The 10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

The 10 Geeky Things That Are Now Cool

Over the last decade or more, it seems that man has become the cool way.

Geeks habits and behaviors have become coveted for so long are involved in that are not paid back the money, but expect 'cool kids everywhere.

1. Running a Website

Not many really know HTML and CSS in a decade or so back, and more importantly, no one really cares. Today, you are considered better than the tech-savvy and know how to make a beer order in Spanish to attach, and are learning both the coding languages ​​that displays your site with www. Software, like the easy website builder is that you do not know now the losers are those who will have one of the jQuery is, it makes it easy for you to build your own website Is.

2. Blog

In a vein similar to the above, the blogging used to be the heartsick techies. Today, if you have not blogged about his recent visit to Rome, and then it might not ever be with.

3. Comic Book Heroes

These types of readers as well as those who want to throw away their glasses and dive in the national adulation are appealing for Peter Parker and Clark Kent strange Goobers. Batman, Iron Man, Deadpool, and can be made for a cold demographic, but that no one is ashamed to be excited about the Marvel or DC extravaganza.

4. Star Trek

Indeed, that Star Trek 'trekkie' is a synonym for "stupid" to use a favorite with such geeks. However, JJ Abrams' hot 2009 remake made sure lamest children in the playground between Kirk and Spock do not beef.

5. Quantum Physics

Richard Branson to HG space travel tricks Wales circle, the understanding of quantum physics stuff and Fermi Paradox about the differences (and seriously, Fermi paradox as something to brag is the best thing on the list ). You do not take notes, read about it and doubt in your mind.

6. Staying In

There are one or two packs of cigarettes and a few lights hanging out in a park to drink beer in the heat and cool kids improve their World of Warcraft character's house. Indeed, until the end of the week to spend in video games is no longer incredibly Uncool.

7. Awkwardness

Chandler Bing, Seth Cohen, all of them in The Big Bang Theory ... loveable loser on the flyest guy in the bar. Big bow tie and cringy flirting, the better.

9. Muddled Fashion

To Johnny Depp Meryl Streep, are fully bring the rims thick Millhouse esque.

9. Muddled Fashion

Of hipsters can now be wearing leggings and large Wooly jumpers of his father and his sister, but are such wonderful things for years of nerds.

10. Abstinence

Someone saw a look of it. It seems that not having sex is no Uncool. The way to avoid unemployment in the United States and Europe. The meaning of green tea and Tupperware parties for the drugs and drinking, are very popular!