The 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of The World

The 10 Most Quirky Restaurants of The World

We did see a restaurant? The answer is very simple. A visit to a fine restaurant guarantees a wonderful meal and the environment. Well, something unusual restaurants in the world that can stop it. Once you step into those eateries, it's a whole new experience to treasure for a gather- always.

Let us explore some of the quirkiest restaurants on the planet. Waiter odd choice for the acrobatic skills of staff, mind boggling wonderful places on cooking style, this list has it all.

10 of the world’s most quirky restaurants

10. ‘S Baggers, Nuremberg, Germany

This restaurant business is a Sci-fi movie has been affected. Here guests to order a computer. A reel of food and drinks to the table are sent whizzing through the roller coaster. Performance is very high and even the whooshing and whirring, with not a drop fell! Kids place to find very enjoyable and desire to return.

9. KinderkookCafe, Amsterdam, Netherlands

In Kinderkook, talented chefs serve guests mouth-watering dishes. Would you ask about the special? In the kitchen, cooks with high cooking skills are all children! Encourage children to finger-licking adroitly preparing items for your guests. Adult volunteers and interns to help them work.

8. Dinner In The Sky, Brussels, Belgium

Love the person with the most knowledge. Since ancient times, we've been eager to fly like birds. There's an air treat for food lovers. Large parts of the world hanging in the Dinner in the Sky is an organization which manages the dining facilities at night. In this way, it flies through the sky, more than 40 countries including Europe, Australia, India, Dubai, Canada, America by partnering with organizations in these countries. Dinner is operational in the Belgian capital. The meals are prepared by some of the best chefs. A dining extravaganza sky high! Another may want!

7. El Diablo, Canary Island, Spain

About how they are cooked on top of a volcano, enjoy a gourmet meal? It sounds interesting to you, then you need to El Diablo! Located in the heart of the Timanfaya National Park, a spectacular view from the restaurant. 450-500 ° C geothermal heat cooks spewing out of the mouth of an active volcano barbeques and food! Cooking is an exceptional way, to attract tourists on a daily basis. The volcano erupted in 1824. sunset experience on the Fire Mountain and gorge on the volcanic lava fields indulgences! Okay!

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Wine and food culture in the underwater tunnel made man. Level as the fish swim to enjoy a toast luxury 16 feet below sea favorite. Designed by a part of the New Zealand Consultation Rangali Island Resort Conrad Maldives Restaurant. Inspired by the 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean tsunami, which did not damage the restaurant.The food is a mixture of European and Asian

5. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Savour a luncheon at the foot of a waterfall in the Philippines southeast of the country. The menu includes authentic local dishes and the atmosphere is lush green. I found myself delightfully bamboo dining table set and touches your feet to the water Labassin waterfall. Smoking, Filipino food, enjoy a live waterfall background. Cold water provides a much-needed relief in humid environments.

4. Fangweng Restaurant, Yichang, China

Mighty dangling hundreds of feet above the Yangtze River, this restaurant is built in a cave. Offbeat factor here is 30 m long narrow concrete bridge, which hangs on the side of the mountain. To cross the bridge to reach the main dining area. Even suspended in the part of the dining hall. Take a piece and say hello to the longest river in Asia!

3. Kayabukiya tavern, Japan

Walk into the restaurant, the place of the seat, an order and surprises! The waiters and waitresses, you will find the food service cute monkey! The monkeys Japanese animal rights regulations do not allow a day to more than to more than 2 hours. It also ensures appropriate treatment for the condition monkeys to work. And if you win your heart for cute little animals you can consult with cooked soy beans!

2. Snow Castle Restaurant, Kemi, Finland

Kemi is the biggest snow castle in the world which has been rebuilt every winter. Every year is different from the architecture, but also includes three features that repeat themselves in the ice restaurant. Inside the restaurant the temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius. The fine food in an ice restaurant..who can resist that? No doubt, Kemi citizens are proud of it!

1. Treepoddining, Soneva Kiri Resort,Thailand

If your pockets are deep enough to appreciate the value of a gourmet meal and then waste no time left for the Soneva Kiri resort, KohKood Island. The resort boasts an entire assortment of dining options. treepod KohKood ancient rainforest of tall bamboo pods in food are waving in the leafy tropical trees. Sitting in a tree pods guests get a magical view of the blue waters and sandy beaches. Expensive wine tasting as well as entertain yourself by using a personal waiter acrobatics using a zipline gives you the high service!

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