The 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters

The 10 Most Appealing Female Game Characters

Do not be fooled by their good looks are not some real clout for women. They all at once, beautiful, intelligent and strong. We are their ratings on the basis of their physical attraction and appeal as a whole.

Some of their physical proportions are probably a fictional small but what do you expect? The only video game characters.

10 Most Attractive Female Game Characters

10. Kitana (Mortal Kombat Series)

Since the introduction in II death. She quickly became a complex personality and good looks, it is also the leading lady count games Mortal Kombat franchise sex symbol as one of the characters. Princess Kitana 10,000 years old but still looks beautiful and young at her best.

9. Anna Williams (Tekken series)

The sexy, sultry stuffed and curvy, wearing only her good looks to scale the stylish outfits. hapdiko uses the fighting style and can bring any opponent on the knee. He is a man of evil and sexy women. The killer strikes at the enemy think you can cover it in fear of his bad side.

8. Nina Williams (Tekken series)

She looks and moves by both blonde and voluptuous yet powerful and deadly. She is my sister Anna, brunette and always try to be sexy but Nina who is no chance that the opposite is gifted with. He is the best example of warm and cool at the same time.

7. Chun li (Street fighter series)

This iconic Chinese girl in blue dress literally became the symbol of the fighting game genre and one of the first female character in games all together. Her leggings can hide the power and the size of her muscular legs which moves with the lightening speed to attack anyone who gets in her way.

He does not reveal too much skin, but he could earn his spot for more style than substance.

6. Kasumi (Dead or alive series)

Not only did we record a killer body, but its high kicks and taking the poster girl for the deadly attacks leave begging for mercy. In addition to fighting the 17-year-old blonde has never been graced with the gift as one of the best digital bodies.

5. Morrigon Aensland (Darkstalkers series)

Morrigon franchise famous character is the kind of girl that you could learn to love a few imperfections like a set of beautiful feathers. It is named after a goddess and a look that is easy to understand. It is a technique to magic and the reshaping of its winged arms and shields.

4. Ivy Valentine (Soul caliber series)

The character was born to an undead pirate assuring her bad girl statics for life. Her curvy figure, whip sword and minimalist attire are leave little to imagination and have drawn a mixture of desire and fear in the hearts of fans for years. It’s hard to tell what’s more devastating her fighting abilities or her looks.

If you are not changed substantially from its appearance, you should definitely get this skill with a whip.

3. Bayonetta (Bayonetta series)

We usually think of as old and ugly witches but that is not the case with this character. Trash skin tight leather suit, high heels and sexy glass to overheat witch that most of us know.

He does not just stand around and look, she uses magic and guns to fight the enemy that gets in his way. In fact the giant in her hair, her clothes, we can refer to are not fun.

That makes it more attractive as an action role-playing game that is longer than average arms and legs.

2. Tifa Lockhart (Final fantasy series)

Count her perfect figure, in fact, he owns one and has a total scumbag who excels at hand to hand combat. Man as he is kind of a tough fighter.

The long hair style garments resemble a dolphin's tail tip and described as simple and monotonous.

She is a strong, independent and beat a true example and role of women in the course of a game attractive.

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Rider series)

Sometimes his British accent and skill with weapons has been the driving us crazy after the first game. Lara's default clothing usually contains usually a bag with a tank top, shorts, combat boots and blue and gray.

Although the embodiment of each of Lara, is a unique attribute for each of the original story. While others are quite subtle are some very clear to them.