Top 10 The Most Expensive Sunglasses

Top 10 The Most Expensive Sunglasses

Sunglasses can implement their days are functional and stylish additions to the fashion in your day. Its primary use is to protect your eyes from sunlight. However, it has been developed in the past years, the event. In fact, celebrities out there who have managed to build an image using your sunglasses. Sunglasses are usually associated with rock stars and actors. Designers have been able to produce various kinds of incense for different people. However, all sunglasses are cheap. You are within your budget may not be that expensive sunglasses.

It is not only known for their use in the eye of the sun, but it can also be a way to raise one's status. The sun was expensive for the average consumer, but were only for customers in high-end fashion world. Bulgari designers like Dolce & Gabbana is one of the top players that have made them expensive items.

10. Cartier Paris 18K Gold Sunglasses

Sun glasses or usual frames are made of metal or plastic. Things are a little different, but when you are dealing with the most expensive version of fashion accessories. These sunglasses are embedded with things that cost a fortune. But it does prevent people from buying one? Not really.

This is an example of the 18K gold Cartier Paris sunglasses. This luxury item is estimated at $ 25,000. Come to think of it, that is enough to get a car. This is one of the most expensive sunglasses in the market today. With the 18K gold frame, is something that makes you particularly shiny special events.

Aside from the fact that it uses a gold frame, is diamond. These diamonds are cut and the item produced by Cartier Paris to make her beautiful.

9. Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses

Lugano is an established luxury brand for diamond jewelry. Who would not be surprised if the sun do business with a company that was built in 1974. An explosion? Once they decided to create their own sun, they decided to hire one of the best known designers in the fashion industry.

He's a famous designer in Barton Perreira, the fashion industry. With the help of Perreira, Lugano was able to create a variety of sunglasses. With his experience in the fashion industry, she has been able to create a type of sunglasses for luxury brands that have made it on our list.

Each design is uniquely different from the competition as the sun Lugano Diamonds fact. For example, they integrate gold and silver in various designs. Made unique sunglasses that include other materials leopard print and black diamonds. It will cost around $ 27,000 sunglasses. Over the years, have become popular among the elite in the fashion design industry.

8. Gold & Wood 119 Diamond Glasses

Another item that made our list of expensive sunglasses gold and diamond glass timber 119. How much does a diamond cost? If you integrate 119 diamonds in the sun?

Contrary to popular designs in the market, gold and wood that you do not normally active sunglasses luxury item made this piece of special items.

As the name suggests, it made use of embedded diamonds in the sun. According to the company, he obtained a master goldsmith services to this item. But one thing that other, this item has been expensive than diamond craftsmanship involved in making luxury item. These sunglasses are available for $ 30,000.

7. Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses

The original BVLGARI in 1884. Rome has been able to deliver some items, including a popular brand, the BVLGARI luxury bags, wallets and sunglasses. Recently, in a sunny venture industry throughout the world has been well received by consumers. And do you really expect from a luxury brand?

What Diamond BVLGARI sunglasses made interesting by the fact that only 10 pairs have been released by the brand. Each pair is sold for $ 31,000. Traditional gold frame used by Bulgari is something that is worth mentioning. As well as the use made of gold.

6. Bentley Platinum Sunglasses

Bentley has been famous for its luxury cars. Is a leading company in the automotive industry, a name associated with this class and sophisticated design has been able to build. Latest Projects Company was a sunny market that have reviewed recently. Sunny design that can meet the cars they are.

With this in mind, you can expect the latest designs that you can not really afford. However, unlike diamond and other types of sunglasses with gold shine, this is not the case with Bentley Platinum sunglasses. Its design is subtle with a shocking price tag. Around pair costs $ 45,000.

5. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Sunglasses

Made it a gold and wooden sun on our list of most expensive sunglasses. Sunglass free 119 Diamond, who thought that the diamonds that are placed on a sunny and pulse can get the most from competition? 253 diamonds embedded in gold and wooden sun came up with the sun. With extravagant Added to this, this piece of luxury items are something that you can buy for $ 55,000.

It's worth it? Definition of a diamond, it might be something interesting. The unique pair of sunglasses made of 22 princess cut diamond engagement. It is the second most popular form of diamond. For diamond connoisseurs, this item makes a valuable accessory that they can wear on special occasions.

4. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses

Next on our list is expensive sunglasses Bulgari popular flowers Sunglass free. What made this item so special is the fact that it was built by the popular luxury brand. In addition, it is excellent in both formal occasions and is something that can be excellent when you need to look your best. The price tag for this particular item is $ 59,000.

For this particular item, it could easily compliment tie and suit formal occasions. What made it so expensive? Frame was made of 18K gold. Flora glasses are also popular because of the diamonds that add beauty to the already luxurious item. >> Top 10 most expensive watches in the world.

3. Maybach The Diplomat 1

Luxury cars and luxury items go hand in hand. During the year, including Bentley has been proven by several brands. In fact, has banked on the Maybach. Maybach is a German car company. Established in 1909, the company is known for their expensive luxury cars. Similarly, Maybach sunglasses industry more recently explored for Bentley. With a reputation of being a luxury brand, he has made Diplomat 1 Maybach.

1 Diplomat was a limited edition sunglasses made for collectors. Only 50 pieces were issued by the company. Diplomat 1 147 each frame is 18K gold with diamonds embedded on it. Estimated at $ 60,000, an item for serious collectors and car aficionados. >> 10 most expensive piece of jewelry in the world.

2. Clic Gold 18k Gold Sports Sunglass

CLIC is a popular brand in the eyewear industry gold. With 3 decades in the industry, they have been known to develop products that have involved expensive reading glasses. Over the years, she has expensive reading glasses banked, but recently he has decided to make the sun with luxury.
He teamed with 18K Gold Sports Sunglass Load the famous designer Hugh Power. Both functional and stylish, it's the brand's reputation for making the best eye-wear market. Each part is made even more interesting stuff which is made of pure gold. And that is the opposite of mass-produced products, was only 100 pairs made by clicking Gold.

CLIC a pair of sunglasses Gold is just how expensive? These are the particular luxury item, it spent about $ 75,000.

1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglass

Swiss brand Chopard De Rigo has been able to hold the record for the most expensive sunglasses in the market. Just a Vision expensive sunglasses on top of our list of the sun? For this particular item, you have to shell out $ 408,000.

As the main material for LED designed by Rigo, expensive Swiss brand vision sunglass frames decided to use 24k gold. In addition, it has been dotted with gold to enhance the overall look further. As for the company's emblem, the manufacturer made use of diamonds to make things better.

Sunglasses are essential during the summer. During its construction, especially outdoor activities were designed to help protect your eyes. However, not all sunglasses are the same. There are items that are not only for the purpose of protecting the eyes. Instead, the fashion aspect is that there will also be considered. Sunshine luxury items or that there is going to be even collectible items. People who buy expensive sunglasses for luxury reasons.

Diamonds, gold and other valuables to discuss, it is necessary to be active on a sunny goes beyond that.

Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

1.Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglass
2.Clic Gold 18k Gold Sports Sunglass
3.Maybach The Diplomat 1
4.Bulgari Flora Sunglasses
5.Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Sunglasses
6.Bentley Platinum Sunglasses
7.Bvlgari Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses
8.Gold & Wood 119 Diamond Glasses
9.Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses
10.Cartier Paris 18K Gold Sunglasses