of sleep not thinking about trying to learn something. Especially when it comes to skills, Forget it.

6. No attention at all

Do not waste a regular person. A man living in the state and are very good, or to alert the surroundings. Do you feel the news Glosbe you can hear small movements when we want to. A decent lack of sleep, however, all of them could destroy the 'super' powers.

Lack of sleep, our more or less deaf and stupid happening around us is blind to things. Not literally, of course, you still see them, but you hardly notice them. You are literally unable to concentrate or focus your attention. You are able to instinctively respond to specific signals, and even that is very dangerous for you. Why people with sleep deprivation often feel distant and distracted them around so that.

5. Don’t even think about planning

Tests have shown that after your brain, begin to part and an important part of, that takes care of scheduling operation for only stop, it stops working already a few days of sleep deprivation. Why people with sleep deprivation in a circle easily certain behavior, and continue the same act again, or rather continue to walk around in a cloud of doubt, than to decision .

For example, if you want to buy rice in the supermarket. Most of us do not spend much time on it. Some people might be able to decide for heat inform themselves about the content, quality or sustainability of the search, but buying a single minute of sleep required limit rice....

4. Habits rule

Exactly, if you are no longer able to make decisions, then you fall back on your habits. These are built into your automatic thought patterns, and therefore require less intervention from your prefrontal cortex (see number 9). So your habits are the only thing you have left.

However, it could turn out well if your habits are generally positive, but most of the times this is not the case. People with sleep deprivation eat significantly more fast food, they fall back on old habits (smoking) and generally are less able to think about the consequences of these actions.

3. Risky

Studies have investigated whether lack of sleep has an effect on your own sense of risk, and yes, there is a connection. With too little sleep people are less able to calculate certain risks properly. In other words, your sense of risk is reduced. One of the reasons why you think you can drive, after missing two nights of sleep.

This has been studied with card players that go on late into the night, and don’t get enough sleep. These players seem to be quickly fixed into a single strategic plan or way of playing, and can’t adapt their game. When normally you would have given up, now you just keep betting and raising. Not so smart…

2. Dying Brain Cells

The above are worrying in the context of all things, but you are safely in your room even if you, yourself in a healthy dose of high-risk business, loss, and life surrounded with enough material to keep? Then you're still not there yet.

Studies with mice have shown that after a long period of sleep, stopped only about 25 percent of brain cells. And finally he died. Other studies have shown that sleep deprivation reduces the integrity of the white part of your brain. This prompt will not be fatal, but it certainly is not healthy!

1. Mania

Finally, if you think you’ve seen it all, there is mania. At first it may seem like you just beat the need for sleep, and you don’t feel so tired anymore. But what you don’t realize is that most of the facts listed above may also be occurring to you. You may suddenly experience a huge amount of energy and an urge to talk a lot and keep talking. How that may seem positive in ‘some’ situations, mania is more or less a collective name here for many symptoms, such as psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations, aggression and so on. In other words, you get mentally wrecked. Not a nice thing to experience.