The Top Selling Albums From 10 Different Countries

The Top Selling Albums From 10 Different Countries

The music industry has taken an increasingly influential role in the modern era, affecting at some degree the lives of most of the world population. That’s just how incredibly universal music is.

Ironically, we also tend to settle with what we get locally when it comes to music consumption, ignoring a whole world of mainstream music outside our borders. So here I present you a list of the most successful, best and top selling albums from 10 different countries.

1. México

Recuerdos's, Vol. By Juan Gabriel II

Mexico, Latin American countries have an important role in the rest of the television icons like the big pop stars like media or export Chespirito Thalia. But the most commercially successful album when it comes to replacing the "Recuerdos, it takes Vol. II" sold 8 million copies within the country by local artist Juan Gabriel. The population of 112 million, nearly 7 percent of Mexico's population is in possession of a copy of this album means or in other words, 1 out of 14 listen to Mexican Juan Gabriel. After it failed to release the albums great success, but that does not mean they are forgotten. Sooner or later some rises in some way to the United States, and if your destination country, the sooner the better. Look, 10 phones in the desired Mexico.

2. France

By Celine Dion D'eux

We all remember the 90s Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for women balladeers music boom is taking over the world with song, his love songs. Oh, and of course, Canadian mega star Celine Dion. She even then my heart will go on "and" was topping the charts timeless classic in the process. But we usually ignore the fact that he is one of the most successful singers in French. "D'eux means" ( "the", "about" or in English "them"), awarded a Diamond released in early 1995 and became the bestselling album of all time in France . If you are a fan of songs Love 90s and have not bought this album, are you waiting for? You can also learn to be talking about some French, hands that loved us.

3. Japan

First Love by Utada Hikaru

Japan is one of the largest markets of the music industry over the years, but the conduct of the first or second through the last decade. In such a dynamic and competitive market, Hikaru Utada beaten their competitors. Her debut studio album "is Japan's bestselling album First Love" sold 7 million copies. "Distance" and "property 10 bestselling album also other albums by the sea". In addition to these feats, he sold more than a million singles, partner, is one of the artists with the most number of tied with the Japanese singer Pink Lady, Namie Amuro and Ayumi Hamasaki; you are the music industry are planning to make it big, but every one of them holding 5, you might consider moving to Japan. But be careful! Is not a guarantee that the number of sales that will face some stiff competition, not only Miss Utada. Look, 10 craziest Japanese video game ever.

4. Philippines

Nandito by the Thalia Ako

In the past, we mention the influence of the Mexican media in Latin America on this list, but access is still far away. To the other side of the Atlantic, "telenovelas" both starring Mexican star Thalia, Philippines television, "Marimar" and "Maria la del barrio for the incredibly popular on the case". Telenovelas that have led to great success in the Philippines, Thalia's "Nandito by Ako" which released a compilation album of songs from several popular songs from her appearances on TV. New content was added. Online English and Tagalog, were recorded in the country's main languages. The album sold 1 million copies and becoming the bestselling album in the Philippines, to be a huge success. Since then, Thalia country and every time he made several trips and concerts does cause a big commotion. We now know that both the Philippines and Latin America are not only cultural conquest by Spain, but "by the Thalia Maria la del barrio's". See the 10 most beautiful young Filipino girl Stars.

5. Brazil

Louvar AO Senhor paragraphs songs by Father Marcelo Rossi

This is just one of religious in a particular entry, the original list. This ... is dancing on the rhythm of Brazil, which is the Father Marcelo Rossi? "Para songs Louvar AO Senhor" (degree earned spots on the bestselling album in Brazil with 3.2 million copies sold in English around the music) to worship the Lord. Buy the album public it is intended to have very large numbers, citing the lack of Catholic followers, through the last half century. Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Brazil in 2007, Catholic authorities to deprive him of the opportunity to meet the leader of the Holy See. Rossi himself claimed to be a humbling experience. If Brazil is the largest Catholic Rockstar it seems to be not good enough to meet the Pope?

6. Australia

Whispering Jack by John Farnham

When it comes to music, Australia has a very different flavor. More than 1 million albums in the country down under Abba, Pink Floyd and varied style legends like meat loaf, but who is a native takes the crown. "Whispering Jack" adult contemporary Australian singer John Farnham takes first place with sales of 1, 7 million copies have been sold and certified 24 times platinum. That is more than the population of Australia which is 1, 3 million habitants. The money is really impressive, but the album's success lies mostly within the country. Still, his legacy is limited only to Australia even if, a legend does not make it any less. Proof of fellow Australian pop legend is to build a statue in his honor at Waterfront City, Melbourne with Kylie Minogue.

7. Germany

The Mensch by Herbert Grönemeyer

We get a large music market in Europe, Germany. But as long as we are residents of the Old Continent, the name may sound unfamiliar to most of us. In late summer 2002, "for" (Man Mensch German) is the best and best-selling albums in the country by German rock singer Herbert Grönemeyer. It was certified gold 21 times up and sold 3,150,000 units. The album received good reviews from critics noting a powerful, emotional songwriting music market is sound. In addition to language barriers, what really prevents us from enjoying the album as rigid as the Germans? Maybe, who knows Grönemeyer wakes up one day and decided to record and release a full album in English. But at least for now, we in the European music scene until we learn a bit more digging or German, will remain within the continent habitants to enjoy this album.

8. Ireland

White Ladder by David Gray

We rock, pop, ballads, telenovelas and saw that even the Catholic-oriented albums, but we met our first public entry in the list. English indie rock singer David Gray In Ireland ears captivated with their album "White Ladder", a bestselling album in the country to date. After his departure from EMI Records label, they decided to take control of her career. His next album was self-financed and recorded in an apartment in London. Initially, the album was shy and have a single reissues chart to enter the chart, but it eventually paid off by the end of 2000. Where it is not only successful album was released after Ireland and Britain, it is the fifth bestselling album of the last decade. Gray, consistency and hard work do not enjoy them as much as we imagine is living proof that even if the rewards. Look, when you get to travel the 110 best places.

9. Argentina

Romance by Luis Miguel

Tango and "asado" (grilled meat in the country), we see the artist of a Mexican victory over Argentina hearts. "Romance" Luis Miguel or "El Sol de Mexico" ( "Mexico sun." He cited a foreign act in the country, with how) to sell up to 1 million and certified 16 times platinum is popular the album is Bestselling. The album is widely popular in Latin America and is renowned as one that introduces Bolero in mainstream music. Released in 1991, it began a period of great commercial success in Argentina through the entire decade. Was a multi-platinum certifications of their release. Luis Miguel has a five Grammy Awards, receiving the name of the highest grossing tour of Latin recording artist and as countless more achievements. The bestselling albums top the Argentina star of this magnitude it is not strange.

10. Spain

More by Alejandro Sanz

Madrid star Alejandro Sanz is often regarded as one of the most beloved Spanish artists of the last two decades. He has shown to effectively master genres like Flamenco and Salsa. This explains why his 1997 release “Más”, became the most successful album ever in Spain, selling more than 2 million units within the country. Memorable hit singles from this album “Y, ¿Si fuera ella?”, “Corazón Partío” and “Amiga Mía” are still being played in today’s radio stations all over Spain and the American continent. There’s something about those raspy vocals that seduced listeners into following him up until these days, not to mention his songwriting skills and his ability with the guitar and the piano. Undoubtedly, such a versatile and multitasked artist like him can take the challenge of reigning over the hearts of Spanish music lovers for as long as he decides to.