Bernie Sanders Donald Trump calls out one thing they agreed Backpedaling

Bernie Sanders Donald Trump calls out one thing they agreed Backpedaling

(. I-VT), Senator Bernie Sanders expressed concern Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump is breaking a basic campaign promise to keep special interests out of Washington - ". Swamp draining"

Sanders and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse is (D-R.I.) Arena said on a call with reporters that he supported the treaty trump to keep corporate interests out of Washington. "Bernie and I and many newly wholeheartedly the feelings of our colleagues agree with the president," Whitehouse said. "We've been fighting that surrounds us in Congress to resist pressure from corporate special interest."

But Trump's transition team, corporate lobbyists and consultants is included which shows the newly elected president is backpedaling on his promise before he entered the White House.

"She does not look like they're draining the swamp, it seems that they are killing swamp in transition," Whitehouse said. "And if something does not change, they will be swept along the marsh in the Oval Office."

As members trump environmental transition team, for example, the Environmental Protection Agency transfers Myron Ebell, Michael McKenna in the energy sector, and Michael Catanzaro are to lead as an energy consultant. The connection to the Koch brothers.

"It looks a bit like Donald Trump would not watch her back, Koch brothers are going to run his administration," Whitehouse told reporters.

During the campaign season, the interpretation of the Trump supporters as a political outsider, and Trump himself capitalized on this sentiment during rallies and speeches.

"We're going to send special interests, packing, and we again are going to have a government of, by, and the people," Trump des a crowd Moines, Iowa, in August told.

Trump Sanders operations in the days after the election campaign he promised not to.

"Now we're seeing what I'm afraid," Sanders said Clinton, who lost the Democratic presidential nomination. "And that's a lot of votes, Mr Trump He was to become the US intends to do as president."

Sanders said he and Whitehouse will continue to remind Americans that Trump promises. "We're going to make every effort to accountability," Sanders said.

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