Top 10 The Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

Top 10 The Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

The charming, charismatic and graceful words we use to describe some of his comic book women. We're counting down the ten most attractive female characters appeared in several comedy. Some of their favorite characters, we are planning for their share of overall physical appeal, not based on their abilities or strength that could lower status than others.

Certainly do not need a character to really be in the list of supernatural abilities, but he will definitely be appreciated. Check out the sexiest female comic book characters:

10. Harley Quinn

The "clown prince of crime" is one of the most attractive bombshells psychological lover DC Comics. This figure is not that hard to avoid something about. He was introduced as a psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel but after I became known as a crazy man and falls in love with a wild and crazy criminal character. The initial version of the character was depicted in full dress, but her dress was covered in a later show. He also became a sex symbol in comics. Clown does not give a second look, but we could not take our eyes.

9. Black Canary

Was published in 1947, was first introduced with the DC characters have supernatural abilities, but he was an expert in martial arts. Black Canary is between sexy female comic book characters. He was introduced features to improve its characters than any other woman in tight black humor and very revealing outfit, blonde hair and a killer attitude, then. He took inspiration from the Marvel and DC named Black Widow is a character who is more aware today that was so good. While Black Canary direct action is portrayed not as good, which is played by Scarlett Johansson in MCU Black Widow, but good they are expecting exactly what we will have in the upcoming Justice League film you deserve to have live action appearance.

8. Psylocke

Before the offer, Psylocke was a British woman named Elizabeth Braddock. He's back was very unpopular and he was redesigned and re-start until comic fans took notice. redesign came about this way - taken out of Elizabeth's mind and body was placed in a Japanese assassin. Elizabeth became heir to a number of his good looks, his martial arts skills, her curvy body, beautiful eyes and privileges killer like purple hair. The best part is, exactly what to show off her assets or skills is the sexiest female comic book characters do not shy.

7. Rogue

Rouge is the most deadly mutants in X-Men world. In addition, initially they encountered problems trying to control his powers and ended up hurting the people he loved the most. If they exist in real life, you might want to keep a distance from him. Rouge absorption and touched the memories, the power to remove power and other things. Wicked is the sexy female comic book characters because they do not wear revealing clothes. In fact, he himself is completely covered with a full body suit and gloves. So he does not hurt people unintentionally harm the fabric as such. In the last couple of decades, Rouge had a number of different looks and her fashion Raiders 90 between them and the more one endured.

6. Mary Jane Watson

Do you think that Mary Jane is a very unlikely character to feature in this list. And yet a truly are, without any supernatural powers, she will surprise most revered woman among comic book characters. It caught her extraordinary beauty, her green eyes, eyes red-haired fans that her passion for modeling and acting. And Spiderman, to romance, not to mention the attraction with the alias Peter Parker. The story continues from the last two decades. The dust Kristen Mary Jane is the most memorable film role.

5. Wonder Woman

Princess Diana, Amazon Warrior Prince is not only the most powerful female characters in comics and sexiest female comic book characters. This disclosure has incredible features costume and win the hearts of millions, but Wonder Woman is the highlight of her trust. A warrior princess is depicted as almost always masculine, and so is Wonder Woman. Not only is it convincing, but it helps demigod the scene of his enemies.

4. Poison Ivy

Mother Nature, it is a dangerous poison replace former botanist Pamela Isley of poison ivy because I have seen that science can never good that I went. Pamela now literally can use the capabilities of the brain to help control her beauty to kill his enemies. They emit pheromones to seduce the good seems almost unnecessary to perform this incredible both men and women. Bombshell Pamela was the first change but after changing poison Ivy is an excuse to show off its beauty. The experience they sometimes comic carbon dioxide referred to in breathing and energy requires sunlight to produce, in a plant-like creatures have changed, and many toxins and viruses has become immune. He gives her real beauty leave us in no doubt to admire the view or incredible powers.

3. Vampirella

Vampirella horror is one of the most known faces in comic book style. Vampirella super powers, including command format with transfer capabilities, which beat the evil forces on the ground to help her vampiric supernatural abilities. Even just by his presence, the ability to induce sexual arousal in men. The men stare and even sound seductive. Vempirella usually only wears a revealing red costume, which enhances the beautiful curvy body. Sexy female comic book character Vampirella is regarded third. The purpose of this list is to classify sexy female characters, he is entitled to it.

2. Emma Frost

Emma Frost's telepathic abilities can find the diamonds and the X-Men transform themselves into bulletproof shield, which makes it one of the most bad-ass mutant universe. She is very beautiful and kind of hard to ignore. She has an incredible body that easily, he never flaunts when he gets the chance to have one of the sexiest female character in comics. The only downside, beating his attention so that he was sometimes regarded as a WRECKER.

1. Catwoman

This began his career as a thief, and the anti-hero Batman, but then super heroine and fight crime has become part of the Batman family. But one thing is certain, Selina Kyle and could have easily topped the list of sexiest female comic book characters. The figure for men to handle difficult and very feminine. Selina fighting not only helps her to be comfortable but away from it that the brave and difficult to keep your eye wear skintight black leather outfit. He is praised by people almost always when displayed on screen in the role of Catwoman, but our personal favorite in "The Dark Knight Rises" Oscar-winning actress Game Purple power

10 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters

2.Emma Frost
4.Poison Ivy
5.Wonder Woman
6.Mary Jane Watson
9.Black Canary
10.Harley Quinn