The 10 Crazy Stories of Real Life Villains Saving The Day

The 10 Crazy Stories of Real Life Villains Saving The Day

A switch format "The Dark Knight" in a boat captives in your hands (hold each other that the ship) Many citizens of the scene, that the explosion will cause a bomb on the boat put it ? He ended up deciding to go with it, and citizens to do the same. "It is good Samaritans" to the right, seen on the big screen TV? Villain take a look at some real life events when doing good deeds.

1. Burglar turns physician to save a baby

Mrs. Morris proceeded to get out of the Los Angeles home after finding out that her baby was stricken with croup. As he headed toward the main entrance, the masked man wielding a gun on the front porch was horrified to see. He said, asking to remain silent threatened with a gun. The first condition of fear, she pleaded with him, a child urgently needs to find a doctor for him.

What is there not some feel-good stories are made later. Bandits, not to worry that he put a gun in his pocket and asked him to bring some vinegar, sugar and water. He concocted a mixture of forced and child's chest down. Mrs. Morris assures her child before she was fine, the kids from the party for an hour.

When asked why he was a child, whether five, he was there, and he replied saying that she was being followed. Mrs. Morris Police refused to provide an explanation.

2. Prisoners save guard from rape by fellow inmate

Raleek young, from a prisoner dies, the life of a prison guard at Rikers Island that was not heroic to some fellow inmates.

Young, serving a 10-year prison sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl in 2007, hauled officer blocking her way toward the security door, a bathroom. Prisoners can help officers respond and break the bubble of friends, prisoners off to other officers arrived at the scene and arrested the suspect.

Franklin Johnson, one of the prisoners saved the day, a convicted drug offender. "We do not like women. He does not fly," Johnson said. I hope this courageous act Rikers Island does not go unnoticed by high UPS.

3. The Nazi soldier who saved hundreds of Jews from deportation

Gerhard Kurzbach Israel Fruman a 84-year-old survivor, who still image Gerhard Kurzbach man saved his life hung on his wall.

Fruman of August 1942, Kurzbach, remember Bochnia Country arresting Jews out of the ghetto at the time of the events at the top of their lungs for removal. I soon realized they hid them in his teaching, instead of putting them in place a plan that was Kurzbach camp gate. Fruman and his sister, a member of his family to survive were his parents and brothers have been killed in the camps. Kurzback court martial heard fleeting rumors that he was shot.

Fruman 3 is a great grandchildren, and 70 years later, still remember vividly the heroics of Gerhard Kurzbach.

4. Thief pickpockets drunk man, only to save his life moments later

5 million views on surveillance footage went viral, YouTube released by French police. The video shows a man was sitting on a bench and the victim's pockets, feeling drunk, which shows a thief to remove a phone. He then proceeded to take the other pocket of the victim and left the scene.

Moments later, the victim arrived at the train station and tracks while falling Sleepwalking is seen. A bystander watches for a while before walking away. Suddenly, the thief takes off with sprits train platform that delivers the first moments of a drunk, and pulls her to safety.

While it is unclear thief was caught, but the dramatic footage of a "law refused to help a man in civilian honor 'crisis, a thief is a man to save her, all of a philosophical debate gave birth.

5. Inmates save guard from violent attack by fellow prisoner

After saving a single guard prisoners and detainees 4 Orient Road Jail in Florida made headlines.

Deputy Ken Moon violence Douglas Burden, who was bought by drug trafficking was put in a choke hold. Help prisoners accused of Jerry Dieguez (armed home invasion charges), David Schofield (The battery), Hoang vu to (attempt to murder) and Terrell Carswel (theft) load dominates an unexpected came into fashion, and from the moon keeping called for help. 4 men greeted with a letter of thanks to the efforts of his lawyers.

When asked why he responded in the Moon: Moon is a good man and like him.

6. Robber saves homeless guy from explosion

A robber smashed an ATM machine in Sao Paulo, while his good side showing up. Two robbers immediately ATM machine rigging and was about to blow em away from the cash register was emptied.

Suddenly, I saw a homeless man-machine robbers walking past. He ran back, grabbed the man and dragged him out of the blast radius, moments before the bomb went off. He then proceeded to do his job and flee the scene. If Robin Hood out of the comic book page!

7. Burglar helps police catch paedophile before turning himself in

Just another day for a home, and a break in a burglar- life. Discover some of the time, they use graphic footage of child abuse was not used to seeing during their 'outings'- several videotapes.

The thief apparently took a film buff, together with video and other electronic devices. He was horrified when he played tapes of people at his residence. He placed them beneath a parked car and put the tape in a bag, and a Payphone used to inform the police about their discovery. Bag was retrieved and police (, pedophile found a note inside it with the) accused the address you are lazy and their application to hold a note.

Man, they were 4 players of the local football coach who was abused, including sexually arrested a 16-year-old. Police find burglar and was not considered as a "thief with a conscience".

8. Prison inmates save 3 kids from drowning

Larry Bohn and Nelson Pettis, larch Correction Center, Washington, 2 were from supervised rehabilitation than prison facility he saw two heads bobbing in the water Salmon Creek. The threat posed, he jumped into the icy cold water to save the boy immediately reached. The current account was estimated to be 25-30 mph. After the rescue, both prisoners and 3 boys, ages 8, 10 and 16 were treated respectively, taken to hospital and mild hypothermia. (

Despite the heroic act prisoners did not consider themselves as heroes, and said that he was just a good person.

9. Ex-robber dies trying to stop robbery

Bobby Butler, 9 parolee, death of a woman died a hero with previous convictions being robbed at gunpoint by a mugger tried to save. Butler demanded her purse on a deserted road, pointing a gun at a woman found guilty. He arrived near the scene fearing robbers, before fleeing with the purse and shot him in the stomach, man screaming to stop. Butler was announced dead after 2 hours at a hospital. (

A villain all theft, drug trafficking and armed violence convictions with their lives, despite, Butler left the world a hero.

10. Inmates break out of cell to save guard having heart attack

Parker County inmates fall to 8, Rutherford, they were at the prison guard saw action. Guard supposedly took his radio and called for help, prisoners have a heart attack and rushed to his aid immediately. He was not breathing and he could not find a pulse on him. Deputies help the collective efforts of inmates, to the heart using a defibrillator shock that came to fruition in the form of CPR performance as arrived before staff arrive.

Guard rescued and returned to duty within a week. Captain Arnett, one of the officers in Parker County, which state that certainly saved the life guard prisoners applauded for their efforts. (