Top 10 The Clothing Designs You Should Know About in 2016

Top 10 The Clothing Designs You Should Know About in 2016

The average person does not have a whole lot of cutting edge clothing designers around the world knows, but there is some amazing work being done at this time.

Wear your clothes, or know someone who does, then, are some of the best creative minds in the business right now.

1. Oscar de la Renta

Although technically still continue to live, Oscar de la Renta casts a long shadow in high fashion. Some clothes of the most recognizable names in his eponymous fashion label in Hollywood. The Dominican is a great cultural achievement for an ambitious immigrants republic, not an end anytime soon.

2. John Galliano

The creative direction mayysn Martin Margiela, and a new collection to be released in January. The key now, he said, because it returns after a moment, a major scandal in 2011. In the future it will depend on the reaction of critics to the most important collections.

3. Guillaume Henry

A driving force in the industry, Henry has yet to break into the big time. With his rise to the 3, is interspersed with several failures) mid-century Couture is indelible. This year he gets and it can industry in its own right.

4. Simon Porte Jacquemus

The youngest person on the list, so far. Jacquemus from Paris, and it's fun, brings Freewheeling Spirit in a thousand colorful design. Some people condemn them as unsophisticated design, but when you're relaxed and having so much fun, who cares?

5. Peter Copping

The employee said Oscar de la Renta (brand), but he also worked for like 5) Vuitton and Ricci big names. Copping of modern luxury through and through, and the main influence in his name is not on the building is likely.

6. Marc Jacobs

After stepping out of auspice under Louis Vuitton, Jacobs challenges in establishing itself as a brand in its own right. 2016 could be a year, or it might not, after a less than enthusiastic reception to collect them last spring.

7. Louisa and Pookie Burch

It may be two, but they are inseparable in the fashion community. By Louisa and a famous fashion family Pookie, brothers and sisters. Color and silhouette are his calling card. With seem like nostalgia and throwback style dress would have looked like in high school, was designed by its owner, the field of play.

8. Zaid Affas

An alum of the fashion house Ralph Lauren, Zaid has gone out to escape on their own, like this for two years. "Sculptural" and "architecture" words often had to explain these drug design. Their designs are smart, but you will be comfortable in them for sure.

9. Paul Andrew

Single shoe designer in this list (only shoes that at least one), Andrew brings a high level of sophistication things to wear on your feet. Shoe lovers everywhere know. This year, he might become a household name.

10. J.W. Anderson

Known primarily for a simple tote, reinventing how a simple accessory Anderson shows can bring your brand to the incredible compatibility. Enjoy your clothes in 2016, and look better than your friends.