Top 10 The Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2016

Top 10 The Most Corrupt Countries in the World 2016

Corruption embezzlement of public funds for personal gain. It also means getting unfair advantages and opportunities in the appointments. The corruption leads to economic development in any country where such practices are rife. Western countries like the United States and other European countries working in this aspect. It is demanding severe punishments to include an appropriate governing structure that caught his deputy can be attributed to the constitution.

The Third World countries are more prone to low literacy level of corruption among the majority poor state of infrastructure and citizens. So take this opportunity to those in power to enrich themselves and their closest friends. In this article the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world ranking will rate. Let's start the countdown.

10. South Sudan

A man waves South Sudan’s national flag as he attends the Independence Day celebrations.

This all is the fact that as recently as 2011. The youngest country in the world it was the joy and cheers from Sudan, but he was a government building and infrastructure to run for seat all short-lived when I was gaining its independence. It took advantage of the lack of appropriate government structures and power to exploit the country's resources to their advantage. They get resources for themselves incorrectly and therefore it is in the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world, South Sudan. Ordinary people suffered as a result of this and we fight for the young people as the country does not control civil unrest in the country.

9. Eritrea

Asmara, Eritrea - the most corrupt countries in 2016.

Eritrea is located just across the Red Sea from Djibouti right to the border. The country had isolated themselves from the rest of the world and it has only been recently opened its doors to the foreign world. This is due to increased commercial activity in the country because of its beaches serve as transit for goods from other parts of the world. New to many foreign trade of Eritreans as corrupt government officials seen as an opportunity to enrich themselves. Eritrea is therefore one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

8. Libya

Revolution in Libya - the most corrupt countries.

Libya's Gaddafi regime for more than 40 years. He was ousted in a popular uprising led to power and created a power vacuum in the oil-rich country's wealth. Rebels took charge of the country and to enrich themselves first order of business. Revenues from oil production in his pocket and took over the back seat of the nation's development. Libya are still suffering till date.

7. Venezuela

Most corrupt countries in 2016 - Venezuela.

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's rule, the position of the top 10 most corrupt countries in the world 7. Chavez is the partner country with an iron hand over control of key sectors of Venezuela's economy and he walks. It can not have access to clean water and proper roads is at the expense of poor citizens.

6. Sudan

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir.

Omar al-Bashir came to power in a 1989 coup succeeded by DE as he has led Sudan since. He and his colleagues use this new-found power and status to the rich. The rebels are silenced by tyranny and oppression and this time he is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges of crimes against humanity. Sudan has been plagued by civil war for most of the decade, and he used the chaos to stay in power. Despite its massive oil reserves, Sudan appropriate governing structure in place is among the poorest countries in the world Testament.

5. Afghanistan

Afghan internal refugee children work at a traditional brick factory on the outskirts of Herat (Image via

Afghanistan is among the countries that are at war. This has affected its stability and ability to function properly as a government. In terms of governance, the rebels seem to have a say and influence that ascends to power. This is due to change Afghanistan into one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

4. Iraq

Most Corrupt Countries 2016 - Iraq. (Courtesy

Americans pulled out of Iraq after the second attack in 15 years, developed a power vacuum in the war-torn country. As it has created total chaos fight for control of the country's indigenous people. Islamic State (ISIS) admissions made matters worse by hindering economic development by bringing terror to the people. It is also widely used in oil fields that are a point of contention with the best interest of the non-making through legal research and production.

3. Somalia

Somalia - the most corrupt countries in 2016. (Photo courtesy;

Somalia is not a stable government for years. Al Shaabab the capital city of Mogadishu and Kismayu to the extent that they have created so much terror in this country run some of the major cities. Creates an unstable government opportunities for corruption and mismanagement of public funds and does not vary in Somalia. The majority of the Somali people are illiterate and unable to stand up and demand more from their government. Making it one of the most corrupt countries in the world in Somalia.

2. North Korea

The North Korean leader Kim Jung Un (Courtesy

Kim's family is now the North Korean government for decades and they do a bad job of it. Some of the poorest people on the planet and therefore North Korea's Kim Jung family in the poor structure of governance is put in place. He preferred more troops to fight the social and economic development. If they receive any funds or donations ends at the Jung family's pocket or it is spent on military equipment.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria - the most corrupt countries in 2016.

Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world. Large-scale corruption in Nigeria will ask a local money so that they can help you with directions to a certain place. The Nigerian people struggling to election officials that they can steal some of that income for himself, so that occupy so much oil.

The Top 10 most Corrupt Countries 2016

2.North Korea
10.South Sudan