The 10 Countries with Best Police Forces in the World

The 10 Countries with Best Police Forces in the World

The duty of every Police official is to uphold the security of the nation by combating crime and to ensure that others are in compliance of rules, regulations and governmental laws.

Below is a ranking of the top 10 countries with best police forces, in relation to their performance and efforts as well as security measures and systems they have in place to effectively enforce the law. Each Police force will be ranked according to their training and performance thus far.

10. Canada

Our list of countries with the best police force takes off with Canada. Canadian police can not even other countries experience the drive may fight, but training that prepares the General Standards on them as those unforeseen circumstances an unexpected love twist 'experience in Paris Up still. The unpredictability of life, which is prepared in advance by their training college development which enables officers to undergo that prepare them for the reality competition "instead of modern and special development programs Why Canadian police have put things in motion, rose petals stories-up in force between. honest laid out trainee officers about this is in the hope of these things, having the adoption and implementation in which you can import is stuck in time creates a realistic approach when instead of doing their duties.

, Academic training, in order to undergo the Canadian police force, only when practical globally the privilege of each other best police forces police are performing their duties, even though field training with a slight twist "the training is carried out as a plus, as is the example they set or better prepare them for the future instead of the scene, on the job experience.

RCMP unusual for more than 140 years of law enforcement service is provided. A police force, has been around for almost a century and standing on a half fellow officers test of time ought to speak for themselves in terms of the amount of developed training also pass-trained police forces was the new recruits had to undergo the same speed as the world development. Due to its excellent reputation for high-flying Canada, it is believed that these came as a highly respected police force in the world. The other smaller law enforcement agencies often request the RCMP training in small departments, which shows a sense of strong leadership in his work that I want to follow others happy that the quality of these Canada has been training for law enforcement.

9. Netherlands

"Duchies pass from the left hand" was a hit song back in the 80's was not born in the Netherlands ironically. Nevertheless, at least in Dutch police police structure placed in a strategic position and is a hit in terms of units. These units consist of mainly Central Regional Police Services. These units are driven under the command of Dutch commissioner. Proper functioning and soldiers kept order from the Minister of Justice of the Netherlands, has taken the duty.

These units officers are faced with the deployment and is expected to be on standby day duties and tasks saying most of the best police forces in the world of things and is expected to do so in some of the important things the obligation to manage the normal day between Spain and with a list of several extreme cases. Some of these seeds every cop and worse, lose their lives Dutch police precisely because of having a support team such as these benefit from special now and then in the line of duty have a bad day. They are trained to handle most types of particular conditions, and the team is admirable ability to act as a united front to reach.

Dutch police have a somewhat visibility on the streets and they cover most parts of the Netherlands and gullies. Its main goal is to stop it before it happens to be on the spot and look for suspicious things. We regardless of any crime dare intensity that can consider the distinction of the best police presence on the streets as a practical example of law enforcement movement after someone and seriously patrol eyes of Dutch Masters If, as they will think twice before doing during these times to report every suspicious swagster responsibility, scanning carriage and street corner.

8. China

Top on our list of 10 countries with the best police forces, number eight in China. It is spoken around the world and quite unfortunate body was to be caught in the wrath of his own art to the continuation of these experiments suggests to disable an opponent or manipulate so - "the Chinese kung fu master" will eventually completely opposed to attacks on his main body parts to paralyze them. This is an ancient method that has been adapted in the process as well as police training in China. We can say with pleasure that is why they are highly-hand combat where hand-aspects taught in Chinese are weapons in a surprise and a dangerous situation as well as unusual ways of actions and speech

The average Chinese person for many years has been reduced error considered, provided discrimination and somewhat incompetent but they can facilitate police in China because of hard training to those who seem to be purely bear What China's police, has been the police counted among the forces live up to their uniform and especially those trained to do so as well to add to their training methods to deal with innovatively crime Is. The discipline is everything!

Right to brashness or the same amount as well as the creativity of a police officer is understood that there is, as of some of China's Police Force tactical operations of the world's best police forces and rather unique compared to and between them effectively. They are such a large amount would discipline within Chinese police officers from the young to ensure accuracy in shooting, maintain stealth skills in their hands, is a rather meaningless Rage person killed in the stand, according to the height of the efforts in which I can help them quietly advanced cases where there will be key code to end the violence, the officers extent of its severity conditions patience helps to maintain the discretion to handle. Things in China have been trained are the way to do so as they also maintained their duties by books and lodging are conducted within the law and policing system ensures.

7. Germany

For many decades now, I have the heart of German sports cars collectors and car racers. BMW franchise in the car industry is one of Germany's masterpiece creations. Thanks.

One of the best police forces in the world, Germany's BMI, however, is something completely and by another 2 federal law spans over 16 states with the enforcement of their own units the allowance control is somewhat elite trained force system of representation to fight side crime in the joint venture of a large battalion, just that it's different units, each separated in specific fields each assigned with the task force, scope and expertise. Highly trained, skilled in their respective departments and dedicated police officers, the Germans massive security ever developed and their jobs, according to while off duty and having many officers with more than 40 000 jobs makes to ensure performed by without special permission from superiors to engage in some police laws in other countries means to duty process, which was also obtained to use any official authorization that allows their police BMI legislation.

Which Germany is calm intense, Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei '(German Police University), in which you will get highly educated before the-field training on the physical all police newbies and undergo educational training is officially designated place special the university met as every other force. A knowledge adhering to each candidate the justice system and instead what they would have served as a regulatory instruction set for all new police officers to each individual to study in May want to become a police officer in Germany are people who do not need to know the greatness of BMI.

The gods of hand crafted influence Italy's mafia just like hell itself in the history books as being one of the Nazi's made Germany the property and the 'most racist movements and rebel groups worldwide a name that is known to admire carved. World War I, Adolf Hitler, becoming quickly a leader to bring about change in Germany after strengthening each weak area of ​​the World War I and the driving force in the midst of one of the world's most notorious tyrants of the position as it had been for generations.

To win the trust and influence the political influence of Germany at the time, they believe masterminded and by making what appeared to be a land of make, to get the German police under hold your order 'to his followers was. There was Hitler who was soon in which he Commanding Lucifer use it for their personal success to his advantage utmost to capture significant parts of Germany to be turned into hell, it was not long. No one saw, but it was taken by force by that stage.

6. Australia

Sydney Opera House never AFP the reputability by its own is a powerful attraction and by the strength of his power as a government structure to the rule of law Australia, such as the Tourist do not know much of this quality. AFP is often regarded as the best police forces. An infestation of swarming criminal activities on the streets, as with any country, and usually underworlds control over areas of developed countries, ruthless drugs, by corrupt businessmen etc. However, the peace and quiet a country will be news for Australia is increasing the production of illegal narcotics drugs as over the years. Popular culture and unsupervised think television influence and a powerful effect on behavioral aspects, the younger generation of people is a big factor in life, actions or things that used to make a play on his speech etiquette it is alive. Everything boils down to survival of the fittest.

This is mainly because the police set up a medium and have been trained in their respective departments to bring justice to those notorious individuals or groups. Not only can trace back to Australia if AFP is responsible for the seizure of the largest drug bust in the country's history. Headlines seized the estimated amount of over one billion Australian dollar crystal meth arrest has been blasting, media attention was a spark. I think that we think we can "beat dubbed to be the Australian Federal Police," he said after a wonderful reputation for being on top of things in terms of criminal justice services P be careful that you see every move. Only a highly trained force and arousing suspicions were later to be able to carry out the investigation of this nature without dangerous spider web. Regardless of intelligence or technology in the field of criminal justice and their development, can not be enforced by the police department or country alone.

For this reason will not be considered personal ratings and other known because of selfish reasons to get a credit police forces can be regarded as exceptional after all the other departments or countries; everyone wants to stay in power.

Not just one of the best police forces, one of the first police forces to practice, to literally and effective enforcement and peace AFP for gender equality practice. They plan to have more women in the police force in the next decade. It is expected that the oath will fill more than half the power consumed by women. We can consider it a highly effective way of fighting crime, women, mugged molested, and are more prone to being victims of other serious crimes. It helps a lot if the titles are given enforcement authority. Thus they will be trained in self-defense and also to use the justice system to help other women. Strength training and recruiting more women out of danger from street crime will be more women.

5. France

Best police in France at number five in the list of countries with troops. The Italy is known and extensive "back stage" since it hosts one of the most precious and magical cities of the world, the Paris worlds most famous structures and landmarks ground as is known, the Eiffel Tower. Very cute thing, regardless of the crime is everywhere the beauty of the country. Just recently, one of the world came to a standstill and leaving people reported more than one hundred dead in the headlines of suicide bombing run. Love became a disaster during this period. Without the help of medical and police were deployed during this time, many more lives will be lost.

France should not be a technical force intervention by the police forces, as well as the number of other forces of history's greatest bloodbath call of duty in the National Police, which France it should be seen. The police officer due to a bomb disarmed and things be responsible for setting up tearing the life of an entire city, hundreds of which is to France advance planning, it can be if not thousands, means responsible is not enough training to be the law enforcement forces in accordance with their training.

Faced with issues such destruction as an example when the National Gendarmerie Francis' ace card or force Cannonball. He dedicated military power of France and the Ministry of Defence, he urged me to do the best in their respective technical units somewhat extreme cases. Such as terrorist attacks and other conditions that France could face at any time, providing air support, tactical training teams set to move to ground support and command and up to more resistance there to smooth down land put in a position to operate. Being on the stand by them, which means that the immune system, skills and application of training resources in their country but are ready to fight Strike Command and authorized France gives the "go ahead" by the Ministry of Defence.

France municipal police forces are trained to deal with the most minor offenses traditionally: petty theft, but theft, handling of missing persons cases, car accidents, speeding fines, etc. to ensure that each team in their policing system responsible for the country's glory is withheld on a daily basis. Also mentioned police units: Gendarmerie National and Municipal Police, France's very own technical strength, which is responsible for slightly more than two units things differently. Francis's own technical strength completely differently trained work force and as a backup unit for us by request.

4. United Kingdom

To hold the conferences of the EIP (excellence in policing) and considered a valuable high ranking made by police chiefs and largest forum in cooperation with other parties in the committee created in the UK to deal with several aspects as can be understood, and to bring about new and improved progress within the police departments in the United Kingdom together. The result of the desire to achieve in terms of ensuring excellence in policing methods which can be highly beneficial. To hold conferences, all police functions as well is done by the book ensures that reached to the one to execute the functions of the overall police force deal is not sure. The order will be in place with a mutual or common way of serving the nation.

Best Police said one of the forces, the United Kingdom's National Police Force truly launched a campaign to collect the awareness to inform citizens of a country which can take for granted the most enforcements police emergency number the police have no clue of what really went out of the their expected duties. The number of the campaign, more and more people to the emergency services to be knowledge that have been made to make the safety of people in need to help when to get in touch with them. enables. Britain's National Police Force, otherwise known as one of the best police forces, it has also spread beyond the major cities and the suburbs for many parts. In this way, police protection everywhere.

UK police means police with the consent of the host nation as tailor-fit to how people exercise their duties would prefer to be flexible policing. By this we can see the dedication of his fellow countrymen are united with their police officers, along with officers. Volunteers 'special constables are regarded as'. The beautiful thing is the way that it prevents so called superiority and an officer will be the same as the reference. Senior offices trained volunteers as they go along. In most cases and trained units, police officials it is still a generalization of forms, instead of a labeled member of a highly experienced police officers from the station to the rank of senior titles, although the fight against crime let's focus.

Here in the UK, because it ruled that the work of the regulatory system as to bring every officer on the same level. Different sets down the data types that are subsidiaries of the National Police as one of the best police forces.

Is in place that can be considered as one of the neatest for in terms of quality of Britain's police recruitment system and it is to believe that a new police officer making and highly trained after the best of them all. The confiscation order is excited and enthusiastic during the training is conducted in many technical trained forces, we are aware of. Britain came fourth in our list of the best police forces, the National Police Force

3. Italy

"Bella Italia" - beautiful Italy. "Rome was not built in a day". Romantic sunsets of delicious foods, Capri, Luciano's Pavarotti and other classic legends, all kinds of richness of the golden voice of gifts around the Opera and replenish the environment and mangnifico Italia ancient history sounds mandolins Also important, Italy is home to the Italian Mafia. Sicilian Mafia was intended initially to a safety system based on traditional ways to set that as the acclaimed good causes by the Italians in dates back to the middle years of the eighteenth century some of the bad things that are necessary.

The Mafia was born in the eighteenth century and the farmers could not accept the offer because the rules of the justice system, police forces under oath that was maintained for the purpose of providing safety net. An organized crime was not a revolution once acquired, organized crime, the independently controlled and crime bosses of the highest ranking of his criminal career mafia structure which is known as "Don" respectively and up he became ordained by. Decades as passing, Italy was driven from power by the existence of a notorious and ruthless mafia bosses a global misconception that "all Italian businessmen are mafia or linked to a criminal organization" created with the has been infected.

Italian National Police, in particular the establishment and effective implementation of the first in which the police are responsible for the arrests is regarded as may be provided by trained law enforcements in a world of forces. " Italian anti-mafia "division barren mountains have been hidden in the depths of the underworld which is common knowledge out mice in general the most dangerous and violent mafia bosses officers 2. around the world, or that their power, influence

Anti -Mafia Italy a professional police force, that is intelligent and very carefully Mafia men were searched and arrests, despite the fact that each of the families belonging to officials, is safe and live in duties has conducted his Mafia soldiers still at large - has not been brought to justice with other syndicate 'Capos of the organized crime. We successfully without risking the lives of their loved ones with sheer excellence in carrying out their jobs with such piety in this particular case as it is able to pull off any section can the overall distribution of Italian police accolade process and they can really credit the only Italians to a specially trained force that their departments a special anti-Mafia Division, which reveal does.

Italian police force, often counted among the best police forces, 5-national forces and 5 police forces on an amazing amount of 300 000 police officers by the people due to the relatively high number of police officers in the EU consists. Having such a large distribution of police officers in their respective areas to ensure that it makes it more protection. One of the best police forces in the world, Italian police force was gifted by his trademark world-class brand, Lamborghini. they need to be competent enough as a jet speeds on the road. Only two vehicles were lucky enough to have two drivers who run it, high-speed car chases and allowed to run off in terms of a competitive advantage given intensive training before being given the means in which case the police of Italy run to catch a Mafia don.

2. United States of America

Top on our list of 10 countries with the highest number of police forces in the United States. All over the world, Americanos and most popular American culture and the most imitated and loved all over the world. Some can not escape the legacy of US music legends are: James can be a thousand pages Brown, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and this list. Launched Hollywood popular film and television entertainment places in the US and worldwide success, reaching magnitudes of globalization is over. It's not many countries it is strikingly clear that the United States can achieve a level of success in terms of what it can offer as a country.

US police have been known for their cruelty to force, the best by the police by way between the forces Besides, he no doubt the highest backup and countless amount of rescue media as one of the training in the world as well as modern missionary based systems across the country. They are unbeaten in terms of their style of police like it's about. FBI all over the world (FBI), heard SWAT teams (Special Weapons and Tactics), CIA (CIA), the United States military and, last but not least most men underestimated 'blue', APF (American police force).

Only covers you in the United States and with the United States of approximately 323 million for some years has been put to operation bending Training hell the world's most highly trained teams most elite will find one of the divisions of the population is weak hearts from day to day recruitment to defend an entire nation, a warrior, a man regardless of a ranking that those who apply are admitted virility and generation by ultra hardcore training that enhances bravado.

In the United States you will find the fire of an ancient warrior behind the threats or faced with something of this nature when uniform serving American heroes such as Counter-Strike States, an achievement that you there hire trained there may be certain drugs with a latte to increase their attention spans of sophistication and ever ready for action. United States Several police departments in the United States, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) and NYPD (New York Police Local and standard power is to save the department) has been can be referred to as everyday Americans that crimes citizens committers or victims. People usually push push and it is that they are made from the original on the contrary is actually the meat and bean burrito junkies sipping just donut eating enough upside boys in their local blue Understanding locked to a specific location to capture a certain speed when the accused is called on the radio to the police.

US police departments are not notoriously known for their brutal acts of violence without any concerns of a brash nature of these methods. The police forces or special forces fighting style adapting it, crime prevention and law enforcement for their success rate is a copy of a degree is not required soldier, LAPD and NYPD bow to I'll be sure rules and throw their ratings jurisdiction innovatively about their side to solve the case and the 50s on it was kicking and still hard way.

When things get rough, and it gets hard, when even the best of America's toughest and most skilled'll get. No wonder the United States, local police departments spades cards all these King of Swat or the FBI's help in calling crime when it gets too hot for versatility faced with appropriate circumstances when things shovel play out that is for their handling. This benefit can not take out criminals or terrorists and police groups that if then they would call in America a "wrecking ball" to wipe them and it means revealing Navy Seal teams or intervention you'll understand when means having the military in the United States. Navy Seal team trained for anti-terrorism, special operations, quality and the highest performance at the Bin Laden has been flying the flag of their training. No other force has successfully been able to stop him. Just say a boy can grow in poor president.

1. Japan

At number one on our list of the best police forces Japanese National Police. For granted by the world practiced martial arts for centuries and Asian countries is taken normally, yet talented and expertise with a failed realization of that hangs on for centuries and have been passed on and taught of the trademark as a life skills from generation to generation. Known as the most common in Asian countries and in which they are recognized for their distress or to say discipline in almost everything.

It is uncommon knowledge that Japanese children are of age and authority needed to take on any security work when it adds a bonus in performance in almost everything from elderly I have not trained. We are trained in the same way as Japan and the United States military police. Both are among the best police forces. Back effect for Japan 60s of the things politicians were not justified stages depending on when you can be sure that the retired police officers have been trained in the military, a lot of leaders the highest training institute hard and harsh manner that if the police officers had the training for the younger generation and, in perhaps the same way all of them where discipline and honor capacity how they in the line of duties ensures alignment of conduct of their work will have been trained principals, their first assignment.

Training structure has the overall Japanese police force can be regarded as one of you the most intense, versatile, flexible, and virtually every known aspect for enforcing prevention or law offenses cover. But the average Joe would ask myself, "Japanese National Police, highly trained police forces in the world, how?"

Japan's National Police, policemen and women, which he had been trained in his department are responsible for handling each case are given the same training as in the respective divisions. Massive and paperwork safe handling emergency calls, a general affairs division, police training, management training, which deals with the accounting for recruiting and student affairs, etc. Category: There is strategic distribution

To ensure normal safety precautions responsible for making General Security Police Training Division, Public, Community Police Training Division, most of them who need the support of people, Criminal Investigation Training Division so well scrutinized in almost every have been adhered to with regard to which type of case you were caught in the amount of evidence the punishment will gather well before the continuous capture, the training division of organized crime on the distribution of certain investigation cases I can imagine that an offender will be dammed it mafia notorious Asian Mafia criminal organization, or merciless trained officers for a job that requires a group of fearless set in Japan can consider a career as a police officer ", as known to the world by their deadly yakuza fame", the opportunity to start ending before, if not your life It was the end.

Police Training Division of the road, one of the biggest issues to anger the higher rate means alone in Japan more than one of their population of 100 million people out of Asia and the Americas traffic from any other country police can get, accidents, congestion and Japan train pileup of cars that are collateral to cope with the traffic division. Security Police Division of the most hostile conditions, the Bank will deal with robberies and even in the process of people lose their lives as the primary enforcer of the law, instructor training division Force and respected institution it is, and has been the result of not forgetting the physical problem that is most important as Japan strategy trained officers stand on their feet in the training division order, and physically strong and doctor, lawyer, police, as an accountant and went through almost every law authorized officers of the rank high profile members of society and leave valuable education teachers or lecturers.

There is a specific research and training center of the world knows, stump down the majority of the growth in technology that they make sense out of Asian companies, manufacturing companies, money laundering and fraud cases etc. conducting investigations of financial crimes sales due to higher labor and employment opportunities. The technology product on the market as every new thing that comes out is shipped globally.

10 Countries with Best Police Forces

  1. Japan
  2. USA
  3. Italy
  4. United Kingdom
  5. France
  6. Australia
  7. Germany
  8. China
  9. Netherlands
  10. Canada