The 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in the Planet

The 10 Most Luxurious Restaurants in the Planet

How much are you willing to pay for good food? If you thousands of bucks to spare for a luxurious meal, you will most likely need a budget for food. However, if you are living paycheck to paycheck just to, you will cringe at the thought of the most likely only spend hundreds of money for a meal. Special occasions, however, can call for deviating from its normal budget. Promote a job, special dates, and other rare occasions, there may be an occasional splurge guaranteed. So, you have your list (of course, a cost), especially the ten most luxurious restaurant in the world are looking for a place where you can cook for you.

All the restaurants are special to you can find a list ranking the best and priciest restaurants in the Michelin star. Each earns loses Michelin star restaurant and increases and decreases in the value respectively. It's no wonder, then, that competition is fierce among the fanciest restaurant, with chefs constantly striving for perfection in their field of expertise.

10. Beige (Tokyo) – $190

If you want to experience a fusion of French and Japanese cuisine? Then you should eat in one of the best restaurant Beige Tokyo. Beige sits atop Chanel Ginza building in the neighborhood and the kitchen serves signature recipes Alain Ducasse. Just before you get up to $ 147 to savor a world-class three-course dinner. Or if you want to enjoy a four-course meal, you only need to add $ 43 to your bill. Well to finish your meal, you get a channel chocolate for another $ 25 himself. It is any consolation, guarantee your restaurant rating that you will not waste more than a hundred bucks on food.

9. Le Pre Catelan (Paris) – $255

What better way to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Paris by eating out at one of the classiest restaurants in town? I love the heart of the city, Le Pre Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne park graces with excellent French cuisine. Excellent food and wine, the best lobster ravioli and veal dishes, Le Pre Catelan bill enables. Desserts on the menu at $ 43, and $ 85 in food, but it is highly unlikely that you could spend under $ 130 for a selected a la carte. If you want to enjoy all the fun we can offer LE PRE Catelan, you can already enjoy a seven course meal $ 255 dollars, which is including tax and tips. Or you can take advantage of a deal in the summer of $ 199 dollars for a five course meal that includes taxes and service.

8. Misoguigawa (Japan) – $270

If you still want to try out a Japanese twist, Misoguigawa head, other fancy restaurant that offers French cuisine with which you'll find is used to pull in central Kyoto. If you want to experience the best dishes Misoguigawa, however, make sure to plan a meal at home before making reservations in advance-at least five days. Among them are recipes I tried the pumpkin roasted buttered French beans, potato with soufflés, and beef fillet. Of course, you will have to steel yourself for a multi-course meal costs. During the eight-course menu to choose a fancier version of the course will cost you walk about $ 270 with taxes and services will cost you about $ 162. Your bank account can handle more food splurges, Misoguigawa a price for special events, private spaces available for the course.

7. Aragawa (Tokyo) – $341

Forbes in 2006 as the most expensive restaurants in the world ranking Aragawa. This is the spot to get a prestigious degree that is no longer, Aragawa remains on the list of the most luxurious restaurant in the world. It's really special to expensive restaurants, more than 22 people set. Thankfully, a full-course meal costs at least $ 341 price of this special place. Review of Kobe beef in the world is the best place to brag, to make sure that you do not leave the place without trying out this dish!

6. Masa (New York City) – $350

That means you know the word "Masa" In the Filipino language "public"? Masa is due, however, to be accessible to the public Restaurant price tag. How Big Apple can all bear a name of the most exclusive restaurants, such an ironic. You unforgettable as well as the Time Warner Center in Masa will get, and the food they serve food experience. Space environment when you check your bill after your meal you will need a comfortable seat is a good thing because of nerves, calm. No, you will find a menu in place, but (only) $ 350 per person, you get to enjoy a variety of fresh dishes from the kitchen. You will remain for as long as three hours of full course meals, so you better wear something comfortable. Your best place to eat or do not want to keep tight clothes would suit you, would you?

5. Gordon Ramsay (London) – $355

The restaurant is every bit as impressive as their reputation in the world that bears the name of Gordon Ramsay. Scottish Chef of the restaurant for 14 years has organized the 3 Michelin stars for exceptional achievements in the food industry. Of course, you'll have to service a generous tip for the meal you prepare extravagant $ 355. If you still have a spare thousand dollars and you are having a very important opportunity, a 1900 Chateau MARGAUX the CLASSE $ 18,850 for the course can be a bottle, this 1er Cru.

4. Restaurant Crissier (Switzerland) – $415

If you are looking for the best tasting food that is manufactured in Switzerland Chef of the Year for 2013, is to head the only restaurant Crissier. Chef Benoît Violier, has continued the legacy of the legendary 40-year-old restaurant chefs who have recently received a 19/20 from the prestigious Gault Millau French restaurant guide. 3-Michelin star restaurant is fair to good taste in Switzerland with a full course meal of $ 415. Location Specialties include red fruit souffle, White Cat Saint GILLES kruyy- roasted mushrooms, and summer DE-Vie with lemon.

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives) – $500

A submarine dining experience at night, you can choose to dine in the elegant restaurant of the New York Daily News in 2014 Ithaa Maldives underwater restaurant as this status. (Only) a unique dining experience under the sea with a scenic view of your entree for $ 320 Shandong large sea creatures. On the menu, reef fish caviar should try, but you will have to add another hundred dollars for drinks and to complete your meal with a generous tip service. Let's just say that you have truly put in for $ 500 to enjoy the dining experience within the water.

2. Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris) – $524

Alaine Ducasse's one of the popular 3-star Michelin restaurant, alone downtown conservative wonderful old inner most RESTAURANT LE Meurice in Paris avid purse is enough to make earthquake. Starting at $ 524, plus desserts and the restaurant signature dishes to feast on the cheese selection. You have to try their famous pie and guinea fowl might want veal sweetbreads (only a few hundred dollars). The bill, however, does not include beverages and service fees, so you'll have a hundred dollars to well over your food or add it. How cool is that?

1. Sublimotion (Ibiza) – $2000

Here planet rich could afford to eat rich material where only. Sublimotion Ibizia tantalize your taste, but promises a unique dining experience that will not only captivate your senses. I Sublimotion, you sure technology for a sensory experience, psychology, art, and to enjoy the luxury food fusion. With capacity for only 20 people, the restaurant can accommodate moisture in place to provide the desired effect of the microenvironment. So, when you feel like crying, once you manage to tell the waiter gives you $ 2000 bill, service, and they will be happy to accommodate you in the mood to pamper competition.

Meanwhile, as I write this list of the ten priciest restaurants in the world, I think about food while sitting on your kitchen counter to eat are given a budget of $ 5 lunch. I think my wallet holes can cause the restaurant, I think I can live very well live on fruit and vegetable diet remind yourself. (To make sure that during this time of year can live long and healthy scrimp and money) in the capsule eat my spirulina. Oh well, let's just hope that you, dear reader, it rests in peace hunger always in luxurious restaurants listed above before it will eat at one of those two.