Top 10 The Reasons to Own an Apple Watch

Top 10 The Reasons to Own an Apple Watch

Telling the time, and then telling the time in style. Since its release in 2015, is a godsend or the Apple Watch, or others have been a useless piece of technology. What makes this smartwatch can not see a general? Coffee, actually. In fact, the critics, the Apple Watch may well be surprised at how many things can be done much more than just a clock in any case. Here's why you should own one.

Top 10 Reasons to Own an Apple Watch


It will take a serious Philistines to take umbrage at Apple Watch design. Sleek and beauty (any curved corners more) fine, smartwatch like Apple products, vibrant colors, beautiful template is that it does not go overboard with the design of the watch.


38MM with a choice of 42mm or a selection of body and stainless steel or aluminum casing, Apple Watch allows the wearer to change the screen clock face. As indicated at the time of a modern, digital watch, a traditional design, or prefer whimsical Mickey Mouse hands, even if you see fit, you can change the look of your face. Straps made of leading designer brands such as Hermes, the sporty straps are too many to choose from, the nylon.


As for the complaints about the price, the more expensive watches are out there. Cost around $ 650 model with stainless steel casing around the core 38MM, but it watches the second hand is able to find an affordable price. Sure, with cheering been rumored release date for September, much-anticipated Apple Watch 2 for at least see if the same is available with the new situation and to check regularly in the coming months. as is, you can find to sell their Apple Watch.


Apple Watch adds a great deal of convenience to your life. It is as though uses the speakerphone functionality to respond to calls and text messages via smartwatch instead of your iPhone, make sure you are in a private or quiet area to take a call is possible. With A further note, if you still on my way ( "type a text message to your phone," almost there "," etc.) will need emojis, but allow for template messages of Apple Watch With.


Apple has put a lot of effort into their ‘Activity app,’ which gives the wearer three daily fitness goals: stand up for around one minute every hour, achieve your personal calorie burn objective, and accomplish at least a 30-minute brisk walk. The smartwatch will monitor the wearer’s fitness and send reminders to complete the tasks.


In addition to fitness tracking, Apple Watch also has the ability to keep an eye on your overall heart rate. The smartwatch to use the sensor on the back, the device will provide you with monitoring your BPM (beats per minute) and detailed daily analysis. The Lark (and tracks patterns), Lifesum (tracks calories and the amount of water), and WebMD (also a whole host of his own daily medication schedule tracks) as a useful health-related apps.

On-the-go apps

A big reason for Apple Watch makes it a whole lot faster and easier access to certain apps. Without reaching for our iPhones, we use apps for translation even as Apple Pay, help pay for items in the store with digital assistant, Siri, can find our way.


It is useful for working out of a desire to listen to music when, Apple Watch shake you, which means you can move about without worrying about your phone in your pocket, with Bluetooth headphones can be paired.

Remote viewfinder

Put your phone in the room and would often take a group shot can take a bit of time, as everyone tried to get inside and only a few right angles. However, moving to every person in the position of a remote viewfinder and Apple Watch means you can take a picture perfect on the first try.

Find your iPhone

Most of us are guilty of putting our phone somewhere, then totally forgetting where it is later on! These few moments of panic can actually be resolved with an Apple Watch, as it has the ability to call your iPhone, leaving you to swear you’ll never let it out of your sight again!