Top 10 The Worst Natural Disasters of 21st Century

Top 10 The Worst Natural Disasters of 21st Century

Natural disasters also trigger actions brought about by the forces associated with humans plenty of mass destruction, damage, collateral damage or a sudden life events. A natural disaster, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, flood, landslide, may be caused by the storm, etc.

The planet is in a state of flux invariable, compelling tension concentrates that can cause serious effects. Most events take place without feeling any effects, can wreak serious havoc on the individual and their property. The worst natural disaster on 10 21st century, are as follows:

1. 2010 Haiti Earthquake:

(: 53 UTC are according to 21) January 12, 2010, earthquake that hit Haiti, 16:53 local time, was the magnitude of 7.0. The epicenter was positioned near lyugany. Although the death toll was lower than almost every other earthquake disasters significantly, resulting in damage to property and the 21st century, it is probably the most devastating disasters.

Around three million people were affected in particular the earthquake. The death toll is characterized as deliberately Haitian government figures range from 220,000 to 316,000 of the estimated 100,000 to 160,000 in the inflated by Haitian authorities. Haiti's government has calculated that 250 houses had fallen to 000 and 30, 000 businesses or severely damaged. In addition, this earthquake is considered as one of the worst natural disasters in world history.

2. 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami:

53 UTC: perhaps after a deadly tsunami in Indonesia killed 00 of the deadliest earthquakes of 9 MW in the Indian Ocean on 26 December. As the energy extracted earthquake killed 23,000 Hiroshima atomic bomb. The epicenter was under the sea on the planet, and in particular moves that leads to the ocean which were aggressively destructive meter high waves. It has been estimated deaths as the tsunami that triggered more than 230,000 people in 14 countries.

It was the worst natural disasters in recorded history. Indonesia, the hardest-hit country is Sri Lanka, Thailand has been with Zealand, and India. It was the third major earthquake on a seismograph and never documented 8.3 plus 10 minutes, witnessed the longest period of faulting.

3. Cyclone Nargis:

Cyclone Nargis devastated as a result of delivering a devastating storm, arauady densely populated delta up to 40 km up Myanmar on 2 May 2008 produced landfall Friday in the deadliest storm, the worst natural disaster in Myanmar in early May 2008. was one, the destruction of at least 138,000 deaths. Bogale Township in Labutta alone over 10 000 deaths, 80,500 were documented to have died.

Was around 55 000 missing, besides many other deaths were found in other cities and regions. Myanmar government official may be the number of casualties, although the documentary, and accused officials stopped updating the death toll of 138,000, especially the right to reduce the consequences were. Cyclone Mala developed landfall in 2006, which was a bit strong, but had a significantly lower impact Nargis was the first tropical storm to hit the United States.

4. Kashmir Earthquake:

Pakistan within the specified area of ​​the 2005 Kashmir earthquake took place in Azad Kashmir on October 8 08:50:39 PST. Also centered around the town of Muzaffarabad, was hit in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir region. It was a brief moment degrees registered 8 (severe) Modified Mercalli intensity to a maximum of 7.6.

Furthermore earthquake shook the region around Afghanistan, Tajikistan within the affected countries Where were felt in Chinese Xinjiang. But the damage caused by the earthquake is related to serious stress. In Pakistan the figure of 100 officials, 000 people died and more than 70, 000 injured and 4 million homeless. It is regarded as the worst natural disasters ever occurred in the region.

5. 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami:

46 local time (05:46 UTC): March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hit the top 14 in Japan. Tohoku earthquake had been 70 kilometers east of the coast, and the 30km of deep water. The quake was followed by a tsunami that triggers a height of 40 meters. Japan's national law enforcement by the company 15, 889 deaths had been confirmed. Nearly 6,152 people were missing injured more than 2,600.

An incredible number of buildings were completely demolished. 7 meltdowns at three reactors in Fukushima began in 1900. Perhaps the most dominant fourth earthquake recorded new record of effective global earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan triggered a nuclear accident, basically level the Daiichi complex, and connected to the displacement of thousands of residents in the zone.

6. 2001 Gujarat Earthquake:

(: 30 AM local time about 3) the degree of the Gujarat earthquake in January 26th, 2001, between 7.6 and 7.7 has been in the morning. The earthquake lasted more than 2 minutes. Approximately around 19, were also killed 727 people and injured 167,000. Destruction of property and houses was enormous with nearly 400 000 homes changed completely in rubble.

Historical sites and a lot of tourist places were destroyed. The damage to property was estimated at $ 5.5 billion dollars. Around 600, 500 people in 21 districts of the move for almost seven hundred kilometers was affected by the shock waves are poor. The earthquake also affected some areas of Bangladesh, and around 20,500 people were killed in organic crash.

7. 2005 Hurricane Katrina:

Hurricane Katrina was the 11th 5th hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic storm and hurricane season. That's priciest organic destruction among the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States, and also. In August 2005, faced the deadliest tornado over the last hundred years in the United States.

Usually it was a category four storm. The state of Florida also hit the most damaged cities were Mississippi, New Orleans, Gulfport, and Biloxi. With almost 1833 people had been ahead within the hurricane and flood. Katrina triggered severe destruction across the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Rush and levee failures caused a lot of Texas, through central Florida. This causes particular organic calamity more damage than $ 100 billion.

8. Iran Earthquake:

2003 was a bad year in Iran's history. A devastating earthquake hit the country, and about 40,500 people were killed. Earthquake in Bam and the surrounding Kerman province in southeastern Iran, killed in the early hours of 5:46 AM local time on December 26, 2003. The earthquake of 6.6 degrees on the USA Geological Survey, which is estimated to result in 26 injuries, 271 deaths, plus around 30,000. However, some estimates Furthermore, around 43, 000. Destruction deaths occur in 1989 because of being a medium build Iran's failure to comply with earthquake regulations, which were increased by approximately clay brick . In addition, this earthquake is considered as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of Iran.

9. 2011 East Africa Drought:

A serious drought affecting the East African region during the July 2011-June 2012. This "was the most severe in 60 years, the drought threaten the livelihood of 9.5 Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya and Ethiopia in an intense food crisis triggered million people. sheep with numerous refugees in neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya, southern Somalia, acute malnutrition, unsanitary conditions where they fled in a lot of deaths together.

East Africa, like Sudan, some parts of Uganda, along with other nations within South Sudan, was suffering from a food crisis. July 20, the United Nations formally (IPC Phase 5), declared a famine in two areas in the southern part of the first 30 years of famine was declared in the area by the United Nations.

10. Sichuan Earthquake:

I made a big quake killed around the Sichuan Province of China, 2008. In addition, the great Sichuan earthquake hit Sichuan in China is recognized as the 12th of May 2008 in addition to a 8.0 degree hit 14:28 local time, 69,197 people based on official figures.

Where about 374,176 people had been injured, 18,222 missing diagram, the data can be anything from even some reports that 4.8 million people have been displaced over 11 million. It is for the Quake, 1976 Tanghan as China's deadliest earthquake where about 240,000 people have died and up to date documented in the deadly 21.

Finally, the worst natural disasters ever to strike years on every continent. It is a flood, hurricane, tornado, or maybe a whole set of natural disasters. Nobody would think of them, but it occurs to you and your family members. Any idea how you stay alive? It can mean the difference between a query, and sort of life and death. During a disaster, four things you should consider: mobility, food, water, shelter plus. Have proven to be a slow, depending on the government. Therefore, the key is independent of any disaster.

10 Worst Natural Disasters of 21st Century

1.2010 Haiti Earthquake
2.2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami
3.Cyclone Nargis
4.Kashmir Earthquake
5.2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami
6.2001 Gujarat Earthquake
7.2005 Hurricane Katrina
8.Iran Earthquake
9.2011 East Africa Drought
10.2008 Sichuan Earthquake