The 10 Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World

The 10 Lost Underwater Cities of the Ancient World

Again great city, submerged, unseen eerily forced under water - we have all heard of the legend of Atlantis. But it waiting to be discovered buried under layers of water, unlike the real fantasy island lost cities.

Today we have 10 ancient world has been lost in time, but to discover and underwater cities being lost.

10. Canudos, Brazil

This small Brazilian town has a quiet get a date. Antonio's suspicions were poor peasants and slaves to organize a revolt against the government of the Consular a preacher. A few successes in the struggle with impressive resistance, the uprising ended on the 5th of October 1897, the story goes that there was only a child, an old man and two adults left. Decades later, a dam was built near the city to cope with the drought, but it ended up being flooded in the 1970s. The revolutionary man-made lake is located in a pit.

9. Tyno Helig, UK

Wales' Atlantis, Tyno Helig part is based on the fact that some considered as part of the legend that. Daughter of the story is that he has fallen in love with a commoner. Men want to be with her, and they made a plan. He was a nobleman stabbed on his back and stole his gold collar. He came out of the collar, and said that he won in a fair fight and a woman married she loved. After the wedding night, the ghost of a good man and a couple Osiris. After generations curse waves gradually began to take effect, which gulped the castle where he lived. This is sometimes seen peeking out of the water peaks of say Castle.

8. Willow Grove, USA

Dale Hollow Lake, got its name from a boost in the murky depths of the thriving city - Willow Grove is bordered by trees area. City and town, church, expect to see in the grocery store was apparently one of the few schools in the area. Most of the men went to the border during World War II and died. Soon, the government set their eyes on the picturesque place and start building dams. Later today the flooded area and willow trees bow down at the bottom of the lake.

7. Dunwich, England

Dunwich was a port city where there was once a religious center come to the Christian Crusades. It was a small fishing village, Dunwich once the 10th largest city in England almost as big as London with 100 people. The city had long been dealing with bad weather and resulting in severe erosion on one occasion. The churches from the 15th century, and was washed under water with a thriving port city structures.

6. Doggerland, North Sea

In ancient times, Doggerland home to the Mesolithic tribes in the North Sea. Now was just a speck, once a continuous mass of land in England joined with Europe about 20,000 years ago. The historians Doggerland Garden of Eden where the life of the north (both human and animal), it was on full swing until the surface of the sea and began to swallow large chunks of land masses call. Before the flood, Doggerland was occupied mostly with fishermen and hunters.
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5. Baiae, Italy

Something like an ancient Roman city of the rich and fabulous vacation homes. Sitting on a series of volcanic vents, making the city a number of hot springs and water is a constant source location was popular partly responsible. When the water began to rise, it became kind of inevitable fate of Baiae. No new city for the Golden Age of the visitors. A number of ruined monuments of the Emperor Nero had a family in Christ was plotting to kill the first century BC are found in Pisonian Villa.

4. Atlit-Yam, Israel

A number of Neolithic settlements located along the Carmel coast Atlit- called yam. 7,550 and a vast construction site of 8,000 years ago, there were the foundations of houses, roads and wells. A tsunami off suddenly due to a volcanic eruption wiped out when the city was swept across the city. Is a devotional place in the city where it is believed the water was worshiped. 65 skeleton around which the remains of the ancient civilization sweep tuberculosis, which is presumed to have died from a large malignant disease of men, women and children.

3. Gulf of Cambay, India

A fairly recent discovery in the Gulf of Cambay was discovered accidentally when an organization was still testing for contamination of water bodies. The oldest city on earth, it is older than the Harappan and Mesopotamian city after its discovery to the historians of the nine are considered. Gulf of Cambay human skeleton and teeth were dated to about 9,500 years old. Some of the founding of the Harappan civilization had children, left the city before the Gulf of Cambay believe the sea.

2. Pre-Incan Ruins in Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Lake Titicaca in a mysterious air about it enough and many locals consider sacred place. Among other things sitting at the bottom of the lake is a temple, roofs, streets dating Incas year before the age of around 1,500. City of the Incas was called Wanaku was like a bank to collect lore and stolen gold and treasures from the Spanish kings, but the treasury was lost in time. After making 200 dives, Akakor Geographic Diver Exploring the stone statues and pottery, gold pieces, bones recovered several artifacts etc.

1. Shicheng, China

The city was founded more than 1,300 years ago and the place was for the next three hundred years. Interestingly, the city is considered the Ming and Qing dynasties, which started from China's rulers began to decline in 1368. It was built by the efforts of the city. Xin'an dam was installed after a huge hydroelectric power. The city walls, gates and statues are well protected by the magnificent sitting under 40 meters of water.

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