Top 10 The UFC Matches of All Time

Top 10 The UFC Matches of All Time

Top 10 is the easiest part of the organization's ability to come up with some of the most exciting match-ups about making a list of matches for the UFC. As the largest MMA organization in the last 20 years, UFC has come up with some of the most memorable match-ups. With the expanded roster, UFC has the ability to match Dream matches for fight fans.

UFC Fight Wanderlei against Chuck Lidell had a number of memorable moments from St. Pierre's dominance in the 170 division. So here are the top 10 UFC matches of all time!

10. Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard UFC 136

155 division is the most stacked divisions in the UFC. The division of authority that was Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard among wrestlers.

Top 10 UFC matches our list each time the number of fights in his own way already faced each other in a rematch UFC 136. UFC 125 Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard ten. The first match was won a controversial split draw, while Maynard rematch. To Frankie Edgar Gray Maynard at UFC 136 was able to avenge his loss.

Unlike other rubber match is not as familiar to their fans' expectations of war with each other, Edgar vs. Maynard is a different story. The boat people, flexibility and absorption, and a display of their ability to damage his opponent.

This version is considered Gatti- Ward UFC. In the fourth round, Edgar was hurt, but he was able to catch a big right hand from Maynard. From there, Edgar Michigan wrestler was able to finish and retain lightweight title.

9. Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia UFC 68

When Randy Couture decided to move up to heavyweight Tim Sylvia has been a successful run in the heavyweight division. Everyone thought that Randy Couture was already out. Light heavyweight after losing to Chuck Lidell, questioned Randy Couture's ability to fight for a heavyweight fans. He moved up to heavyweight at the age of 43 in 2007 to face the current champion.

People were concerned about protecting its reputation in the division during the time given to Sylvia Randy Couture. Instead, Randy Couture was able to do the impossible. He was able to grind said Sylvia knocked him out in the first round.

Each time the top 10 UFC matches is not really part of the match action, but the odds against the natural ups.

8. Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva UFC 79

When closed with pride, watched everyone dreams of being both a card and Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Lidell. This is a historical fact that the match had the opportunity to dominate fighters in the light heavyweight division in both Pride and UFC. Although you could argue that they have already been transferred to his prime minister, the war still lived up to hype.

Using their reach to the X-killer against the cage Lidell was able to connect to some memorable blows. He also was able to squeeze some costs and control the entire match.

7. Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg UFC 52

Matt Hughes is one of those wrestlers who were able to move well in mixed martial arts. The ability to determine where the war gave him the chance to make a good run at 170 George St. Pierre before the division of the UFC.

UFC Matt Hughes one of the most memorable matches in the history vs. Frank Trigg. At this point, knew that Matt Hughes was powerful. But nobody expected what was coming. Hughes kneed below the belt Frank Trigg, but the referee failed to see it.

Hughes went down in pain, and try to take advantage of the situation Trigg. He's trying to drown in and one choke Hughes was shelled at some point. Hughes survived and managed to take the Trigg for a takedown. He went all the way across the cage and slammed Frank Trigg. After a few moments, he was able to sink a rear naked choke in the throat of his own.

6. Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale

This is not a war that catapulted the game to where it is today, it is the very first Ultimate Fighter finale Stefan Forest Griffin vs. Bonnar fight. The top 10 not only boasts of its historical significance, but also made our list of UFC's all-time combat action, because of its display.

Forest Griffin before becoming the first light heavyweight champion who loves to trade attacks against their opponents was introduced in our consciousness as a broiler. During Stefan Bonnar TUF finale showed the same kind of style which caught the attention of viewers. UFC fights on free TV can be a household name. After three rounds, Griffin was able to get the forest and the rest is history.

5. Dan Henderson vs Shogun Rua UFC 157

Dan Henderson destroy the Shogun in some solid right hooks initial fighting. However, Shogun proved that he still has a lot of fight in the UFC. He especially some very good ground and pound back by pulling against Henderson in the late rounds.

The Dean of expertise offered by both Henderson and Shogun, rigidity, strength and heart. Both fighters were beaten severely and easily could go either way. Finally, Dan Henderson wins decision. Somewhat controversial, but was up a classic match for the ages.

4. Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen UFC 117

Anderson Silva is one of the best, if not, there is no doubt that the middle who never fought in the octagon. During its peak, Silva seemed strong. In fact, Anderson Silva was a career highlight knockout technique only seen in movies. He Vitor BELFORT Crane Kick by knockout, and also on forest Griffin knockouts as a light heavyweight.

When Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva UFC 117 fight with each other, I thought that was the formula to stop the loud mouth Sonnen Anderson Silva games. Anderson Silva in their very first match he found himself thrown back on top while Chael Sonnen series of ground and pound punches. The Superior boat Chael Sonnen was obvious that the game through five rounds.

What is our list of the top ten each time a UFC fight to win the match despite the odds stacked against Spider capability. Losing score in the final round, he was able to force his opponent Chael Sonnen tap Triangle.

3. Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez UFC 166

What happens if you have two fighters programed to go next? An interesting match for your fans! It lived up to the hype that one of these matches. When war was declared, both fighters promised fireworks, and saved both.

Gilbert Melendez's crew was able to land more attacks in effecting one and two. He was able to cut Diego Sanchez. As Diego Sanchez broke the Gilbert Melendez knock him out with an uppercut, but turned into a quarrel by Melendez looked like an easy victory. Unfortunately, Diego Sanchez, who ruled Gilbert Melendez and could not finish.

2. Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir UFC 81

There was a lot of hype for Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar came to WWE as a household name. But what most people forget is that Brock Lesnar was an elite college wrestlers. Directly converted into MMA after the boat, then take everyone seriously.

He made his Octagon debut against Frank Mir said. Frank Mir, Lesnar did more damage to his last battle against consistently. It could be his last fight in the Octagon. At UFC 81, Frank Mir for Brock Lesnar was able to destroy him was his great against out clearly displayed Jiu jitsu. He is vicious blows from £ 250 Lesnar was able to attack the leg after dinner.

1. Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffsson UFC 165

Jon Jones is probably one of the most talented athletes today. He had a run as the youngest champion in UFC history. The elders of the shogun in the process and also the display of a boat against Cormier.

But Alexander Gustaffson war is probably the best fights in the history of the company. Jones was expected to run on any Gustaffson. However, Mauler had a different plan this night. Gustaffson was the first person to take Jon Jones down in the Octagon. Each round was close. Jones is considered a controversial decision win that night.

Over the past two decades UFC MMA in the some of the most exciting fights. Now, if you agree with our list? What are your thoughts?

Top 10 UFC Matches of All Time – Greatest MMA Fights

1.Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustaffson UFC 165
2.Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir UFC 81
3.Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez UFC 166
4.Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen UFC 117
5.Dan Henderson vs. Shogun Rua UFC 157
6.Forest Griffin vs. Stefan Bonnar Ultimate Fighter 1 Finale
7.Matt Hughes vs. Frank Trigg UFC 52
8.Chuck Lidell vs. Wanderlei Silva UFC 79
9.Randy Couture vs. Tim Sylvia UFC 68
10.Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard UFC 136