The 10 Ways to Fall in Love with Amsterdam on a Budget

The 10 Ways to Fall in Love with Amsterdam on a Budget

Can be a very expensive city to visit Amsterdam. With its rich culture, endless museums and high-end restaurants, it may seem impossible to immerse yourself in Dutch culture without spending money.

But to really know Amsterdam and to fall in love with it, you do not need to waste a lot of money. To fall in love with Amsterdam on a budget have a look at the top 10 ways.

10. Rent a bike and get to know the city like a local

Cycling is the best way to really get to know the city of Amsterdam. Since Amsterdam is not very big, you really need a bike anywhere you want to be the only means of transportation. Cycling in Amsterdam after the city gives off the impression it was made to be on a bike, also an incredibly pleasant experience. There is also much cheaper to rent a bike - there are around 8-10 EUR for a day in average prices.

9. Discover the secret courtyard of Begijnhof

While cycling around the city center, do not forget to check out this hidden gem. Begijnhof is one of the oldest inner courts in Amsterdam, but it can be very difficult to find - it is located within the inner circular canal irrigation system Singel, Amsterdam. The 1528 is still one of only two wooden houses in the center of Amsterdam, which dates back.

8. Visit the Cannabis College

Whether it be a lover of non-profit foundation regardless of whether or not your plant, you should have a tour of Amsterdam. The goal is to educate about the offer free advice as it is, many use cannabis hemp plant and its safe use. And if you want to experience the perfect Amsterdam, make sure you visit their marijuana garden growing completely organic, college dungeon. So you do not miss out please make sure one of the world's only publicly accessible flowering cannabis plantations.

7. Take a late night walk in the Red Light District

Red Light District, or De Wallen, is perhaps the most well-known red-light district in Amsterdam. This is where it gets its name from the district of about three hundred in one-room cabins rented by bright, prostitute with red light. Though, and a late night walk around the area may not take as much romantic idea, it is certainly one that you really have to get to know Amsterdam in all its colors experience.

6. Take an evening stroll by the canals

It is not until after sunset Amsterdam it truly is a magical appeal and a great experience by itself being in the city at night. But if you "grachtengordel" a long, romantic walk, or "if you decide to take the canal belt", the brightness of the bridge lights and sparkling water you just have entered a fairy tale feel like you will.

5. Visit Albert Cuypmarkt

There are many markets to choose from Amsterdam to eat, but Albert is the largest market in Amsterdam and Europe in general Cuypmarkt. The best part of every day except on this means Sun, which 5pm from 9AM you can find a time to check out during your stay definitely matter how short it may be, the open that.

4. Enjoy some authentic street food

Amsterdam, although usually not in a very popular foodie destination, there are some very unique street foods to offer. Interesting toppings (fries wandering the streets of Amsterdam with an endless variety of peanut butter, mayonnaise) when one must try.

3. Relax in Vondelpark

Amsterdam has many beautiful parks, yet Vondelpark with the most popular park in approximately 10 million visitors each year, 120 acres, and the Netherlands, is the largest. It was opened in 1865 and Dutch poet and playwright Joost van den is named after Vondel. The park is located just a short walk away and provides a relaxing escape from the Museumplein very lively city center.

2. Have a picnic in the park in front of the Rijksmuseum

Museumplein is the cultural heart of Amsterdam. Park Amsterdam, of course the wonderful sign, Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum offers spectacular views, and. So grab some food from the market and sunny afternoon, sitting in the shade of trees and enjoy admiring culture around you.

1. Visit Rijksmuseum

Perhaps these people must see Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam's most renowned museums and museums in Europe. If you have the time and meant to visit a museum in the city, it certainly should be. The collection consists of 2000 to 1200 from 1 million items and there are around 8,000 items on display in the museum. Ticket is only 17.50 EUR.