The 10 Things That You Should Know About ISIS

The 10 Things That You Should Know About ISIS

ISIS? Oops ... it is a taboo. Is just like the name, it was mentioned by a person, a citizen or a person who otherwise appear normal alarm bell will ring. You'll hear sirens a few minutes away from the patrol car of the police and they will begin to move away from you.

That is why even ISIS of "terrorism" a thousand miles. It comes in the name of fear, despite the fact that there are certain things that you should know about Isis.

10. ISIS is an acronym

it's fine. Just like the United States that stand for America and the World Health Organization ISIS respectively- is nothing short of an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria. It is also known as the Islamic State and the short ISIL Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

9. ISIS Aim

ISIS aims to create an Islamic caliphate in Syria and beyond. Short of things to want to restore the region to its position with respect to politics and society.

8. It is deadly

ISIS in 21 different states in the world have killed more than 1,400 people. This global Yes, as much as it is our terrifies, ISIS has implemented 90 attacks in different parts of the world.

7. Revenue

ISIS Where does the money it needs to run all over combat operations? However, several issues like arms deals and oil deals with the United States with Turkey appeared every few weeks, but on record, ISIS, oil, crop control, extortion, kidnapping, money by smuggling the stolen is selling antiques. (Ask not what the "it buys" for oil and stolen artefacts)

6. Recruitment

ISIS may not be hiring through LinkedIn for the moment but its mainstream media presence has caused a lot of people to travel from all over the world in order to join the cause. Almost 600 people from the UK and nearly 400 from US and Canada combined have joined hands with ISIS.
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5. ISIS destroys history “and” makes money through it

While ISIS has been destroying idols for the reason that it is sinful in Islam, it does not mind making money through selling these idols that it confiscates from museums in the country.

4. Slaves

This is scary and horrible. ISIS is slaves, mostly women and children. The right way to think of the prophetic light. Little did they know that the Prophet Muhammad himself as a slave while he lived.

3. ISIS is self sustaining

Unlike the rebels driven foreign money, ISIS, is that it raises money for maintaining herself controls the largest oil reserves in the area and has been the fight against it the electricity is sold, then the government has a "payable" it probably would have "iSIS" writes the paper support.

2. ISIS is educated

Unlike many jihadi groups out of schools (places where they try to get religious education), ISIS fighters do not draw a normal school. Those who join the East Asia ISIS has traveled to different parts of the US, Sanada and Europe. Well-educated engineers, doctors, accountants, among them software savvys and the like.

Fear is power and exudes these men may be a reason to shake hands with Isis. Prisoners, traitors and enemies of their social media presence of the head of ISIS powerful that many people believe.

1. The fighters are salaried

This means that even surprised me because in essence they are not fighters, they are terrorists. Regular military pay scale is higher than for any other rebel group, crying out loud!

ISIS Qaeda in Iraq, and it was broken off as a separate group led by al-Baghdadi, where it is.

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