Top 10 The Worst World Leaders

Top 10 The Worst World Leaders

If any are governed by nature, do not have any intensity or follower of any specific type of human 'leaders' in which they choose or misfortunes by circumstances, tyrannically, then forced to follow show a net is in the network or of the 'General' cases are a well-organized and might lead group. While the situation will become more common and expected, what happens is the loss of such a leader, and leadership skills mismanagement of the worst in terms of everything that spells out.

There is also a so-called "leader" a huge amount of irreversible injustice that can not conform to standards that influence the followers of gold to teamwork. We see the huge and we always do the best to lead the world, but since no one tries to shed light on the worst global leaders, will give the list below! The ethics, values, ethics, professional reputation has been on the offensive lack of professionalism so that he became famous for his own.

Top 10 The Worst World Leaders

10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa)

The world has seen some influential presidents over time, and South Africa, unfortunately, manipulation of the worst leap of faith that the voting process in their favor against the opposition in the presidential selection skills of which except for those rulers. Former President Thabo Mbeki, a man 95 years old have the most are older and lead generation, first president after his complete opposite, Mr. Nelson Mandela, who was actually the father of the nation, literally but by a kind of freedom that are leading the other races, which is responsible for the elimination of apartheid-era South Africa are able to enjoy today. Behind the man, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, President of the Republic, tried to equal and hopelessly failed in this attempt. South Africa considers that some countries try to go to great lengths to leverage competitive upgrade aspects Army media about an effort to develop security of countries. Although Mbeki has fall in this endeavor, by their action mismanaged money in the purchase of South African taxpayers billions of weapons since the 70s and 80s to increase spends outdated than the South African defense force. Mr Mbeki, Nelson Mandela has said the vice president and the worst thing is when they finally officially inaugurated by the President, they have never any real changes. Profile of a somewhat boring headquarters in Jerusalem.

9. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe)

We can give you a shinning the accolade of being the man as far as Zimbabwe is concerned, one of the presidents of all time in the office, everyone is a millionaire! But it is not a real shame actually worth millions. Currency imbalances and Zimbabwe find his infamous for.'Ape as the core value of the dollar that has been interrupted as a result of the mismanagement and corruption practices Mugabe as "a sign of this, ensure President Robert Mugabe with the worst of the global leaders, who have to sit in his 36-year presidency, has sworn to serve and being with her for nearly four decades, Zimbabwe people around President ruthless, the more debatable fair and unjust nothing more than selfish ineligible global level, proving them to see the world how much positive progress was made during this time may be the one would expect the Zimbabwe African countries. It is to no surprise, though, is a man who can multiply its power for a long time that their strength and ultimately the situation of the countries which build influence during these years ruthless approach towards the currency, things end in a series of infrastructure and other sets of development of any country. This, as I predicted has been predicted best candidate to run the country like Zimbabwe for a leader who claims that surprises can not care about the people in it so long, and if the economic stability of the country were here, now we just watch it. Zimbabwe, despite being rich in diamonds and other resources that go round the world, as well as how the losses have dropped less than the amount of the limit is somewhat recover.

8. Jacob Zuma (Current President of South Africa)

Apart from apartheid South Africa's oppressed and controlled the presidents preside over the years since its modern existence, was about a man named Jacob Zuma. There is an "activist" but will not amusingly ironic and other ordinary workers, as the sense of a real change. I said, "the president calls a very active person his famous act because it is a 'activist. Zuma said in his famous "Umshini Wam" song can be found in almost every state has their distinctive trademark of singing happily dance the appearance of the Nation. Song has sparked outrage among white South Africans, especially a racist song "Pink Skins shoot have serious political trouble as other means". Not only in my opinion, but encouraged by the outbreak of a world of others sings a president and the other to inheritance, South African pop idols to give a specific Race net as singing of killing him with excited that the support from May, when they have a leader that people are savages, but a SANE will follow. He belonged to the ANC and the years when displayed in his presidency campaign, the country that was very much a "hazed sink" to lead the country and is now in apartheid, which reverse the as had. Somehow he managed to get as many votes as possible to shock and South Africa, he became president.

Zuma also a president with a sex UN has accused them women and many illicit sex and admitted count of rape charges with the amount of Numbers 6 not married as for the women as God. The South African economy is how tax money is not spent on light distribution when the benefit is clear. The cherry on top of a cake worst leader Jacob Zuma world.

7. Muammar Al-Gaddafi

Muammer Gaddafi during his tenure in politics this business, he is a member which is a rather more representative of "self" than all the other most certainly a highly egotistical leader. More than forty years of sitting in the section Year (Four Crazy decades?) And most certainly at the top was a Libyan revolutionary and dictator for our Monkey's President Robert Mugabe, but a little of that with a twist here and actually make a positive difference in the economy there, sometimes I felt like I was with no doubt the ultimate leadership. Where Gadaffi However, when the second round led to the case concerned, he has not been using his leadership skills to bring about positive economic growth, more than anything was a terrible force in the direction of more carefree and careless initiatives. A true leader Gadaffi's worst leaders, who do not even have one of the aims. With a reputation of being the chief commander of the armed forces in Libya. He certainly long and they eventually led to the throne after he successfully managed the mean height of its power in Libya is a showcase project that deserves the title of King Idris I. His rise to power, earning them some who seek to take the economy, because such things manipulate and use this recipe for personal gain interest as a disguise from his people which can have their finishing move on and fight for their efforts. We can call it hypocritical for him.

6. Julius Malema (South Africa’s Youth Leader)

Disruption, a reputation for rowdiness, unethical behavior, utter insulting chants, and a never finished a pathetic with everything, with everything on the list, to Julius Malema South Africa's "biggest political as it carved a huge scar on his forehead shinny bald clown ". Man thinking that maybe his brain is so crazy peas in a position to answer a question: What is the country USA? "USB": with the answer. He has been dubbed a reason and not as "clowns government". He said that although the busy political arenas havoc and as his famous known racist more special with a live immoral attack on a white videographer in a live television broadcast any There is a great potential range. Some courage he had, but no brain, no brain, no conscience and ensure the intelligence never existed. Except clowny appearance and a typical white-collar politician total contrast to the dressing style, this guy certainly a military styled the hat and suit his legacy clowns in South Africa and other strange clothing their very own dress style, it looks good. South Africa and critics of shinny bald cap has been left empty-minded head bound to cover or remain baffled as to whether they pose a commando of the organization. In a way which is not political in any part of the comedian. Julius Boo Hoo! The childish youth as a young Julius main concern of Malema as leader of South Africa, immature and they are, is that they are forced to believe that a leader of the people, and for some reason seem to follow his ways and even quoted him, as well as shabbily clothed and had an arrogant attitude that it is. Although Julius dilemma behind Malema's influence and a surprisingly strong impact on their supporters nationwide, his behavior will no longer be tolerated with some humor and brave also a physical security cameras and attacked the politicians. He can also be classified as a comedy legend in South Africa by politicians continuous display of stupidity at a high intensity beyond his understanding.

5. Islam Karimov (President of Uzbekistan)

And the second one shows Avtomat Kalashnikov (AK-47), I think that sounds like a deadly machine gun, with somewhat a direct comparison we can give Islam Karimov. After 90 of the chamber due to the president and to bring about a call to him like the 2000 and the best part is I managed to achieve success in the expansion of presidential elections in the period as it seems to have been that he was unopposed! Here are just against and maybe some others, the seat of war had already been trouble down dilemma. Thinking, what you are about secrets will resist with the hope of not winning any guts, simply because of their somewhat strong arm tactics and the use of Islamic militancy from the ruthlessness of their competition is "get rid of", rather than fight them in politics and international law. After all, the bow of the respective forces to take action if the threat of a presidential feel the army will have no trouble. In this case, the seat being taken by some of the risk with these brave but stupid competitors probably a harsh fate God has intended for them by force control, and stump-downs this is the authorative created during these times of struggle against Karimov's regime. Islam Karimov also a crime that the BBC because it has been reported by many to be a part of a multi-million worth of assets will be under house arrest in his wife home to have been part of the ring it was suspected of money laundering charges.

4. Bashar al-Assad (President of Syria)

We came down from the heap structure worst global leaders, each of which are classified by Badder than bad. Al -Al - Assad for a 'donkey' and this is already another name that says you should start with the name without attacking the brain. "Despite good 'face, AL - Assad man crush protests against his political efforts endeveours that instead of bearing it. That alone should tell you everything about why the bottom ranks in the list of the world's worst leaders. Assad are some things that have been broken a chain of events leading to the Government House President by the Constitution tweaking to allow the assessment could be the head of state, he has climbed etc. as has gained significant influence on the armed forces in the country ranked in the military sector, those for the utmost benefit of those used by the order and basically they known for notoriously inhibit some activists have no doubt that most of the demonstrators and crushing competitors against so released have been derived from long-term a 'strict policy of his father in prison more particularly notorious for keeping. Like father like son, they say.

3. Omar al-Bashir (Sudanese President)

If you feel normal in their leaders' names, you will find that there is always an 'ass' that is connected with his name. It is not only insulting but also their personalities and they have to have a clear and well-chosen to represent the outline of "solemn commitment" to the actions done for the country. If a string of things that Al Bashir will party into a "cow across as" kind and by the kind of line that the president will manage things as Al Assad, President Comes. A man in terms of what has become a major focus of the International Criminal Court issued a warrant for crimes against humanity can expect a certain extent we have the capability of saying.

It can be spread in a terrible and horrible, inhumane acts of humanity crimes regardless of the degree rape (the girls), murder, inside and punish human transfer of power out of the country and violence and Bashir All of them have been and are suspected with war crimes. The presidents or leaders or prevent any country is reason to impose on the public.

2. Thaksin Shinawatra (Former Prime Minister of Thailand)

The name list of the worst leaders gives us an indication of who they are. In the case of Thaksin, "which outline key element of the word sin is a description of the things that he is guilty of his side. That's right ... sin for humanity, sin that has led to the cruel tyranny. The head of state, but always the final say in most cases. After all some ethics, goes against the principals, values, beliefs and custom, etc. Who can blame even if only simple respect? Convicted unjustly driven leaders magic, when everyone will be forced to just go with the flow, regardless of my work in this case. What we refer to as average billion misuse of powers show, wrongdoing humanity with absolute ease of consideration involved in a ruthless manner of governing period. As the LED is a true leader by example, they can be considered as one of the worst. A fugitive who fled to return to Thailand on the other hand, there has been Thaksin and the like, self-imposed exile, which would mean a sentence of 2 years. It is comical to a billion, but instead would run in the face of a billion-dollar man as he is an intelligent man has been making billions from the control position as Prime Minister of Thailand What is the choice.

1. Kim Jong – un (Influential Leader of North Korea)

UN and every other evil leader for every Trumping a ranking number on the list - we still now to the end and leave a bright spotlight so much worse global leaders, with a stand for Kim welcome to the world leaders and the worst global applause and quite frankly looks like any other kindergarten children. The godly acclaimed by any country in the ranking leaders and that includes some of the country's people and improve their lives easily is to run provide salvation to select their president before leaving or first personal endeveours. Kim - The number of hungry citizens or slavery feel unlucky not to invest a significant amount of money in unnecessary Korea's nuclear weapons development, the UN Working themed conditions. There can be awarded as a first degree crime against the right of humanity.

Poverty and may not seem like a normal country in a presidential charge, how are the hostages made are governed by painful methods open daily to those political camps, civilians who explains that almost every basic human right is violated by the Constitution but also driven power has been excluded from the wrong God yet entitled to the bounty, and thus Kim Jong -un selfish 'leaders. But more disturbing is the use of rape, murder, torture, slavery, kidnapping innocent people falling under the other crimes to punish Kim

Still he alive today and the fact that he had an undisclosed location for a rocket launch to kill thousands may follow, it has been seen by a reliable source that the evil leader of the world What if coffee is not bad for their entertainment.