Top 10 The Must Read Indie Comics

Top 10 The Must Read Indie Comics

DC and Marvel comics mainstream tired of reading? You might not want to have to read a million different humor to what is going on in the present case. Maybe that Blockbuster is not about superheroes are looking for a short series.

Below is a list, the doctor is in the range of survival horror genre to consider the Bible to read comic indie comedy about ninjas. Is bound to be of interest to every reader. Ninjas in particular doctor.

10. Demo Vol 2

Jokes demo or normally this is not like the rest of the most hilarious. There is an important story. Rather, demo stories. Every problem, or chapter, has its own character with their own conflicts. All the stories are collected by a common theme. Demo Vol 1 is about teens with supernatural powers, and how these characters deal with their abilities. Volume Two little bit more realistic. The characters are still young people apparently non-human conflicts. However, it can tell us nothing that is a little more ground.

A story, a young man has problems with food. Nothing he does with it. The story is weak. He begins his flesh to satisfy his hunger. Okay. You probably will not happen. But we can all relate to having the hunger and forbidden desires.

Demo dark side of us, speaks to the secret part. It takes ordinary people and finds most unordinary part of them. Then it opens this section. What comes out is a combination of identity, subtly funny stories about emotions, and what is it like to be human.

9. American Virgin

The Virgin is one of the older series on this list and little known. The story is a Christian young man, Adam, is the following. Adam travels around giving speeches about waiting until marriage for sex America. Adam often receive offers sexually "fans," and raped almost gets raped at one point.

When Adam's girlfriend, Cassie, the story is murdered. What Africa has been in the teaching of Christianity. As he tries to understand what they will learn more about what was really what. Adam will start to question the reasons for his faith and his hatred of sex.

This series takes a look at the psychology behind dieting. We can not see how that support is seen around us, not sex. US Virgin success must confront a taboo subject but it unpacks his head through the eyes of someone running from Adam, sex.

8. The Woods

What would you do if your entire high school was suddenly moved to an alien planet? Well, that is exactly what Preparatory Bay Point for students and staff within the school. In October, began as an ordinary day ended with horror. The first, and the earth inexplicably absent from school this. He reappeared on an alien planet. The students called on students and terrible invasion of alien creatures. Teachers try to keep the peace with less success, and some students try to take the lead. As the fight for control, escape into the woods to a small group of students. They are on a mission to know what brought you here and why.

Michael Dialynas' artwork is beautiful. When characters are not fighting for their lives, you have a moment to enjoy the colorful and strange place. Too bad characters can not enjoy the view while they are running for their lives. James Tynion tell the story of the dark and realistic. Students have any special talents or super powers of the students. Letters to basically survive on luck, and no one really knows what to do.

This story asks us if we tested our limits for unknown reasons do we do? We really are? We want to know? Travel Woods is the only way to know.

7. Dr. McNinja

Comic two sentences that can explain what is happening, "Why?" And "I do not know, but it's hilarious." The main character, Dr. McNinja, born into a family of ninjas. Then he went to college to get a degree in medicine. He is a doctor's office where a gorilla couple named their welcome. Yes, a gorilla. Although Judy, is no joke. He, Dr. terrible war against the people, and even drive a car. Later in the series, Dr. McNinja a sidekick, GORDITO Delgado in the name Yoshi, who is riding a velociraptor. Yes, it seems like it's got the comedy. I GORDITO custom mentioned that through sheer force grew a mustache? And when he is only 12? It is the extraordinary adventures as he saves the world by playing tennis Dr McNinja Follow Rick giant lumberjacks from terrorizing the city, and also falls in love with a bike that is a unicorn.

This is a reminder for those who read the roll with whatever they throw at you. That is the best way to enjoy this series.

6. Unwritten

I was a boy Christopher Robin, Pooh Winnie, real? Stories as inspiration for the author of the books used his son. In later life, his father like his son, took his childhood, he would have noticed. This comic takes the idea and runs with it. The main character, Tom Taylor, the father of the boy wizard Tommy Taylor living embodiment of books. His father disappeared years ago and remains missing. A real bummer they do not really consider it. Imagine if JK Rowling's seventh Harry Potter book had disappeared before writing. Speaking of Harry Potter, unwritten magical wizarding world has enough similarities in the comic are often told.

Tom is bitter with his father, and is very happy that he has been so used to the role. This despite their displeasure, they have money, go to conventions and signing books. One day, son accused of being the author of one series at a convention. It was out of control spirals. Cult groups who believe that Tom is really up to Tommy spring. Tom attack is a man of books looks like the main villain. Parents accuse Tom of lying to his children, and go to the Children's Therapy. Press escape and find answers about his identity, where Tom is beginning to blur the lines between reality and fantasy trip.

Being a story in this series of questions in addition to our perception of trust by doing what is real and not. The stories you will realize history, change history, influence a shape, and murder that has the power to change the future. You may discover, as one of the characters, "The story is the only thing worth dying for."

5. Alex + Ada

Where people have cell phones inside their heads and machines for making coffee and run the task set in the future, we have Alex. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Alex is not sure of his life. Her grandmother called to tell him happy birthday when he discovers that Alex is a companion robot. Partners are the most advanced robots. They look, feel, and human voice. In a lot of ways they are human. Except they do not have artificial intelligence. Made Alex feel strange about the idea and immediately refused, but upon coming home from work is to find a large box inside the house. A note from her grandmother, and a woman tnaka- X5, Android inside. Despite not wanting a companion robot, Alex decides to Ada to her and her names. However, ADA, like all the other robots, a self-conscious. Alex base to explore ways to make a living. The election law, and will lead a secret about Alex and Ada androids, trouble with freedom.

It is a pro sequence of the comic. Configuration is more reliable, which makes it look a lot like today, despite modern technology,. The main thing driving the story behind the plot robots and artificial intelligence, and they have nothing to discover that Alex and Ada. Alex and Ada's relationship is also interesting. Alex is an equal base and treated as a slave. This exploration of what it means to live some of the humor. They can only respond to their motivations and their relationship will ask the questions put Alex and Ada through tough times.

4. East of West

Imagine if the United States had changed the date. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in order to throw in an old western sci-fi technology. What happens? Well, the first death falls in love with a man and a child. The other three riders destroy family life. What is death? Find two Native American friends, poultry and Wolf, and reward go together.

Just not the author, Jonathan Hickman, what's going on. To control the other three riders secret world, and behind a lot of important events. Until he takes over a woman elected president vein succession. Selected a group of people who are trying to bring about the end of the world. Why? Well, it's not for destruction. West East several sub-plots are woven throughout the arc. What is the spirit made? Why do the wolf deaths are us? Who is the mysterious Ranger rode around the country?

The first volume focuses mainly on projects for revenge and death can drive on most things break down how your family. West is much more promising future east complicated story, and to explore with interesting characters. I read a dystopian and apocalyptic themes of the fans.

Bonus: Death is primarily Clint Eastwood.

3. Rat Queens

The humor is definitely for people who enjoy playing game Dungeons & Dragons fan and character. If you're not, do not worry. You will still get the joke. Now, if you love the amazing female characters (and who does not?) Then you've come to the right place. The story of Hannah, Violet, daughter, and Dee rat queens, make up the group of adventuring. They take on challenges and quests in exchange for gold and supplies. However, they need a little more .... after they won a war we see four women. They cuss and crude oil and are fairly violent. Some people want to run them in, but hey, they get the job done right? Then assassins sent to kill him and other parties. Hannah, Violet, daughter, and Dee really must use their spells, hands, and SASS to know what is happening behind the attacks. Spy on the way, breaks hearts, and will be there to kick some serious butt. Kurtis J. Wiebe does an amazing job of writing these four unique characters. Artwork is gorgeous eye candy. You may want to just stare at pictures instead of actually reading comics.

2. Chew

Tony Chu is a detective with a special power. He is a cibopath. This means that they can get the matches (except for some reason BAT) psychic impressions from anything. If, for example, Tony eats an apple, where they were used to this kind of became this big can tell you and fertilizers. If he eats beef cattle, however, they will be able to feel what I was feeling at the death of the cow. Great, except that make it difficult to eat psychic impressions. Tony eats a lot of beets.

Days Tony try to catch his partner, John Culby Works with most, people who buy chicken. You see, a few years ago there was a bird flu epidemic. It's all tainted chicken and chicken products. Since then, the FDA (it has become a powerful part of the government's Food and Drug Administration). Buying chicken has become legal, and chicken speakeasies popped up all over. Chicken, a real crazy chicken, and tastes like the bouncing alien signal that this wonderful fruit.

Yes, it is as strange as it sounds, and it is absolutely fantastic. Chew is hilariously thrilling and Adam is taking a fresh portrayal of the massive conspiracy.

1. I Kill Giants

It's a must read for anyone. I Kill Giants Barbara Thorson, is about who is branded as a fifth-grade girl, sucks for the interests of high fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons. Barbara often reads books of fantasy and carries around a heart-shaped pouch. He's a giant killer, and believes that the bag Coveleski, is a war hammer. The school is spiteful to teachers and narrow. He has an older sister in the care of her while her brother and her friend with D & D. Barbara avoid the fear of a door that is behind it.

I Kill Giants about the loss and that everyone has their own demons that must be overcome how. We know that fantasy is talking about Barbara giants are not real, but we also know that they are not hiding that he will have to face for some. Real companies are scarier. Barbara when it's time to face the real giants, we can not help but think about things that have faced and will face. Barbara gives to us, and that reminds us that "we are stronger than we think."

Top 10 Must Read Indie Comics

1.I Kill Giants
3.Rat Queens
4.East of West
5Alex + Ada
7.Dr. McNinja
8.The Woods
9.American Virgin
10.Demo Vol 2