Top 10 The Smartest Animals on Our Planet

Top 10 The Smartest Animals on Our Planet

Man is considered the only intelligent specie in the world but this is just a misunderstanding by humans. Animals are intelligent in many ways and sometimes they have the power of the mind, a better in a lot of ways, than humans.

Some things can never start to think that human animals are getting the skills to do so. And the more you know about the animals, read this list of the top 10 most intelligent animal species in the world. Some of the smartest animals on our planet are:

10. Pigeon

Pigeons have always been used as a way to send messages to date. They were like old friends masters. Dove is delivering messages to the battlefield in places like and have always been a source of communication for lovers like Romeo and Juliet. Dove is said to be extremely good geo-locators and they are able to remember the place throughout his life. Moreover, pigeons can remember people's faces without forgetting.

9. Baboons

Baboons monkey species group and the most intelligent animals on our planet. Baboons way they have similar cognitive ability to chimpanzee behavioral or orangutans. Their behavior is similar to humans.Baboons is the ability to cope with stress after identification. Baboons also create complex social system and they think about the situation and the ability to come up with possible solutions to it. Baboons also great thief. They can carry out the robbery plan.

8. Dolphins

Dolphins, in fact, the largest body mass ratio of the brain is the largest brain in the whole animal kingdom. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals and are very friendly. With the Dolphins game and sign and body languages ​​can be taught to communicate with humans. Dolphins respond to human commands. They are happy when they have feelings and emotions and make dolphin sounds. It is also believed that dolphins can recognize themselves in a mirror.

7. Dogs

Dogs are man's best friend. Dogs are the most faithful animal in the animal world. Those who can sacrifice their lives for their own animals. Intelligence dogs varies according to their race. Dogs can be trained to perform multiple activities. Trained dogs are also used in military and police departments to solve the crime. Dogs have inbuilt instinct to save their own under every circumstance.

6. Squirrels

Squirrel both small and beautiful animals live domestic and wild environment. Squirrels are not associated with human development skills. They do not act like humans, but when it comes to the food gathering and be a familiar intelligent animals. To squirrels gather food can go to any extent, and they also think of intelligent memory skills.

5. octopuses

Octopuses are creepiest animal. They are one of the most skilled hunters. It's designed to Kill (Net GEO) they have been involved in such programs. Octopuses are highly potential to change the color to mimic their surroundings while trying to hide from hunters. And maybe they can turn a hunter, the hunter and eat around the table for those who are suffering.

4. Pigs

Yes, you heard right, pigs are the smartest animals on earth. Pork is generally considered to be dumb but that's not realistic. Pigs can be like mental capacity of a 3-year-old human child. He is said to have emotions and feelings. The pig dreams at night, he wept and mourned. They have the ability to learn new skills every day. Pigs can also cope with environmental stress.

3. Rhesus Monkeys

Recess Monkey can copy human behavior and act. They are able to mimic the human race. Rhesus monkey advanced communication skills and they are believed to have the ability to react to form complex social structures and their message. He can break the hard covering of things heavy rock. They attacked in groups and plan their attacks are well planned.

2. Orangutans

Just like the chimpanzee, orangutans are believed to mimic human actions. They can adapt and copy humans. orangutans still learning the game and are able to have brain power equal to 3 year old child. They have unique abilities to learn new skills using a hammer and a nail to put like things together. The orangutans are believed to have advanced technology and they can see around them in a better way than other animals. They are able to adapt by learning new skills in a changing environment.

1. Chimpanzees

With the required human and chimpanzee similarities are claimed to be the most intelligent species in the world after humans. Chimpanzee look like humans and they act like humans. Chimpanzee has learned anything from the ability to think like humans chimpanzee is to play games and solve math problems. A chimpanzee's mind is the ability of the brain can be trained to make the equivalent of a 5-year-old human child. And with the capacity of their mind they are claimed as one of the smartest animals on the land mass.

Top 10 Smartest Animals on Our Planet

3.Rhesus Monkeys
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