Top 10 The Unsettling Aviation Mysteries

Top 10 The Unsettling Aviation Mysteries

With the recent disappearance of Malaysia Airlines MH370 and EgyptAir Flight MS804, as I began to wonder what makes these planes have disappeared into thin air, if you believe.

With a little time and research, as in many other strange and mysterious as the aviation mystery that is found. It forced me to cover some of the awkward moments make a list of ten aviation history. Some of them are more annoying than I want to live it.

10. 1979 Boeing 707-323C Disappearance 

Unsettling Aviation Mysteries – Boeing 707-323C disappearance.

On January 30th 1979, a Boeing 707-323C vanished over the Atlantic after flying for about 30 minutes to Tokyo. Rio de Janeiro on the plane was on a flight from Tokyo - Galeão International Airport and paintings worth a six-person crew was US $ 1.4 million. Or aircraft, the crew affected paintings have been found so far.

9. Crash of Helios Airways flight 522

Unsettling Aviation Mysteries

Human error is believed to be the cause that initiated the crash of Helios Airways flight 522. The plane flew on cruise control for two hours before it went plunging down and crashed in Greece. A Greek fighter jet was scrambled around half an hour before the flight started descending, but it was all too late by then. The loss of oxygen and cabin pressure in the aircraft caused the 121 passengers on board to lose consciousness. It is known as the haunted aircraft.

8. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

Flying Tiger 739, a Lockheed Constellation like this one, disappeared between Guam and the Philippines.

From Travis Air Force Base and a flight carrying 93 US soldiers Tiger Line 3 South Vietnamese Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation, March 16, 1962 and had disappeared never to be seen again. The minutes after the plane took to the air, the pilot radioed a routine transmission report. Another was the cause of an hour later, but never transmission. See who reported seeing an explosion. However, no debris was found until eight days after the discovery of 200,000 square miles. Of the largest in the history of the Pacific and prompted a search of the sea.

7. 1956 B-47 Disappearance

The storage of a Boeing B-47E, the United States lost in the incident at the National Museum of Broken Arrow Air Force, the same type.

A B-47 heavy bomber was one of the four scheduled flights for the deployment of the airbase. The plane was carrying two nuclear capsules 1956. Over the Mediterranean was carried out a comprehensive search for the missing, but their efforts were in vain. Even to this day, have been the aircraft, crew or export two nuclear capsules.

6. Boeing 727-223 Disappearance

Quatro de Fevereiro 25 May 2003 Boeing 727-223 was stolen from the airport, Luanda, Angola.

A Boeing 727-223 entered a runway without clearance and took off to the southwest with its lights turned off. It headed over the Atlantic Ocean. On a mechanic and a flight engineer on board the aircraft repair dispatched. Aircraft and men were never seen again. While other theories suggest it was a desperate chance to make some people suggest that a plane was waiting inside.

5. TWA Flight 800

TWA Boeing 747- Aviation Mysteries.

TWA 800, a Boeing 747 was taking off from JFK airport on the way to Paris. Without any warning, as has just received clearance to climb to altitude, the plane exploded in the air. Thousands of pounds of kerosene on board were ignited in mid-air with 230 people. The strangest part was the lack of evidence of a criminal act. Who shot down the plane? It remains a mystery.

4. Mystery of STENDEC

Euro Euro 691 Lancastrian 3 G-AGWH CN 1280 'Stardust' BSAA (British South American Airways).

In 1947, a British plane with 11 people on board disappeared with no trace. It was sent from the transmission plane, to make matters stranger before going off the radar. It's a mysterious Morse code message text "STENDEC" It was the result was derived. However, it was found that 50 years after the plane wreck, message to be resolved.

3. Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart, in 1928. Unsettling Aviation Mysteries.

Amelia Earhart's disappearance is one of the most well-known aviation mystery to this day. He was one of America's favorite pilots, and was all praise worldwide. Lockheed Electra Amelia and Noonan were in 1937 with the navigator on board disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean. After news of her disappearance, the US Navy and Coast Guard was the largest in US history and launched a sea search. However, their efforts failed and where he returned empty-handed, with no leads as the plane was gone. (

2. DB Cooper – Aviation Mysteries

DB Cooper who jumped from a Hijacked plane never to be seen again and right Richard Lepsy who a writter claims my be the same person. Photo: FBI/

In 1971, only "DB Cooper" as it is known, a man managed to jump out of a bank note with a parachute on his back and a hijacked Boeing amazing $ 200,000. No traces have been found, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigators have claimed that the "Cooper" jump could not have survived. Some theories suggest that the man kidnapped from a grocery store manager.

1. Disappearance of the Panair Do Brasil

Lockheed Constellation plane of Panair do Brasil took off in 1946 and landed in 1993.

Do Panair in 1946. The disappearance of the greatest aviation mystery Brazil does not sound pretty basic, was it? We have not yet found the strange part. The human skeleton plane, hot cup of coffee and Bogoto landed at the airport in Colombia after 47 years of newspaper history. What happened to the aircraft back in 1946? Who was behind this?