Top 10 The Drugs Used in Ancient Cultures

Top 10 The Drugs Used in Ancient Cultures

How did it feel to be on drugs in the past? Much the same, I think. There is a modern trend of drug abuse. This time most of the drugs that plants and seeds, were meant to be pure and faithful hallucinating or chemical enhancers.

Coco nut with leaves, ancient people used a number of organic substances to go into trance. Mayans believed that the Indians used coca leaves in the ground where the blessed minds are easily lost in the world, is used as an aphrodisiac nutmeg. To prove the existence of drugs that date, there are 10 drugs used in ancient civilizations:

10. Blue Lotus

Used by Egyptians

Is used by the Egyptians, the use of Blue Lotus to become a casual ease in the lead and even made them. A MDMA can consider the first as a weak variant. In fact, it is a different form of the plant is still being used by some locals and they know the drug brings comfortable and peaceful sleep. The most popular method used for the preparation of the Blue Lotus with wine or tea for a period of three weeks. Lotus could be used without tea or wine, but their use will help increase the drug effect.

The literature mentions drugs. As if that was what I had become a slave to an unrealistic dream Homer's 'Odyssey' that Lotus had taken vows of our hero - "tasted once, no desire brought back news or higher students felt their country. "

9. Pythia gases

Used the Greek forecasts.

Pythia, the priestess of Apollo temple in ancient Greece who are living in the Oracle Delphi. With the strange gas which when they breathe, to go into trance and interpret prophecy gases after access was granted this power. The Priestess Pythia 393 years BC researchers do not know anything with respiratory gases priestess but has been unanimously agreed that there was more to her to try. There are innumerous theories that course and maybe some methane, ethylene in the gas and benzene. How to advertise other ideas like Priestess was a myth or a fake one.

8. Opium

The Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Indians, Greeks, and used by the Romans.

Opium mankind has been around as long as man himself. However, opium was always surprised that you know will not be used as drugs. For centuries, opium, pain prevention was used for its medicinal purposes like for the treatment of sleep-inducing and diarrhea. But believe it or not, at one point, in the 16th century in China, was used to improve the sex lives of the people's opium. Latex found in the opium poppy straw flower has its origins. It gives power to the opium latex which contains 12% of morphine.

Speaking of drugs, for 3400 by the first Sumerians is that the opium is grown in Christ. He called it "joy plant. Today, although the opium flower that is often used as a tea, history, related to the Greek gods of sleep drugs, night, and death.

7. Psilocybin

Sahara used by ancient people around the desert, Central and South American cultures.

Record Psilocybin was first cultivated in Algeria between 9000 and 7000 BC and that it was called magic mushrooms'. Then between 1000 and 500 years before Christ, the drug in South America, which are often used Using went into trance. They have many trans enabled to view it normal that the men could not see. The drug was a sacred status in ancient cultures. Some great spiritual evolution has been studying drugs that cause hallucinations have begun turning to drugs. Hallucinogenics wrote a scholar Terence McKenna once said, "I believe that the shamanic line there, I am as there will be no high life on this planet, we know it."

6. Black Henbane

Used by Eurasian Cultures.

Black henbane is a name that is largely unheard. The drug is very difficult to find and is on the verge of ending. "Stinking nightshade of ',' apollinarix '- considered one of the largest drug use in ancient cultures, black henbane a couple might sound familiar, like other names. Common drug used for medicinal purposes, but the seeds were fermented would turn into something like a drug addict and beer. Excessive consumption of drugs can cause harm to the user light to deep sleep from their eyes. Overdoes drug can be toxic. Shakespeare was actually mentioned this in his game to Arsenal once an easy kill.

5. Coca Leaf

Used by the Mayans.

Mayans just for using cocoa leaves to strong tea brewing, but it was not known for fermenting and turning into a powerful drug-induced. Coco leafs are among the strongest drug in the world. Element contains vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorus in the diet of 100 grams - that are needed daily for a human being. But small amounts can be very harmful to your health.

4. Tobacco

Used by Native Americans.

Most of us believe that there is a lot more modern medicine. Or is it? Tobacco has been in use since the Red Indians. This is actually the world know of its existence before it was discovered long. European settlers in the 16th century it was discovered that around drug in North America. Indian tobacco in the heaven enabled him to achieve a sacred plant, a couple of hours to think it was a gift from God. The Europeans saw the drug until they have gained knowledge on the health consequences of smoking, they were impressed.

3. Betel Nut

East and is used by East Asian cultures.

Supari, has been around for thousands of years known as the nut. As evidence proving that the island of Timor, Northern Australia, where up to 13 drugs, there 000 years ago. Nut chewing, is a warm feeling spread throughout the user's body and feel instead of sending in a trance, nut, in a kind of wakefulness after a very strong intensity gulping down a cup of coffee. Of course, something has got some health outcomes is the reason for the massive decline. Start looking like spit blood is that with time becomes a regular wholesale red betel nut chewer.

2. Cannabis

East and is used by the South Asian cultures.

Researchers believe that people have been using cannabis for centuries but it was reportedly first used as a psychoactive, a 2700 year old tomb site in China. Man to be a pack of 789 grams of cannabis was discovered in which there was a big time Stoner. The plant is used as a type used by Sikhs to honor Hallucinogen, Shiva famous cannabis drinks. Cannabis has been used and has great medicinal painkillers.

1. Peyote

Used by Native Americans.

Strong fraud peyote is a desert plant, is known for its hot. 8000 to 2000 BC, the drug is used in North America and was very popular among the locals. Pack of peyote 3000 BC have been found dating back to the grave sites. During the war, soldiers often drank tea peyote in Texas and went to war. It is very easy to prepare in the most amazing fact about this particular drug. The leaves can be cooked like tea, but results in a strong hallucinogenic secrete juices.

Top 10 Drugs Used in Ancient Cultures

3.Betel Nut
5.Coca Leaf
6.Black Henbane
9.Pythia Gases
10.Blue Lotus