The 10 Famous People who were Killed in Animal Attacks

The 10 Famous People who were Killed in Animal Attacks

Death comes in many ways. Caught in the death of an animal attack can be one of the worst ways. Many people die each year in animal attacks.

Some celebrities have met their end in this brutal scene. The list of 10 famous people who died in animal attacks.

10 Famous people killed in attacks by animals

10. Joseph Slowinski

Joseph Slowinski expert who did extensive research on the snake poisonous snakes. He was a professor and author, was present Herpetology, founder of the first line herpetological journal. While research in a remote area in Myanmar in 2001, and by a crate, I was cut, resulting in his death. Slowinski name in memory of the three species of snakes.

9. George Hensley

George Hensley, who was known to take an American Pentecostal minister, Snake. According to his interpretation, the New Testament commands all Christians to handle poisonous snakes. These services often found in the presence of snakes and Hensley called on his followers to handle them. He claimed that once had hundreds of bites experienced and survived without any treatment. But fate was not in his favor on July 24, 1955, when he was trying to place them in a jar and bitten by a snake. She refused treatment and died soon after.

8. Jean Batten

As is known, the sky as Greta Garbo, Jean Gardner Batten was a famous New Zealand aviator. In 1936, he became the first person to do a solo flight from New Zealand to England. He made a number of international flights in the 1930s. In 1982 he had been bitten by a dog in the island of Majorca. She refused treatment and died following infection. However, the world has come to know only the tragedy of errors due in 1987.

7. Guy Standing

Sir Guy was an English actor and former Commander in the Royal Navy standing. He said the end of World War I as a part of the British mission to the United States. He lives with a Bengal Lancer films to his credit, has become popular as a theater and film actor. In 1937, he was bitten by a rattle snake and consequently died of a heart attack.

6. Jacky Boxberger

Master Jacques 'Jacky's' Boxberger long distance races, a French track and field athlete. A junior world record holder in the 1,500 meters, he represented France in four Olympic Games. He was twice champion of the Paris Marathon. Boxberger on a holiday in Kenya, in 2001, with his family when he was attacked by an elephant. She was filming the animals, and threw him up against a tree and went to death Squash.

5. Taylor Mitchell

Taylor Mitchell was a Canadian folksinger and songwriter. He earned fame with his first album for your consideration. When she was just 19 years old and came to her death. When she was attacked by a large number of coyotes was on a trip to Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The lack of blood Mitchell died soon. Coyote experts thought the attack was so surprised to be wary of humans. Mitchell's case was the first recorded by an adult coyotes.

4. Alexander

Alexander, king of Greece, crowned in 1917. He was a puppet king with basically no powers, and found himself in a scandal when he married a commoner. He was trying to break up a fight between his dog and a monkey In 1920, King was bitten by a monkey. Although he was immediately treated, the wound became infected. Although doctors considered amputation, wants to take any responsibility. He was 27 years old, died after a few weeks.

3. Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell was a bear expert and research about who spent more than thirteen years old and living with wildlife documentary filmmaker. Farm with Treadwell met death in his favorite subject. In 2003, a bear in Katmai National Park in Alaska Treadwell and his girlfriend on both AMIE Huguenard and also took part as eat them. In 2005 by the master writer Werner Herzog Treadwell's life in the documentary Grizzly Man was a popular topic of the time called.

2. Diane Whipple

Diane Whipple was a famous American lacrosse player. He represented his country at two World Cups. He was living in an apartment in San Francisco. January 26, 2001, when he was attacked by two dogs in her apartment building was coming from grocery stores. Dogs have been owned by their neighbors in the same apartment and illegal, at least, were trained for battle. This accounted for his aggressive behavior. Diane from the same lack of major bleeding died in the hospital.

1. Steve Irwin

Crocodile is known as a hunter, Steve Irwin was one of the most popular naturalists and documentary series 'Crocodile Hunter' host in his time. Crocodiles and always happy and frightened the audience encounters with poisonous snakes and other dangerous creatures. With these shoes in a feature film. However, he did not face by a crocodile in a bizarrely untimely death in 2006, he said. He was making a documentary about the creation within the dangerous waters he was attacked by a Stingray. They had no chance to take a stab in the heart, and an escape.