The 10 Places That Are Off-Limits To Ordinary Public

The 10 Places That Are Off-Limits To Ordinary Public

Even with all of that in a free country can expect an ordinary citizen, to places off-limits to the general public that are there for a reason.

I highly secure and real trouble in places you can get if you ever decide to take a look at 10 locations in the storm off limits to the general public:

Places that are off-limits to the general public

10. Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

The number of public places that are off-limits to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in 10 position. It is located in a remote Norwegian island a secure seed bank Spitsbergen. Conservationist, Kerry Fowler and international agricultural research advisory group meet (CGIAR) have made the bank storing seeds during a global crisis. The seed was being frozen when stored in an abandoned coal mine began in 1984. 300 different species of seeds collected in the course of a year. Vault construction work was funded by the Norwegian government. It is administered jointly by the Government of Norway, the Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (NordGen) and the Global Crop Diversity Trust (GCDT).

9. Metro-2, Russia

The numbers are off-limits to the general public on 10 points 9 m 2 position. This is a secret underground metro system in Moscow. Under Codename D-6, was active in the system supposedly built and Joseph Stalin. It is believed to run parallel with the public Moscow metro, but its length is greater than the public Metro. According to rumors Metro connects all the important places. Many people advised of its existence, although no one is said to be sure. Try to look for it but a group Urban Explorer 2004 is not allowed to claim to have found the entrance.

8. The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum, China

No. 8 position in Jiangsu National Security Education Museum are off-limits to the general public on 10 points. A spy museum located in the United States, the eastern city of Nanjing. This is off-limits to everyone is a Chinese citizen. Lipstick Maps disguised guns disguised as a deck of cards, there are still a number of interesting stuff in the museum doors, including those dating back to 1927. The Chinese do not see the Chinese security apparatus.

7. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, U.S.

Also known as High Point Special Facility (HPSF), the facility is designed to protect the most important people in the country in case of a nuclear attack or other sudden disaster. Naturally, the place is equipped with the highest level of security and quality living conditions. According to the Washington Post, many leaders following the 9/11 attacks were evacuated Mount Weather. The program's success depends on how far received much advance warning of the attack. Around a mysterious air around having caught the imagination of many people. Mount Weather massive novels, television series has been depicted etc.

6. Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

Number of Ise Grand Shrine of 6 positions that are off-limits to the general public on 10 points. Located in the city of Ise, people are not allowed to enter the prayer is not so sacred shrine. Ise Shrine is the origin of more than 123 Shinto shrines. The shrine is believed to be a chief priest or priestess comes from the Japanese royal family. 4 Believed to be in B.C.E, the Ise Shrine is the holiest and most important Shinto sites. The shrine is literally hidden behind fences and can see the thatched roofs of a central structure stand out.

5. Poveglia, Italy

Venice Lido large and a small island in northern Italy between. The island has been inhabited by people for a long time and therefore have a long history of human suffering. The left Poneglians place around 1379 in fear of an attack and was virtually alone on the island for centuries. Around 1776, as a check point for ports, ship and was going to take care of the sick island while infected by the plague of 1793 the ships that were anchored in the harbor were built on the island were. In the 20th century the island was turned into a shelter for the mentally ill, but years later it was completely abandoned. Due to the large number of deaths, the island is said to be haunted, and off-limits citizens.

4. Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

Vatican Secret Archives of the number 4 position is off-limits to the general public on 10 points. Located in Vatican City, Vatican Secret Archives is said to hold some of the darkest secrets of the world. Over the years, correspondence, papal account books, the Archives is to collect papers and other documents worth. Where very few people have access to practically owned by the Pope. On the eve of his death or resignation, the property is passed down to the next successor. The few researchers are allowed in each year to examine the old documents was only after 1881. In 2012, an exhibition was held from the 8th to the 20th century, the exhibition of 100 original documents dating.

3. Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux caves are famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings. Estimated at 17,300 years old, they are part of the art of the Upper Paleolithic. Marcel Ravidat caves were discovered in 1940 by a 18-year-old boy named. Painting mainly to the number of animals whose fossils have been found around the area. The caves were not always of the public. In 1955, it was opened to the outside, but the pollution control microbial and fungal growth off because, Lascaux caves, many listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1963. Today problems.

2. Snake Island, Brazil

The number 2 position in the Snake Island are off-limits to the general public on 10 points. Originally known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, the island is located on the coast of Sao Paulo. Planet, home to one of the Deadly Viper or Viper Golden Lancehead Bothrops. Vipers existed in danger and only snake species on the island. The island is off limits to civilians was made. Only scientists and researchers are allowed in the area. In 1909 was built a lighthouse and lighthouse keeper was the only inhabitant of the island for a long time. A documentary on the Discovery Channel in 2015 when around 4,000 people live on the island is stable with golden snakes.

1. The Sentinelese People, Andaman Island

Sheers isolated tribe is located in a small island in the Bay of Bengal is a group of indigenous past. Sentinelese were called out more than 60,000 years the world live on this island to resist any approach. Time researchers have tried to connect with her family, but they react to the sheer brutality. The population between 50 400 in 2006 to 2 fishermen were killed nationwide who have lost their ways and had landed on the island. During the 2004 tsunami, revealed count observation data that was moved to higher ground if disaster struck as the first group knew he was coming. Agriculture is unknown to them, they are largely hunter-gatherers.