The 10 Common Things Most People Don’t Know Their Functions

The 10 Common Things Most People Don’t Know Their Functions

People are always looking for new things and ideas that provides thrill and excitement. Technology keeps people informed and entertained. It's been some people especially those purposes due to their simplicity is taken to know very little about them.

That the list of ten common items below (synthetic and natural) is not generally known is a purpose because of their simplicity and uncomplicated nature.

10. Pizza saver (or box tent, pizza tripod)

Most people are familiar with which the object is placed on the pizza. The name itself, is protected pizza pizza saver "by preventing the lid from coming into contact with the pizza box from damage". This package Saver was invented by Vitale resident, Carmela, New York, and another innovative idea which patent is stackable in 1985. This innovation, in fact, good quality pizza pizza industry to ensure We, conductor and fold pizza boxes worth the effort.

9. Trichomes on plants

It makes some plants, sometimes experience itching due to contact with the cause of allergic reactions is very common. Most of the known hair microscopic level, the leaves of most plants trichomes, is mainly used for defense. The trichomes, such as worms and also a clever tweak 'plants to keep predators away from humans. However, defense is not the sole purpose of trichomes. trichomes, these can be unicellular or multicellular result of the epidermal cells; glandular and non-glandular. The glandular trichomes, depend on oil and resin production plant requirements. In addition to the trichomes of the defense, it can reduce reflection to increase the internal temperature of the radiation plant, and it also prevents water loss in plants in hot weather.

8. Wart-like bumps on toads

Toad has led to the development of a touching warts. In humans, warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) family members. The increase of toads warts usually harmless, but some can achieve zhr- secreting glands. Usually, they are intended to warn predators of their warts. As American toad (Bufo Americans), for example, owns warts on his back. parotid gland, is located on the raised areas behind the ear, poison, which can be found in all the warts secretes. Poisoning usually irritate mucous membranes of the eyes and predators.

7. Air spoiler on cars

Most people usually see air spoilers on racing cars. Most people think that it only serves an aesthetic purpose, but apparently, it is an active devices on cars. These air spoilers, usually made of metal or plastic, thereby reducing the aerodynamic drag and increase speeds on the road, stability and grip, change the direction of flow. Many types of families, the only purpose of the service, which helps improve the overall performance of the car all.

6. Chicken combs and wattles

Chicken combs and wattles found on the underside of the lower beak and fleshy chin chickens increase. Types of combs and wattles may vary between generations, with large combs and wattles of men and women. There are also specific shapes, colors, red, pink, and may range between purple. These seemingly useless physical structure of an important event in their overall physiology. These structures help the species or breed of general confession and a decrease in body temperature. These structures work, such as not only a decorative purpose, but an active, serving for birds cooling system.

5. Raised lines, dots, and bumps on the keyboard

Lines up on the keyboard keys or bulges serve a simple purpose. These bumps users to place hands on the keyboard without looking properly. Keyboard navigation is such a simple gesture raised them.

4. Blank pages in books

Blank pages for printing or perhaps are not caused by human fault. This page intentionally (though technically not empty, are generally printed with the pages "page intentionally left blank") was left empty. Many people think it's a waste of paper. Mr Jack Suber, odd numbered pages are printed by traditional setting right in the printing, according to a lawyer and printer. Thus, any book or document so that it ends on an odd page, which must be entered with a blank page will be helped by the automatic right to the next section. Text, "page intentionally left blank", to assure the reader that I lost some important information is printed on the blank page.

from trivia: Mr. Sheridan Smove the title of a book of 200 pages in 2011, "every man thinks about published" apart from sex. Any text can be found on the book.

3. Metal rivets on jeans

Clothing fasteners are used in metal denim jeans. The metal accessories are made of copper, zinc, brass or steel. By breaking its function is to secure the various pieces and parts to clothing to prevent them. Jacob Davis, specializing in work pants came up with the idea of ​​using metal a tailor, originally jeans. However, due to lack of money to pay for the patent, he decided to go to Levi Strauss and patented the charm of an agreement to push through in 1873. What developed after the blue jeans its robust design worn by popular were sewn with metal and quality of labor.

2. Philtrum

philtrum is medial, vertical groove between the upper lip and nose covered. The groove is bordered by the ridges and length of the philtrum may vary between individuals. philtrum is a residual structure formed by joining the two sides of the face during embryonic development. A cleft palate result from incomplete join philtrum. philtrum AIDS appearance to provide information about an individual's health condition. With subsequent fetal alcohol syndrome, which is caused by a missing philtrum mother's drinking during pregnancy are one of the features found in men. Individuals with Ackerman syndrome is expanding and thick philtra. Other researchers hypothesize that is responsible for a person's ability to do a wide range of lip movements and expressions philtrum.

1. Aglet

Shoelaces in a aglet dress and bent tips lacings found a piece of metal or plastic. The word "aglet" which comes from, "Sui" means the French word "aiguillette". In addition to providing a decorative purpose, for shoes and clothes, aglets unraveling or eventually prevent many challenges facing shoe lace thread. In addition, aglet that makes it easy to loop laces through the eyelets in the clothing and footwear. Aglets date back to the medieval period. Some evidence has been found in archaeological sites and threads of gold and silver are set with precious gems. Others are in the form of a copper alloy sheet bent into a tube.