The 10 Greatest Marvel Comic Villains

The 10 Greatest Marvel Comic Villains

Marvel Comics have been churning out heroes and villains since it was first founded in 1939. It has got countless numbers of notable heroes who are time and again pitted against powerful villains who try to destroy the world. Here we are going to discuss 10 greatest marvel comic villains:

10. Ultron

One of the biggest Marvel Comics villain in position 10 of the largest ever Avergers super villains - Ultron. As # 54 (1968), an unnamed character in the comics Avengers since its first appearance, Ultron has come a long way. The superhuman mind to control the visual appearance of speed and power and options may vary. Ultron's outer shell is that it contains the first Marvel Comics character, Adamantium metal alloy to be changed. Despite being a traditional competitors shared a quasi-familial relationship with some members of Ultron Avengers. The latest movie The Avengers: Ultron 2015 aged, Ultron is portrayed by actor James Spader.

9. Vulcan

Vulcan is a relatively recent addition to the list of Marvel Comics villain. First introduced in X-Men: Deadly Genesis # 1 in 2006, the Vulcan was the unborn child Christopher Summers and Katherine Summers. He had grown up in an incubation-accelerator then sent to Earth to be a slave. He later joined a team of X-Men, but soon encountered the same things they were against Professor Xavier. The Vulcan energy and light output in addition to the skills, strength, vast amounts of heat and electric power to manipulate. The psionic abilities they have found uses for different purposes.

8. Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey is a mutant form of the number 8 position Black Phoenix - 10 from Marvel Comics villain. After being affected by radiation that has enabled us to achieve this ultimate capacity of a solar flare for a few brief moments turned into Dark Phoenix. His power is severely damaged and he emerged with a new identity. Since the X-Men was one of the earlier gene models, this change was shocking silent fans a super villain. Hell after he joined the club and even helped to capture the X-men. Dark Phoenix is ​​the dominant power in the eruption of experiences they care about and feel conflicting emotions between love for her new destructive impulses as black people in Phoenix. The struggle for control of the Phoenix finally ends his life.

7. Galactus

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Galactus first Fantastic Four # 48, published in March 1966. He debuted in the Silver Age of comic books, Galactus is often stronger in order to drain energy from the planet was a god-like figure. He is responsible for the destruction of a great many extraterrestrial civilizations. His greatest strength power-generating aspirations of a kind they create almost no effect of the Marvel series of judgment spirits broken, force fields, teleportation in the past four decades, so the cosmic energy known as using the Cosmic in which, Galactus appeared in Marvel products.

6. Thanos

10 Thanos 6 position of the greatest villains of Marvel Comics. He was created by writer-artist Jim Starlin character became pregnant while in college psychology classes. First Iron Man # 55, 1973 show, Thanos Titanian Eternals who is a member of a mutant race of super-humans. Thanos has been for the last several decades as one of the greatest villains of Marvel Comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Galaxy (2014) and has made a number of films, the latest being the guardians Avengers: Ultron old (2015), played by Josh Brolin.

5. Beyonder

Beyonder's Secret Wars # 1 first published in 1984 but the distance was pulling the strings in the hosts went largely unseen. He was created by writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Zeck. During his first film, he managed to kidnap several characters, both heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe and sent to the planet called Battleworld. He said, sequels reappeared in taking on a human form and threatens to destroy the world. By the end of Secret Wars II, Beyonder died but later they made small appearances in the Marvel Universe in the lower forms.

4. Annihilus

4 Position of the 10 greatest Marvel comic villain Annihilus which is already fantastic, Fantastic Four Annual # 6, 1968. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created by, grew strongly in the volcanic environment Annihilus . That's got superhuman strength, stamina and stability, he said. He usually, slow the aging process manipulates old energy and other bad things, with the Cosmic Control Rod Wields. The nearly 200 super-powered aliens who leads an army of fiercely loyal to him. Annihilus television, video games, toys and even been featured in a board game. Although he died shortly after the rebirth quiet but often silent.

3. Magus

The new mutants in Magus 1984. (Volume 1) actually Magus, Adam Warlock, the writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill made his debut in Magus to create a tribute to Sienkiewicz. The governor of Magus Technarchy. According to this custom, the killing of his father by a Warlock or killed. So Magus runs off the land. There he joins the new mutants. The Magus is a technology that contains organic circuits that stay completely. He has the size and shape of the super power, has the ability to move a technology change any organic life forms.

2. Apocalypse

Number 2 position in 10 of the greatest Marvel comic villain Apocalypse. X considered one of the major antagonists of men, Apocalpse the Apocalypse was first identified as an unknown character from a hide in the Marvel graphic novel was published in 1986. Mainly integrated with the late technology is a mutant Apocalypse who have increased their supernatural abilities. He also possesses the ability to change their physical appearance. Besides being a great knowledge of the divine technique, they have an incredibly talented demagogue and a master strategist. With the Apocalypse, is also known as N-Sabah Nur, recurring spin-off and includes several limited series, which made the X-Men. In the 2016 film X-Men: Apocalypse, they will be presented by Oscar Isaac.

1. Doctor Doom

Fancy an enemy, Dr. Doom son romantic witch Cynthia Von Doom Fantastic Four. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, he first headed the first in the nation in 1962. He Latveria and a magician and a genius inventor Fantastic, Fantastic Four # 5 was published. Marvel Universe, Doctor Doom is one of the most intelligent man. Between super powers, they, energy and protective shield called the demons are capable of doing that has made recurring appearances in feature films, video games, TV series, etc.