The 10 Most Bizarre Taboo Rituals of Africa

The 10 Most Bizarre Taboo Rituals of Africa

While some rituals can involve something as simple as a silent, individual prayer, others—especially those involving a larger group—can be extremely painful and violent. Rituals are an integral part of the African culture.

They signify different aspects of life within the continent like achieving a new status on the social ladder or coming of age etc. Here are some of the most bizarre taboo rituals of Africa.

10. Maasai Moran

A Maasai community in Kenya. Within the community, in order for it to be recognized and respected, is required to achieve the status of a Moran. To achieve this prestigious status, go out in the woods alone and young and need to hunt a tiger by the self. He is not allowed to use a gun or any other weapon of choice. Only one thing, they can spare. 'Is'

9. Wife Inheritance

Wife inheritance is still practiced in many communities to ban one of the most bizarre rituals of Africa. Brother of a person who has recently died can inherit her dead brother's wife. This is done to make sure the tight shackles of the clan. Is not that a very strong reason for the spread of AIDS in practice is very unfortunate. It is also contrary to basic human rights.

8. Sooth Saying-Puff Adder in mouth

There is a traditional treatment in Zulu communities in Africa. He said Sangoma is known as a '. He uses his puff adder in order to predict the future. They will use the same tool for healing the locals. Sangoma gives the Puff Adder near the mouth of the sick person. A serpent can wonder what would happen if suddenly changes his mind.

7. Blood-Water Beverage

Samburu and Maasai communities are regarded as the most hospitable in Tanzania and Kenya. They would always welcome a visitor. These communities usually make their guests were treated with meat. However, there may be an even, at times, mixed with milk or fresh blood kept oozing from a living animal.

6. African Bull Fighting

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Mexico and Spain. Many communities who follow the truth is, the game was invented in Africa. In Africa, theWest contrast, there are no security offered to bullfighters. This has resulted in injuries and even deaths of several players in this game. Game is very popular among the Luhya tribe of Kenya.

5. Ritual Killing

Ritual killings are an integral part of African culture. It is generally considered to be a king or a leader's orders. The practice is still being followed in many communities in Africa. Target is usually an individual or tribe. Which is known as a die for the purpose of obtaining locally 'zeruzeru,' arrest and material wealth Take the example of Albinos, where Tanzania.

4. Traditional Healing

In many cultures of Africa, medicine men and healers hold a very special place. Ask people for the medical advice and their alleged respect for the Divine will. But they are great to catch people dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, churches and prefer them over. When a person is on their trip, they will bring a snake eggs or crocodile eggs in some cases, claws, teeth or forbidden or dangerous animals, he said.

3. Ritual Sex Practices

Known as one of the largest ethnic Baganda tribe in Uganda. They have many rituals that are very famous, which is. One of these practices is particularly dangerous. To mark a person's entry into the Community adulthood would be involved in rituals and dances. Young men can have sex with many girls. This is also a reason for the wider spread of AIDS in the region.

2. Male Circumcision with Knife

Circumcision is a process that is going on in Africa and many other places in the world. The ceremony is carried out to indicate a child's maturity. Young male is usually circumcised with a knife. No anesthetics are used during the process. Nine people uncircumcised person shall be required to spend time in the woods is a brave man show.

1. Female Genital Mutilation

Female genital mutilation in Africa's most bizarre rituals prohibited list. In some parts of Africa, women are circumcised. This is a very painful process than circumcision. The practice is banned in many parts of Africa.