The 10 Interesting Things Science Says About Love and Attraction

The 10 Interesting Things Science Says About Love and Attraction

Throughout history attraction between two human beings has shaped our societies. Attraction plays a very vital role in our choice of who we eventually end up with.

Below you’ll find some interesting facts about this often mysterious process that sometimes confuses even the best of us. Check out the 10 interesting things science says about love and attraction:

10. Can a woman and a man be ‘just friends?’

We can have the possibility to maybe one time or another wondered at a man and more intense emotions which a woman can not be answered by a friend truly one party to the other party so.

Well, this question was pondered by researchers a decade ago which them to research and they eventually found some differences between what men and women expect from each other. One was that men were more likely to have a greater physical/sexual attraction to opposite sex compared to women, who often tend to prefer non sexual friendships. Both sexes however face some similar situations when it comes to striking a relationship like – confusion over the status of the relationship, cruel behaviors, jealousy and love not being reciprocated by the other party.

9. Dominance and attraction

These days a lot of women like to say they prefer the ‘nice guy’, you know the one that watches a romantic movie with them and is not afraid to cry with them too. And they profess a lot of disdain for the ‘jerk’; you know the type of guys who are most likely to dominate everybody around them, from their buddies to the women in their lives.

With this advantage here while this may seem like nice people. Dominance, and a study by the increased attention in the dominant heterosexual behavior that men were engaging concluded. Interestingly, the study is that the less dominant male is a little attention, the dominant women revealed not been found to be less attractive. It seems the old adage that good guys always finish last is probably true when it comes to sexuality.

8. Attractive women are more popular

We want to ensure that a woman's popularity is based more on his intelligence or other appeals social feature, but that a study carried out on five college women, highly attractive women and the women classified into two groups were those who reported lower attention could be wrong.

Studies are the most popular overall women less attention than the high rate of women, the age of the College concluded. High attention of women were approached more frequently by both sexes than their less attractive counterparts and that's not enough, highly attractive women reflects greater popularity contacted by members of both sexes has been.

7. Facial hair and attraction

“A man without a beard is like bread without crust” goes the Lithuanian proverb’. When we see a man with a heavy beard some people may cringe at the sight of it, while others may find it a bit sexy and with the multitudes of celebrities opting to grow a beard these days it is no wonder that having a beard seems attractive lately. A study on the role of facial hair in women’s perceptions of men’s attractiveness found that women found faces with heavy stubble massively attractive compared to light stubble and clean shaven faces.

Research shows facial hair growth and results suggest that the average level of beardedness most attractive. It is suggested to increase the potency rate as concluded. There is no doubt that the results will come as good news for men who love their beards.

6. Universal standard on who is and isn’t attractive

There’s an old saying that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. For some of us it serves as a quick explanation why a good looking person is dating or married to a rather plain person. But it seems that this old saying may be a little bit wrong since a study on attractiveness noted that there seems to be a universal standard on who is and isn’t attractive.

Scott white and black students in South Africa and an important agreement between the two groups experience, cross-cultural agreement in the focus of their research results, researchers observer. Interestingly, the study found a strong deal perhaps because they are familiar with, the two groups was not much attention to the priorities of European facial features Scott's face between the two groups in the African faces.

5. Men with facial scars are more attractive

When it comes to facial scars, many people may assume that a slight disfigurement on your face hampers all your chances of being seen as attractive by women and men. However, that assumption may be wrong according to researchers at the University of London.

Scientists at Liverpool and Sterling University found that Western women find facial scars on men attractive and may take them as a sign of health and bravery. It was also found that women favored men with facial scars for short-term relationships because scars were also a sign of masculinity, a trait that is associated with high testosterone.

4. Men find women with tattoos more approachable

Tattoos have been around for a long time, the sign of a tattoo symbol of spirituality or a coup for the opinion of others, the art form. Whatever tattoos are one of the individual views can not deny their owners stand out from the crowd.

Huffington Post, according to an article published dead a female charm and first date and whether or not the woman on a study on the relationship between how it was a tattooed sex with a desire to have this study men I found that women with tattoos were more likely to go out with them than women without a tattoo.

3. Pick up artist techniques can increase chances of success

Some people most of us, while you can find a relaxed entertaining artists, all designed to get them to sleep with their clothing and their endless picking routines, more and more women these a lost collection. However, claims an evolutionary magazine increases their chances of success of the pick up artist techniques, according to an article published in.

The article Many studies support the claims made by the artists. Artists love to take three steps can relax and trust, and greed construction, attention. They are found to be a significant and increasing support from the psychology literature-based physical, social and evolutionary psychology research. Perhaps the artists after all, they probably lost light years ahead of the pack.

2. Voice pitch serves as sexual signal

Ever wondered why sometimes the pitch of your voice changes a little when you are talking to someone you find attractive? An article that appeared on Psychology Today stated that women may change their voice pitch to be higher when addressing a man they are attract to.

The article cites a paper published by researchers investigating changes in woman’s voice pitch when talking to a man they like, trying to leave an invisible voice message. The researchers found support for the hypothesis that women increase their voice pitch when talking to a man they deem attractive by using an acoustic tool to analyze the variations in voice pitch. They concluded that a women’s voice pitch varies depending on whether she finds the man she is talking to attractive or not.

1. Attraction for gays and straights work differently

When it comes to sexuality, gay and straight men seem worlds apart, with little hope of any chance to find middle ground. However, are wired to face with the most sexually dimorphic features in a study by a Harvard University researcher sexual orientation, men's minds.

The founder of gay men while directly display the man was attracted more to women more feminine face of the counterparts, found highly masculine faces to be more attractive than feminine male faces were . Interestingly, the researchers found that male homosexual men heterosexual women also face an average attraction, which were not of the same gravity as the faces may come as a shock to all biased.