Top 10 The MMA Fighters Outside The UFC

Top 10 The MMA Fighters Outside The UFC

The MMA scene was monopolized by Zuffa UFC Premier outfit ever. They have been able to get to the toughest competition out there pride. But of course, the work of other organizations out there that a lot of talent there are still recognized.

Battle, a WSOF still exist to this day. This is due to the combat pay or Reebok contract, whether organizations are switching fighters. Here are the top 10 UFC MMA fighters out!

10. Lowen Tynanes

Lowen Tynanes MMA Fighter.

It's unfair to call Lowen Tynanes a big fish in a small pond. At age 25, Lowen Tynanes 2011. Tynanes is fighting for one of the hard Koji Ando was able to beat and she may be next in line for a championship against the difficulty and technical Shinya AOKI. Koji Ando was able to defeat former UFC fighter Roger Huerta is a solid contender.

Lowen Tynanes is hoping to strengthen their presence once they face Shinya for a championship title. Lowen's incredible to be able to beat the boat AOKI elusive style? AOKI is really hard for young or Hawaii?

The first of the Tynanes Koji Ando Fighting, UFC is my last dream as a fighter, but he is open to different options. His impeccable record of competitiveness can make it a possible future UFC star. But for now, Asian MMA scene is going to enjoy Tynanes-AOKI a potential collision.

9. Bibiano Fernandes

ONE Bantamweight Champion Bibiano Fernandes.

Because dubbed as the lightning fast combinations "flash" in the cage or ring, Bibiano Fernandes dream and an underrated MMA fighter who participated in various organizations including. He took out the UFC, which is considered the bantamweight. The UFC's top 10 MM our list of its capacity on the ground made it out of fighters.

The current bantamweight champion Bibiano Fernandes ONE. However, he is also known as a world champion in BJJ. Kevin from his latest victims inside a cage Belingon, known for his deadly kicks and unlimited card was a Filipino striker.

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8. Shinya Aoki

Shinya Aoki – Top MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Currently Rizin AOKI Shinya compete in a championship. He is competing as a lightweight and many UFC considered as the best 155-pounder out. There are a lot of questions for AOKI career. According to some pundits, they find disrespectful attitude after winning their bouts as AOKI special. Fight fans have seen excessive AOKI and even celebrate raised middle finger to his opponent.

Another topic for discussion can be avoided AOKI get in UFC. He could've faced BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar likes, but he just settled in small enterprises. But he is able to be considered as one of the Top 10 MMA fighters the UFC? Yqynahan.

7. Melvin Guillard

MMA Fighters Outside The UFC – Melvin Guillard.

Melvin Guillard is considered as part of the Top 10 MMA fighters the UFC and trade punches to his ability to wrestle with in this division. Unfortunately, because of the stacked lightweight division of the UFC, Melvin Guillard such talent can sometimes be thrown out of the picture.
Although considered a gatekeeper in the UFC, he was able to take on some of the best names in the business including Gleison Tibau, Jamie Varner and Donald Cerrone.

Melvin Guillard who may have been in line for a UFC title that had been expected. Unfortunately, Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard and are among the names that dominated the division for quite some time after BJ Penn. After his loss to Michael Johnson, he decided to jump to different organizations including WSOF battle.

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6. Jon Fitch

Jon Fitch – Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

John Fitch is a summary of the gritty MMA fighter. He was able to compete for the title against GSP, only to fall short. Today, Jon Fitch fight WSOF. The American Kickboxing Academy prospect away from his career in the UFC.

Forest Griffin, John Fitch, Josh Koscheck, and many of the students along with Ultimate Fighter Diego Sanchez. He dropped to welterweight, who was a great decision for his career. He said Luigi Fioravanti and Diego Sanchez was able to defeat and end in 2008 George St. Pierre fight for the title. Although he failed to be crowned a champion for the UFC welterweight, he was the one related to MMA after his UFC career.

5. Rousimar Palhares

Rousimar Palhares – Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Heart attacks and known for its playful anger, Rousimar Palhares who fought Dan Henderson started as an underrated grappler UFC. As nickname Toquinho, fought after he was banned from the UFC welterweight when he denied his heel hook Let Go.
WSOF Rousimar Palhares took and gave her the opportunity to prove his skills in the organization. Within the organization as well as with a number of former UFC athletes, Palhares was able to shine at welterweight. He was able to catch Jon Fitch with a submission and Jake Shields. Unfortunately, he was defeated in his last fight against the meek.

Palhares also made an appearance in submission wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament. He mentioned the fight against Andre Galvao and Gary Tonon in ADCC in Polaris.

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4. Jake Shields

Jake Shields – Top MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Jake Shields, who is probably the best player move jiujitsu MMA. He was able to defeat the likes of Maia and Tyron Woodley and Demian. He was defeated by Hector Lombard before making a jump in WSOF.

We met and Jack in the UFC and our list of the Top 10 MMA fighters out for its ability to adapt boat with excellent ground game Shields included. Just like Palhares, he was able to take part in the tournament submissions only. He joined the Metamoris and Polaris in two separate occasions.

Jake Shields Strikeforce in the short term for a number of victories, including a number of UFC fighters Dan Henderson. In addition, he is able to beat Robbie Lawler at Strikeforce.

3. Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva – Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Thiago Silva MM is a colorful character O. The UFC is the ability to deliver powerful punches and kicks Top 10 MMA fighters have made it on our list for their opponents out. He later said he has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it's an underrated grappler.

He was a member of a Chutebox Academy, where one team came from Wanderlei and Shogun Rua. These days, he Blackzilians training together with the likes of Rashad Evans.

Thiago Silva UFC 71. He made his debut against Houston Alexander had notable fights, Lyoto Machida and Brandon Vera.

After his career in the UFC was signed WSOF. Unfortunately, the war was a disaster Teddy Holder. He was supposed to fight a rematch against Matt Hamill, only to change short notice. While Silva was the favorite, he lost by TKO.

Because of their nature, Thiago Silva was not free from controversy. Outside the cage to his life failed drug tests, Thiago Silva was hounded by controversy. He said the threat Pablo Popovich who was having an affair with the wife. Thiago Silva was arrested again.

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2. Ben Henderson

Ben Henderson – Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Ben Henderson is currently competing in the crossfire. He managed to capture the UFC and WEC title in separate occasions. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Anthony Pettis in the WEC show, he later managed to capture the UFC lightweight title. He is fighting for bonus night which resulted in Frankie Edgar was able to fight for the title in 2012 in an exciting match.

Ben Henderson UFC's top 10 M is a well-balanced overall game enables part of MMA fighters the ability to out. He was able to defeat some of the best lightweights Gilbert Melendez. He is associated with BJ Penn for the most number lightweight title defense.

After his career in UFC fights, he only managed to lose a unanimous decision to compete for the welterweight title. He gets title fight in the future they will be the first person to secure a championship in the WEC, UFC fight.

1. Ben Askren

Ben Askren – Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC.

Welterweight champion Ben Askren is currently a. It was a lot of talk about signing the UFC, but these rumors never really materialized. Currently an undefeated record, he was able to win the title and ONE Fighting Championship.

But of course, despite his wrestling pedigree and excellent technique, questioned the ability to stand with some of the best welterweights in a lot of fans still Askren the UFC.

M MA despite monopoly UFC, found themselves in different outfits that are still a number of talented fighters. In fact, it is not surprising, especially since Zuffa contract with Reebok. A lot of players felt that they lost a good amount of money due to lack of sponsors. We're going to jump to other organizations in the near future more and more fighters? UFC is a possibility, especially in the current scenario.

Best MMA Fighters Outside The UFC

1.Ben Askren
2.Ben Henderson
3.Thiago Silva
4.Jake Shields
5.Rousimar Palhares
6.Jon Fitch
7.Melvin Guillard
8.Shinya Aoki
9.Bibiano Fernandes
10.Lowen Tynanes