Top 10 The Rarest Cars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Top 10 The Rarest Cars You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The world is infested with art collectors, artifact collectors and more especially people who show appreciation for the rarest things that somebody in the world has found value to; something outrageously rare and ancient that’s priceless. Yet, there are still some people out there who will be able to afford a $1.2 Million vase for their guest room or for their toilet window! This is where the ancient act of ‘trading’ began and still continues anyway. The fact is, the need, desire of people will never fade and has always existed ever since the beginning of modern day man.

Cars! On the other hand, are one of man’s greatest desire. It’s been this way since the industrial revolutions and still is today to more futuristic extreme. There are some vehicles, especially in the form of classic rarest cars which have become highly sought after by some of the richest collectors in the world who spend days, months, if not years hunting for certain models of cars. And, to filter the list out of the many auto motives in 1000’s of production till date, here’s top 10 rarest cars in the world that you’ve probably haven’t even heard off. The rarity of the cars have been ranked by popularity, overall fame, price worth as well as year of production.

10. Packard Panther

We may consider this car exactly what it’s ‘last name’ suggests, panther, being the inspired shape of its exquisite and rather unique design of that era which in the forefront appeared like that of the face of the cat itself. Packard Panther’s concept design was meant to show the world, where the design and future of cars were heading back in that era and has certainly given attention to detail in shaping it exactly as envisioned. The Packard Company had plans to feature a new fleet design by the late 1950’s yet hasn’t gone full blown into production which leaves the Panther to remain one of the rarest cars in the name. This 1954 masterpiece is a rare of its kind and also featured the flicker lights. Packard Panther can be picked up for around $800 000. Strangely, if you look closer at the front of how it’s designed, you would see a mustache shaped bumper and grid which is one of the most distinctive features of the car.

9. Tucker 48′

As the year suggests, 1948 is a lonnnnng time back from now and which ultimately means very rare also. Here we’re looking at a rarity that truly defined what BIG built cars has always been about. Men of the 40’s sure would have enjoyed driving in one of these sedans and owning one as a family car too. I’m picturing men with double breasted suits, fedora hat’s and about two children (boy and girl) and that very homely type country wife in the front seat and a scrambly car which makes a lot of noise as it takes off. Preston Tucker being the father of this large built car has only unfortunately managed to make 51 of these before the collapse and shut-down of his company and ultimately making it one of the rarest cars in the world today. In honor of Preston Tuckers unfinished dream, a 1988 movie called: ‘Tucker – the man and his dream’ has been centered around the production of this car in that era. The value of the Tucker 48′ car now is estimated to be of $1.2 Million in value.

8. Aston Martin Bulldog

Aston Martin Bulldog and DeLorean parked together where it would be sub-conscious that one of the cars that are old or newer model of a watch is extremely flat minor size for an audience gave the impression identical to each other, which includes the doors open upwards. The vehicle can also be misinterpreted as well as the first day in an old model of a Lamborghini. Lambo then known world in general for its unconventional design is the same shape and the same Aston Martin Bulldog. Aston Martin is usually always featured in the newest version of its classic design but different with this Bulldog. Gullwing doors that open upwards, which are a unique addition to making sure the vehicle of its kind. Aston Martin as a company, the sale was planned to create 25 limited additions to the test plan but never actually built a bulldog! The estimated cost: $ 1.3 million

7. Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing

gullwing Speaking of rare cars with doors, Mercedes-Benz 300SL, even just to pull their 2 seater luxury as 2 sets of back then how the relationship is extremely expensive this luxury, while quite common, and one of the high production super car market today. MERC 300SL Gullwing, but very expensive You also have the rare combination of both, and you manage to find for purchase today. It took around 2 years to produce the beauty of developing a new version of the roadster concept. Regardless of beauty products is not very long, it is one of the fastest cars in the world at this time. That and a 3.0 engine, '300' fuel will boast 300SL world banks with its sleek classic European luxury coupe design makes it one of the rarest cars in the $ 1.5 above estimates whether by injection, as well as being fun million today. It certainly was as spread its wings and fly away as fast as they can on the road, it was an animal.

6. Talbot Lago Grand Sport

Talbot Lago, wow! Looks exactly like a more civilized version of the famous Batman car. There is also much similarity between the front of the Talbot and the front of a vintage Aston Martin as well; by vintage I mean more in the DB-5 production design concepts. The back of the car, in shape however is truly conventional and curved, making it look elongated at the back which is one of the most distinctive features overall even at first appearance. Talbot lago Grand Sport can be considered as a presidential vehicle of its time as it certainly gives off an ‘upper society’ appeal to its shape, design and price even in those days. To conclude it for you properly, it can be taken as a hot rod back and an Aston front fused to give us one Lago design. Talbot Lago Grand Sport I apart of Legendary automotive history and has had only 12 produced – with people paying over $2.5 Million for their share of golden car history.

5. Porsche 916

We’re so used to our fixed mindset’s and images of what a Porsche would look like in our minds and we always somehow go back to one commonly visualized shape all in all, regardless of what model we picture. This may be due to seeing one shape of a Porsche all the time and nobody could blame us. Throughout the years, Porsche hasn’t failed to maintain its gecko shaped design in all their models or at least most it but a slight curve or bit off or lack of metals in a car can change how it appears in a huge way and so have they cleverly done with the 916 design. We are still able to see hints of the gecko head design in this one, but we had got to look harder than what meets the eye. Nevertheless out of 11 of these beauties that were made, only one has been shipped to the United States of America. Speak about Rare, yeah! It could reach a top speed of 145 Miles per hour which was one of the fastest Porches of the 70’s when it came into production. The Porsche 916 has been sold privately in recent years for around $3 Million.

4. 1954 Oldsmobile F-88

1954 has been the year of several things in terms where all of the world’s classic cars of today have had their birth in the desire of man’s mind ever since and to have taken the streets as well. Here the Oldsmobile has definitely shun bright and bold in its distinctive design and shape. The older cars as a matter of fact has been built with more vroom than some of the futuristic designs we have today, all built in the hope of keeping in line with ‘economic’ compensations. The Oldsmobile speaks everything that defines the classic look and feel of what a vintage as we know it today supposed to be. Jeez the 50’s has been a lonnnnng few decades from today, and so can you imagine what makes this ride one of the rarest. A 250 horsepower V8 rocket engine has been what this collectable has been born with, yet never fully had the chance to tear the streets apart seeing as though only 4 has ever gotten the chance to stroll out the factory in style. We’re banking on the price value now at $3.5 Million to own 1 of the 4 that were created.

3. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible

Belle Italia (Beautiful Italy), and it believes that foreign women, landscapes, countries and their class and unconventional style, plenty of things to do and proud of the food and everlasting love. Oh, what was the date of their production quality best represent forgot to mention his remarkable cars crafted rich heritage. Can be found regularly on Ferrari Italy's roads, as well as to the whole world and you do not get the amount of millions for a specific model, but, no you do the same will not be driving around like a regular street. I still was a Ferrari 250 GT Spider convertible was sold to chapter, Car Collector, who owns today. We see the value of $ 10 million to the sale and never made as yours are just the same. When a Bill Gates or Trump, you're lucky to complete Italian stallion collection.

2. 1921 Helica De Leyat

This is a car Aint! Technically speaking biscuit is made of the 'rims' (not sure I can say here, that's all right then (wheels), its four tires somewhat bicycle theme. Horn is actually visible from the outside a horn like a thingy on a trumpet. back back to the name of the body tip. Oh and anti-see Helica de Leyat that faces the front, it looks like the original should be in front of (just before certainly is one of the oldest and rarest cars in the world. were only 30. being developed by a French automobile company, has been dubbed as a "plane without" wings seeing was sitting behind the large rotor blades like the driver who has appeared as well either as a passenger in the aircraft of those days. the giant who could look ahead propeller was the unique design of the car's engine.

1. Rolls-Royce 15 HP

The Rolls-Royce 15 HP is certainly the most rarest car in the world seeing that it was Thee first car, model to have been produced by Charles Rolls and Hendry Royce and which obviously have been the launcher of the success of the brand at which they are proud to have today. Started off in 1904 ,the very beginning of the 20th Century of where motorcars where the one of the biggest inventions ever made since the 1800’s and so can you imagine even this in that era and how exciting the production of this vehicle would have been? A total of 6 Rolls-Royce 15 HP’s were made and only ONE is still known of existence. The name of the car, suggested its horse power being 15 which is modest and sort of funny to us now, but obviously considered a “powerhouse” of its day. Although, in its design it might have appeared to be a ‘beast’ of a car in its day, this was actually a regular on the streets. The lone remaining Rolls-Royce 15 HP can be seen touring the world in Car shows and automotive shows around the globe and is estimated by insurance companies to be within the value of around $35 Million.