Top 10 The Female Detectives in Literature

Top 10 The Female Detectives in Literature

When we think of detective literature, we immediately remember the names of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Hercule Poirot and would be various other men. It has a small part, though, to write something amazing woman, born from the pen of the famous detective. Here is a list of the top 10 female detective in literature.

The most popular female detective in literature 10

10. Maud Silver

Miss Maud Silver, created by British author Patricia Wentworth, a detective novel was first published in 1928 gray mask. Silver began to practice as a private detective is a retired operator. She gives him a lot of similarity with genes Agatha Christie Marple. As a woman, she is the is reduced by more people turn to the right a reality. Silver was added in 1961 published 32 novels.

9. Barbara Havers

Created by American mystery writer Elizabeth George, Barbara Havers Inspector Lynley one of the characters in the series. Assistant Inspector Thomas Lynley is a sergeant and Scotland Yard. They are often in touch with the owner, which is the punishment. However, it is not the role of the novels of the names in this list, Havers is indeed an important role in the history of female detectives.

8. Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise, he was originally nominated by a refugee who adopted the heroine who made the comic strip writer Peter O'Donnell for 1963. There was an unknown girl. Modesty is with his sidekick Willie Garvin, a crime spends much of his early years as leader, and later converted as an investigator. Comic novels that feature and came out of a movie. He appeared in 11 novels and several short stories. Those with many talents, is characterized as almost a superhero.

7. Lisbeth Salander

Swedish author Steig Larsson's Millennium series appeared in the award-winning heroine, Lisbeth Salander Dragon before 2005 novel was published after the author's death girl with tattoos. He is a well-known hacker of Milton and private investigator security. She is a very complex character who was a distant ideal childhood and leads a troubled life. Described as a slim young woman, she is an introvert and not very visible, he also has an eidetic memory that must be mentioned.

6. Precious Ramotswe

Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith, created by one of the little black girl detective Precious Ramotswe literature. The series protagonist is No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, a spy agency in 1998. The first female private investigator and founder of Botswana she started with the novel of the same name. He has more than 15 books, including her adventures statement.

5. Mrs. Bradley

Dr. Beatrice of Adela's Lestrange Bradley, popularly known as Mrs. Bradley, the author was the brainchild of Gladys Mitchell. He said to be unattractive and vocal and 57 in his first appearance. He is accompanied by his driver George in many of its projects. Mrs. Bradley facilitate quick death in 1929. The first novel was published 66 books in total. He is often described in reptilian terms of books, and even the nickname "Mrs. earns crocodile 'later.

4. Sharon McCone

Inspired a character followed that inspired many a female spy, was conceived by Sharon McCone Marcia Muller. Her first film appearance was in 1977 with Edwin novel iron shoes. He has been involved in a number of novels and 31 stories. She is an investigator in the agency, and later established himself. McCone is considered the first independent female detective literature.

3. Bertha Cool

Bertha Cool was born was a professional private detective, First appeared in 1939. He created the Erle Stanley Gardner, household names like Perry Mason and Della Street by the same author. Bertha was a widow opens a detective agency after the death of her husband. He found a partner in a lawyer named Donald Lam. He was not too shy to get into an unsentimental and aggressive woman, physical fights. That was in 1970, the last of which appeared in 29 novels.

2. Miss Marple

Miss Jane Marple, one of the most legendary crime novelist Agatha Christie female detective in the creation of literature. She went on to appear in 12 novels and 20 short stories first appeared in the 1927 short story club on Tuesday night. Marple is a professional spy. He is none other than St. Mary Mead, sometimes an old spinster living in his village to work as a consultant. He is a keen observer and amazing deduction skills, have a face masked by his unassuming. They like things to support this investigation is to gather information from. The Belgian detective Hercule Poirot made one as well, Agatha Christie's most popular crime writers.

1. Nancy Drew

Young amateur detective Nancy Drew publisher is created by Edward Stratemeyer. His first appearance was a lot of writers published stories under the collective pseudonym Carolyn Keene, Nancy Drew in 1930.. He was 16 years old at the beginning, but after stories appeared in different ages. Since its conception, the character has undergone several changes due to changes in American culture. Nancy Drew has affected many people like Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush.

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