Top 10 The Reasons Why Living in India is Blissful

Top 10 The Reasons Why Living in India is Blissful

India, the seventh largest and second most populous country in the world has always been the focus of mystery and mysticism. With a population of over 1 billion, this massive South Asian peninsula Ocean is blissful spans the tops of the Himalayas to India. Centuries in a home for people of all religions and ethnic civilization . In this country where Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism is not like religion.

A land where the people are passionate about the food components and care about their cricket and movie stars like their relatives. India severe winters pleasant summers, springs and chirpy all the euphoria rain seasons.

Morale and their claim of being one of the oldest civilizations known with boldness brave history. Although truly associated with its glorious past, India's equivalent of the modern world have contributed to its engineers, doctors, scientists and researchers in the world of science and technology. We count many of the top 10 reasons that speak about why two blissful stay in India.

1. Food

Indian cuisine is known throughout the world for well appreciated and well-balanced nutrients and flavor. Ingredients and spices used is often designed to suit the weather conditions locally grown food beliefs, traditions and place. The chicken biryani and cheese savories currys, hinges and tandooris, food in India is a strong reflection of its history. While some dishes are cooked in less than five minutes, Mughlai dishes are cooked on a slow flame for 8-10 hours. The food is very diverse and names Mughlai, South Indian, Parsi, Bohra, Gujarati, Northeast, Punjabi and Kashmiri cuisines cover.

A light breakfast Poha like snacks, Naan bread for dinner and oven and finally an excellent kachori for the lunch for the high places, samosas and imarti with some gulab jamun and jalebi, currys and biryani Ross cream or pan, India has a multitude of dishes for your palate. Certain kind of food is an important reason to stay in India.

2. Festivals

Hinduism is believed to be the 330 million gods. Not even the name of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism from India, Jainism and Sikhism have to embrace. Come with an array of festivals such diverse beliefs. Festivals in India are large in number and are not around just one day. The festive celebrations, food, traditions, known for weeks with gifts, music and dance exchange. Each festival has a special thing and this is the back story, on the occasion of the victory of good over evil, something to celebrate God's creation, a brother bond celebration, which is celebrated in memory of the deceased ancestors and portray the strength of the marital bond. The royal family cuisine, fast food places to visit, meeting family, relatives, friends, the marks. Otherwise in a fair and mark brotherhood diverse society. Regardless of the religion they belong to, Indians celebrate all festivals with full vigor and enthusiasm. All those living in India observed blissful.

3. Landscapes

India is probably the snowy mountains of the Himalayas to the Indian Ocean, one of the very few countries in the world with various scenes from the coast of the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The northern part of India consists of the fertile lush green plainlands, while the western part is a sandy dessert of Rajasthan. Himalayan range of cold flowing river also offers a suitable location for trekking and adventure and water sports activities. Build forts and palaces cover the cities of Rajasthan, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh during the last few centuries. Taj Mahal among others, the Golden Temple, Sun Temple, Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Charminar, the Gateway of India, India Gate, Lotus Temple and Red Fort-known monuments give an insight into the Architectural man's land as landscape . To choose from a plethora of such scenes is a blissful stay in India is all a quick break.

4. Weather

India is one of the few places where one gets to see a whole different seasons of the year. March January marks the winter, spring is March to May, July, August summer, September October November December January Autumn Moon Fairy winter season and September. You land, coastal areas can weather hot and humid weather and a pleasant weather to enjoy hot and dry summers in the north, in the Himalayan region, the most times of the year. In the western parts of India, especially Maharashtra Monsoon look out for. The heat from natural waterfalls make it ideal for travel and water sports are in full glory of them during the season.
The variety in weather definitely makes India one of the blissful places to live.

5. Diversity in lifestyles

In India, where you will find a huge difference in the economic conditions of people in one place. There is a big difference between one of the reasons for a diverse lifestyle. Another reason for the diversity of religion. People come from different school of thoughts of different religions and therefore embrace a different lifestyle.

But the good thing about this is that it will not be a misfit in society. There are no stereotypes for a normal lifestyle. Rich and poor live together gracefully. Many of the most valuable brands and shops and very cheap and reasonable shops. But there are large floors have small home economically weaker sections of society. Your room is not due to any style with which you want to lead your life with a blissful stay in India.

6. Low Cost of living

In most parts of the world, the price is much lower in India. It is on average 70% less than 60% higher than in Britain and the United States.

20 bucks is also available in some parts of the country as less food per person per day. Property rates, food and vegetable prices are still low in most parts of the country. The journey choose the right means of transportation and accommodation, you can save a lot. The average income in India who are very well it can afford a car, a full-time maid and a security guard at a driver, all without being too harsh on the pocket. You away from the hustle and bustle of city life or a mixture of both one-on-toes in metro cities or urban cities enjoy an ancient rural lifestyle. India has everything to offer for you in India living in relief, which makes this connection.

7. Ayurveda

The world could go for expensive treatments and medications, many old people go to school and treat disease and Ayurveda in India. Ayurveda and Naturopathy being imbibed by a lot of other countries as part of the welfare state. Natural medicines are offered by Ayurveda and Herbs and Spices kitchen. Ayurveda not only claims to treat a wide variety of diseases but also assured an overall healthy body.There eight major components of Ayurveda are:
⦁ Kāyacikitsā:
⦁ Kaumāra-bhṛtya:
⦁ Śalyatantra:
⦁ Śālākyatantra:
⦁ Bhūtavidyā:
⦁ Agadatantra:
⦁ Rasāyanatantra:
⦁ Vājīkaraṇatantra:

8. spirituality and yoga

Yoga and spirituality general well-being, but it can be a fairly new practice for the world to what is practiced in India for centuries. The purpose of mediation and asana or strengthen an individual's physical and mental existence by yoga poses.

9. Indian Attire

Indian clothing is a mix of style and elegance. It's comfortable climatic conditions in the global and regional approach. A lot of designers from around the world are embracing ethnic style and elegance of Indian garments. Like everything else in India clothes are different according to the climate of cultural beliefs, religion and place.

10. Warm and ever welcoming people

A lot of people talk about India is that it is their heat. They are very pleasant and always willing to help. Neighbors are considered as an extended family. They reach out to someone in need without expecting a favor in return. This however is not true for all but the Indian helpful and a great partner in trouble. Such warm and loving people certainly make it a blissful stay in India.
These are some of the reason why India is a blissful stay. If you have some more comments.