Top 10 The Most Amazing Tree Tunnels, You Definitely Love to Walk Through

Top 10 The Most Amazing Tree Tunnels, You Definitely Love to Walk Through

The most beautiful, romantic and wonderful caves in the world of beautiful flowering trees. Trees, longest living organisms on earth, beautiful color, shelter, and protect the environment by providing shade. They renew our air supply by absorbing greenhouse and manufacturing Element.

Through a tree-lined path from the light spilling through the branches is nothing more enchanting than strolling. Tree branches bend to form a natural tunnel realize the most romantic and sometimes even a little strange. These are several of the green tunnels and a selection of the top 10 most amazing tree tunnels, you should definitely take a walk through.

Top 10 most amazing tree tunnels.

1. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan

Beautiful Wisteria Tunnel, located in Japan
This magnificent flower walkway is located in Wisteria Tunnel, Kawachi Fuji Garden. It looks so peaceful to walk through really. Wisteria Tunnel, Zen gardens and a Cherry Blossom Festival, including Kitakyushu Kawachi Fuji Gardens, which is located in a breathtaking display of botanical delights. Different types and wisteria-colored open during the months of April through woven through fake a cylinder may have been, a fantastical flowers draped tunnel during the annual "Fuji Matsuri's", or the "Wisteria Festival" that.

2. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Beautiful romantic Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Car made of love tunnel was only a train rail section is a unique and truly amazing piece of forest in Ukraine, but turned into one of the most romantic places on Earth end. As the rails around trees left to grow freely, the only thing your way through the formation of a passing train. Finally, crossed three times a day before Kleven forest behind the village, train size according to the size of a tunnel.

3. Jacarandas Walk, Johannesburg

jacarandas walk – Most Beautiful Tree Tunnels Around the World
Has more than 10 million trees in the city of South Green. Several unofficial sources, Johannesburg is home to the world's largest man-made forest. South America at least 49 species of Jacaranda by most of them, and the Caribbean Basin. Tropical trees were first imported to South Africa more than a hundred years. October is the month when thousands of Jacaranda trees are in full blossom flowers. This magnificent tree tunnel either Johannesburg or Pretoria, the Jacaranda City 70,000+ Jacarandas is located where urban land including purple splashes of vivid blue landscape.

4. Yew Tunnel, UK

The beautiful Yew Tunnel in UK
The Yew Tunnel is thought to have been planted by the Dyer family during the eighteenth century, and it is possibly unique in the U.K. When they had grown tall they were bent over to form an extended arch. Their trunks have spread and their branches have fused so that today it is hard to count how many separate trees commingle in the vast mass of this venerable growing gallery.

5. Autumn Tree Tunnel, USA

Autumn Tree Tunnel in the US
Just amazing tree tunnel. Autumn Tree Tunnel Vermont, in the United States.

6. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan

Ginkgo trees during tunnel, Japan
The Ginkgo Biloba tree is covered with trees during tunnel Ginkgo. This is a highly respected tree because Japanese culture is known for the tree to survive the year. If you visit Japan, you'll spot more than 65,000 over the streets, parks, gardens or ginkgo trees. Ginkgo trees during tunnel is located in the outdoor garden of Meiji Shrine. During the bombing of Hiroshima record, six ginkgo trees, trees and other living organisms says surviving the death so badly. Those trees are still alive and many people come to visit them. He wondered how everyday challenges facing these trees now stand. 'Bearer of hope' or 'Survivor' or 'the Japanese on these trees as a living fossil.

7. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland
This place really was a gem of a find. Dark Hedges of the most photographed natural phenomena in Northern Ireland and is one of the popular attraction for tourists. It painted by hundreds of artists came on tour and has been a favorite spot for wedding photos.

8. Bamboo Path, Japan

Bamboo Path, Japan
In Arashiyama, Japan Sagano Bamboo Forest is named. 500 meters long route through the beautiful bamboo forest. On the long stretch of bamboo forest designated as a historical site in the country. Agency for Cultural Affairs announced this place as a place of natural beauty '. Tall bamboo trees around keeping cool shocked the street. Famous temples and shrines are located very close to the bamboo tree tunnel. When the wind blows through the trees tunnel, create a wonderful sound. It is already designated as one of Japan from 100 to secure sound.

9. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil

The Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil
Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho of Brazil tree tunnel. Rosewood trees tunnel starts from Porto Alegre. Rosewood trees or shade over 100 Tipuana road on a stretch of three city blocks. Has recently become a part of the country's historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage. The Rosewood trees are known to reduce air conditioning requirements by 30 percent. In Brazil, these trees have been maintaining good health of the city for a long time.

10. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany
Cherry Blossom Tunnel is located in the city of Bonn, Germany. This is a peaceful street, the cherry on top of a series of beautiful trees, flowers Droop. Flowers are in full bloom in the spring when the life of the head. The two cherry trees planted around the streets of bone Heerstrabe but mostly travel. Cherry blossoms are said to last for an average 7 to 10 days depending on weather conditions.