The 10 Heartbreaking Tales of Animal Cruelty

The 10 Heartbreaking Tales of Animal Cruelty

At some point in life, we probably owned a pet. Whether a cat, dog or not, friendly- crocodile. We meet our feline friends play around and loves to usually convenient. Therefore, it is gratified that the animals 'masters' of millions of dollars received in inheritance comes as no surprise.

Away from the legendary friendship, history has had its fair share of charlatans aimed pogroms of terrorism on these hapless creatures have to take ordinary. Whether idiocy, negligence or as an indicator of this rule, these animals share the same experience the dark side of fate_they psychopaths. Although some escaped with their lives, others never made it out alive.

(Please note that some readers may disturb the contents of this list.)

10. Raju; the grateful jumbo

4th July 2014, accompanied by armed officers from the base of weapons pounced on an Indian province of Uttar Pradesh at the wee hours of the historical operation of a team of wildlife experts from wildlife charity based in London. It is not tracking an elusive beast nor a stolen trophy was not rigorous process. This writer is a prisoner of 3,356 kgs (7,400 lbs) was an epic struggle elephant boat.

Raju, had a rough start in life as it was known fondly. Has been suffering from a young carefree jumbo as wild, he was sold to different owners but life quickly changed it to prop up a beggar who the worst since the sale of Indian moguls took a turn. Unlike other circus elephant, he was chained up 24 hours only time a day, 7 days a week for 50 years black! They are always hungry behemoths, food matter of life or death. However, Raju was forced to feed on plastics and papers for the increase were getting a raw deal and twigs of their meager rations of water and 5 liters. For comparison, the average adult Asian elephant weighs use their size is approximately 11,000-12,000 pounds of 170kg (375 pounds 90L (23gal) plants and water) depending on the environment. As a result, developed chronic injuries and arthritis deteriorates and legs chained during his health steadily over the years.

After a tipoff from the UPD, SOS swung into action and filed a lawsuit for Raju freedom. He won. After surveying the secret Katrick Satyarayan, his whereabouts, group, SOS rapidly manager, Sir, moved in spite of opposition, and the faint Jumbo loaded into waiting trucks. To their amazement, Raju wept in relief after suffering ended in the sense of the end of decades.

See their 'investment' to their property ', but in their defense, SOS' argued 'case demands drain,' I'm not ready to go down the Indian elephant ... can not someone's property law [sIC] are owned by the government, as the chief proof of ownership, a licensed wildlife warden. 50 '' master '' may not produce the desired results, then, issued a statement, later ruled in favor of the SOS who 'was Raju finally truly free and no chance he shackles years means it is not bound will come back. 4th July 2015, he celebrated his first birthday.

9. Sipho and the unfortunate Goat

Folly of ignorance distinguishing the two can be a daunting task for educated and uneducated eye. This example is an elite brotherhood and mediocres share tables. However, when we love jokes and someone pulled a trick on a friend at some point, it's a matter of life and death, residents have been the scene must be taken into consideration or easily, opera altogether. Surprisingly, some people had failed and Sipho's Makamu such a man in the memo.

September 2014, the Sipho Makamu stumbled across a goat in his property. No bloating around preparing the guest without happy with Loitering in this house, he cornered and was the first cool proceed, the Storm to the full, and unsuspecting cat in a appears leafy food and things went bananas. Sipho a chase and caught up with the intruder before switching Vegetarian martial mood. What happened with the guard then will be a series of events that have landed a date.

The sandwiched, they slap and a series of blows to the neck, face, wind 'nether regions' goat belly and between the legs Sipho. Egged on by their friends, apparently amused by the drama unfolding, Sipho he continued as Volkswagen interloper whacking gasped for breath. Shocking as the video was, he died of his wounds. Instant video was uploaded to YouTube, Sipho enough public outrage, the criticism and found himself on the receiving believe that the police came knocking. Colonel Leonard, provincial police spokesman issued a statement would likely '' 'Makamu arrest and other members of his unconscious learning community from the consequences of conduct after capture. Then he was fined the equivalent of the current rate of R 6,000, $ 517.

8. Quattro and the Elementary Kids incident

When bored children are a mischievous lot. Than they often use unconventional means to circumnavigate the boredom and sometimes life is not all contracting authorities are not happy when you go to this particular project.

This scenario was three Primary boys ages 6, 9, and 10 after crossing the 7th May 2014 with a stray cat found them. Children out for a quick adventure surrounded stray feline. Are isolated from an escape route Pussy three Army found itself in a tight corner with the advancing battalion equipped with the weapons. Which was quickly broken stones and sticks. Rocks, sticks and flying kicks up ruthless hail, endured a harrowing experience of unparalleled brutality Quattro. The survival seemed all hope was slim with just the luck. Turbulent draw, came to have a look at the two boys passed, and the surprise of horror. Thanks to their intervention, Quattro, mortally wounded, but escaped with his life. However, his condition deteriorated and before long, a sympathetic teacher learned of the incident and concerned by the fragile state Quattro. I took it, he Quattro Life Cat Rescue Center, checked in New Jersey. He was diagnosed with a broken leg, a fractured skull and lost an eye. Despite spending $ 1000 for the treatment and surgery, he died eight days later. As for children, they were suspended from school for five days and received two years of therapy.

7. Liam Dowling, Dublin

Suffer from mental pulling sledges, dogs have been on the front of exemplary services. In the face of enemies thanks to their super-human courage and the ability to hold their ground, have changed the course of history and saved countless lives. In police circles, he has been at the forefront of spine tingling operations and cartels, they are bad news. It is safe to assume that they are not human beings' most revered friend and sink plus a Liam Dowling of the monarchy until it is safe ...

Dowling, was a drug addict and a former prisoner of the first four and a half year term of service on a drug-related offense. Once released, he was forced to rely on antidepressants and Mali, things were not on track. To overthrow their problems, in their pet's health bill incision and the ball went fast. Frustration set in and things took a turn for the worst. 19th August 2014, for a walk, but the weak Liam Clonliffe College Meet with a sinister intentions. Half way through the crowded park, they went berserk. Using dogs' lead, he picked him up and walking across the lawn in front of horrified parents and children repeatedly smashed it on the ground. After emerging from the bushes with a dog he had a curious onlooker, reportedly escaped dog broke free of lead was confronted by the said. The trick failed, and the animal is exposed to the Dublin Society for the Prevention of police violence (DSPCA). Without much ado, he insisted I was not pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court but did something wrong. He received 200 hours of community service.

In the interview with the Sunday World Magazine, he admitted he did not remember anything as he was '' love ''.

6. Basel and the unsuspecting Cockerel

Magic society, a difficult to live witches and rife with magical stories. To each other from the neighbors suspicious, keep an eye on their backs, men and women never lose track of those children with their families. They limp Granny is not good, nor is it a wise idea to talk with the old man asking for help. On the basis of mere suspicion, unwary men and women found themselves in front of judges, which meant certain death, accused of witchcraft. Given what was tortured into submission from the people fought back against cruelty and execution. So how does the animal cruelty? Well, a cock found himself in the docks after laying an egg.

As ridiculous this sounds, we know the chicken lay an egg or two, but the Swiss city of Basel a different light, courtesy of illiteracy. The year of the infamous 1474 incident, gradually, will take its place in the history books as Nature 'trial. It all began when a farmer stumbled on an egg in the chicken coop. As a keen farmer, he caught sight there have been no signs of any of these chickens. Related Searches, he paid attention and after several months, nothing has changed. To his horror, open another egg. Destiny as it was, ran out of luck and rooster was finally caught pants down. After the discovery, superstitious farmer alerted the neighbors and before long, the city to a standstill. Mad community was immediately broken and hurtled him into court. In the jam-packed room, the prosecutor also argued their case in front of an audience so crazy. No need to say, cocktail lost the case and sentenced to death. Hapless fowl were quickly dragged out of the room and down the city on the site of execution. Before a crowd of hundreds, was burned at the stake along with the contract and eggs.

5. The hungry thugs and the Camels’ left leg

We love breakfast and they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. While we appreciate a hearty meal, do some vagabonds and so wonderful, and I know very well in Saudi Arabia. Despite being one of the most pressing nations where regulations are followed to the letter, they either class citizens are not bold-typed quickly. This scenario they had decided to have a quick meal after a band found themselves in 2010 rascally swindlers. Generally be left as a thug, Modular car scene and little to no time to cook, says criminals are not an exception, the special taste; leg of a camel. After chasing a camel, a night with the villain blows from iron bars descended on him and fell unconscious. Using the knife, he cut off his left leg and left bleeding on the ground helpless behemoth. With the return of their stolen possessions in tow, she left for a nearby house which was roasted and eaten leg. However, proved to be a huge pain in the bones, apparently hiding his head and put it on the form. They were wrong. One by one, they were removed by police and incriminating evidence against them.

4. Staffie Mix, the Muzzled Dog

In 2014, Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood stray dog ​​in a known missing. As he was known to appear unexpectedly after blocks round round it was not funny. However, they look all day, when we have a little different. Instead of cleaning for the food basket, they help with electrical tape with a small section of the tongue gripped by threatening teeth ... her mouth was sealed closed. After being found, the Charleston Animal Society for Aid to cut the tape where the beast unconscious, was taken to South Carolina. Due to the severity of the injury in the language, the fear of vets, they will lose a portion of his tongue.

As usual, the police were notified and an investigation began in earnest. A career criminal and former prisoner Dog William Leonard Dodson, claim to sell $ 20 which was traced to an unknown woman. In the affidavit, Leonard said before, she raised her barking voice was tired, as the previous owner of the tape. He was released on $ 50,000 bond.

3. Candace Patricia Hauser

You've heard about all charlatans. Eyes trained hard, study team laymen with unrealistic education and experience in the field of the class understood, highly specialized tight-lipped. On this list, there is a Candace Patricia Hauser, fits the description as a 31-year-old from Florida.

The dawning hours of 4th March 2014, Brenda Hines of Mastiff dog, Nadia, went into labor. Caught in a tight spot, he chose to seek help from those who claimed that the long-time ally, Candace ago in the office of a medical examiner. Candice was happy to help.

With zero hour as a doctor, he pulled out his tool of trade. A steak knife up and down, to work by 'manual' pulling out the trapped puppies'. However, two of the very last trouble. After failing to find them, they opted for a gruesome way that landed him behind bars. The kitchen knife and using no anesthesia, he cut open his stomach and puppies out. The winner of this success, he glued back 'rough' cut using household glue and called it a day.

Relieved, drove Brenda back home, but as usual, Nadia, her condition steadily worsened. Terrified, they drove to a nearby veterinary health care colleagues, was a few miles away but died Mastiff. A few days later, Candace, 2000 was arrested and fined $.

2. The Yellowstone Grizzly Bear

By interspecies Combat, we imagine we are the supreme good. Well, we came armed with guns, but when things spiral out of control, roll each type of machine and the game changes on a whole new level.
However natures' regional environment, things are very different.

Man literally against a powerful predator is unfortunate specie with no natural way to counter-attack. Rabbits, deer and zebra are equipped with high-speed, large jaws with brutal crushing strength crocodiles, leopard, lion and grizzly bear most probably will leave a dirty meat a pit. Although it is rare human natures' killer is always a viable option as crossing paths with machines but intellectual specie revenge. The perfect scenario Yellowstone National Park authorities have found themselves in the body of 63-year-old Lance Crosby partially consumed was discovered in a bush after August 7th, 2015.

Lance, was a Medcor medical company worker and experienced hiker elephant disappear back loop of advance to find gruesome trail. The investigation found that he had been attacked by a female bear as little claws probably be when displayed on the site. Although grizzlies are normally peaceful animals, when an intruder in a deadly battle within a matter of seconds and lock the great fighters of the corner or turn with the Cubs. This' nature 'tour de force' as they are transmitted over the razor-sharp claws with over 35 miles mph speed (long 6 cm on some meters), nefarious teeth, deep equipped with eyesight, sense of smell terrible and powerful muscles that perfect killer will not stand a chance in the flat farm field of human natural fighting machines.

Immediately after finding gory, traps were placed and caught unsuspecting bear with her two cubs. The case took a turn for the worst when Yellowstone decided to euthanize. Immediately, his claim was Lance's fault lines were jammed by angry protesters killed ignored the rules of the park and went. Orphans were taken in a zoo later.

1. William Wiliford

William Wiliford name is synonymous with rape, murder, death and horror. , Known for their sheer cruelty of killing animals strangled and died of hunger, he made the list as one of the most brutal secure their place.

In his heydays, William Good Samaritan passed on Craigslist desperately prowling animal owners. The identity of the victim will be started correspondence with the intention of pet bagging. Once kicked in, animals, tortured and will be hungry. Dogs was held in freezing attic, were stashed in rabbit box and suspended from the walls with light water or food. The wire cage with an empty animal bones and skulls.

Working on a tip from a friend, police raided his home and find the murderer. The home blood spatters, was a scene straight from the horror movie with the debris and bodies. Shortly after being arrested, has admitted his girlfriend was raped by William and before long, appear already charges a wedding.

+ Awali Muganza

List of miserable nature, I saw fit to please your readers, I thought it wise to add Awali Muganza. Awali, a Uganda citizen knows well how clever man, especially when the phone is difficult. As a farmer, he, along with the sale of cereals held several herds of cattle and sheep. It is therefore not surprising that he was very good in a poor town. September 20, 2000 the wee hours, they constantly bleating goat was awoken from his voice. Thinking he was attacked by an ordinary but rare cases of black ants, he stepped out to see them. He was wrong. He immediately saw masked men walked pen squeezing the testicles cat mask. In the rush, but unfortunately he dashes back home who, she reached down and beaten, gagged and was ordered to hand the previous day paycheck.

During the investigation, the constant attention of thugs break into his house Awali emerged was pressed against testicular rather than attract. It worked.

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