The 10 Pro Wrestling Cowardly Villains Who Turned Out To Be Heroes In Real Life

The 10 Pro Wrestling Cowardly Villains Who Turned Out To Be Heroes In Real Life

Pro wrestling came in existence, the fans always good pleasure (called baby faces) and the bad guys booed (the heels). A wrestling villain can be easily recognized by their stealth attacks, arrogant and cowardly tactics promo. Roddy Piper, Triple H and Chris Jericho fans with such superstars have mastered the art and the relative ease to call hate.

But also several instances when "real life" events fearful bravery on their part over the years, being in real life badasses ended.

1. Perry Saturn

A member of the group, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean with Malenko, Radicalz Federation called as Saturn debuted in wrestling world. Group forged the greatest heel, favorite Stone Cold Attack coalition, the cowardice acts with Triple H fan more than one occasion.

2004 Saturn stumbled upon a scene where 2 men were about to rape a woman. He should act immediately. Suddenly, one of the men was carrying a .25 caliber handgun out of his neck, Saturn initially thought that was a punch (in a shoot interview shot him in the back as described by) a. The woman was rescued, though, and it took years to kick ass Saturn recuperate indie wrestling, but currently he is the best.

2. Shawn Daivari

Mohammad Hassan and Daivari was quite possibly the most hated heels in modern boat. The trick two Arab Americans were fed stereotypes were received after the events of 9/11. He was immediately put in charge of high-profile disputes against the likes of Hulk Hogan. Daivari was released in 2007.

They take an alcoholic, obsessive passenger on a train in 2012, Daivari made headlines. In addition yelling racial slurs, threatened to kill passengers on board. With Sean did not go well and they proceeded to put him in a choke hold. Witnesses reported that Daivari man that peed on his pants so much pressure to apply. After the incident, according to several tweets, Daivari was a bar and that is true for some wrestling.

3. Chris Masters

The trick Masters, WWE had two short stints with Hulk being a muscle in the body of a Greek God. Despite their looks, they're a villain during his career.

Masters gave him the news that he saved her mother from a burning house, grabbed eyeballs in March 2013. Within a crazy neighbor held hostage to his mother, and proceeded to set fire to the house. By the way, certainly boast an act of incredible bravery which would make a Greek god, driven by a 10-foot tree out of the hands of the Masters. Then he located his mother, threw tree through a window, and pulled it out to safety. The accused was charged with arson and thrown into prison, and Masters have some deserved media attention.

4. Chuck Palumbo

Best F.B.I. Remember to be a member of the WWE (the muscle Full Blooded Italians), Palumbo infamous group. FBI feuded with Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar's biggest faces of the time.

In January 2016, Palumbo saved a woman's life after a car accident. He was heading to his home in Palumbo, El Cajon when a car turned and looked at him. He climbed stopped to help an unconscious woman whose arm was pinned beneath the car at the top of the vehicle. A mechanic and former professional wrestler, a woman he easily lifted to allow the vehicle to move out of her arm. A fire engine came to help him in his truck and he left the scene to avoid answering questions. It is a small stone cold arrive a- "change of words. Two Save. Leave."

5. Ian ‘Vampiro’ Hodgkinson

Hodgkinson, who was one of the most popular wrestlers never worked for the industry giant, WWE. He later wrestler for WCW wrestling in the 90s, after a short lived stint in independent promotions. He is working as a color commentator in Lucha underground this time.

When a man suddenly found convulsing on the floor restaurant back in March 2015, he said, Thunder Bay, Ontario was at McDonald's. Without fear for a moment, like the troubled screen persona, Hodgkinson called 911 and even performed a couple of first aid techniques on. The crew reported that the Act was a key factor in the recovery of the man.

More. Hodgkinson Guardian Angels, a crime is a member organization of the patrol to keep an eye on NY subways in 1979. Man's rogue written all over it.

6. Diamond Dallas Page

Pro wrestling comes to talking about badasses in real life, that person's name must exist somewhere on top. No, he did not save some helpless child bullies or stop a robbery. Nothing. DDP was a popular face in WCW, but the wife was relegated to a scary heel to chase. After retiring, he founded a health venture.

Over the years, DDP has saved many lives from the DDP Yoga program. Cases in point Jake Roberts and Scott Hall. It brought itself to the brink of a popular wrestlers, alcohol and death attributed to years of drug abuse. A true friend, DDP invited them to stay with him at his home on separate occasions. After months of rehabilitation, DDP succeeded in cleaning them.

Hall and Roberts 2014. Included WWE Hall of Fame inductee? The man who virtually certain death- from Diamond Dallas Page.

7. The Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson mainstream most popular wrestler Hulk Hogan crossed the planet in terms of popularity and recognition in the media is quite possible. The full-time wrestling career from 2004 to 1996, he was a child's face who was loved by a heel that was made millions with hate for bragging about the world his Hollywood success has established itself as the only out for a decade. Rock Hollywood personality, especially Canada, the most humiliated in 2000 before one of the villains. Not cowardly tactics of the likes of Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold many ways to incite fans wrestlers did in the past.

Fast and Furious 6 on the set, it was the exact opposite of rock, and all the dastardly heel he used to portray the weekly episodes of WWE RAW and Smackdown Celebrity proved it! Johnson was a great fight scene in the middle, a seed, he saw some thugs trying to steal a couple of vans parked in a corner seat, dressed in full dress with the FBI. Realize what is happening, Johnson will be off by criminals, still charged in the shooting clothes. Very good decision, given the size and strength of rock if you ask me.

8. Daniel Bryan

Danielle Brian, the "yes Movement" after it took off and shot to fame garnered mainstream attention in 2014, Phoenix, foiled an attempted robbery at his home in Arizona.

Brian, before becoming a fan favorite in 2014, one of the top heels in the back 2010 WWE, they rebelled rookies of the Nexus is called self which debuted on man roster as a part of a group when. Group John Cena, Bret Hart and many more targeting wrestling greats, wreaked havoc on the Raw roster in the summer of 2010.

That night, Brian was returning with his wife, WWE Diva Brie Bella her, when he saw two thieves carrying a bag full coming out of his house. Breaking moment burglars dropped the saw is seen, your bags and took off. Charging full speed towards Brian criminals, decided to take matters into his own hands. After chasing a 400-foot, Brian succeeded in catching one of them in the second round. When police arrived at the scene put a "rear naked chokehold" on the submission of a master thief.

Brian lost a bracelet given to him by his father who passed away in the early years, but the other recovered all the stolen goods back.

9. Booker T.

Booker T is widely remembered as one of the best in the world of wrestling WCW champion of all time, held a grand title five times. He's a convicted felon was arrested for armed robbery before it appeared in the boat scene. In his final years in WWE, he, the most hated king of the ring emerged as one of the tournament heels and "King Booker" bearing a crown after the announcement. Between Batista and Bobby Lashley against the likes of WWE audience cowardly heelish tactics to get instant heel heat for this.

Booker was his wife and three children out of the blue, gunmen approached a counter and enjoying a meal with you, they demanded money from the cashier. Cashier, helpless and frightened, he proceeded to empty a familiar voice behind the cash register heard.

Booker yelled his famous WWE catchphrase, "You can dig it? Fish?" And began jumping from table to table by running the cash counter. As icing on the cake, they demonstrate that the subject and kick his famous finishing move, "Scissors bandits to save the day" performance.

Andrew Torres, while watching a 18-year-old employee, courageous act of Booker in the restaurant, he felt like he was as a child watching WWE again after all these years.

10. David Hart Smith

Smith A, while the most loved foreign WWE Superstars of all time, the great British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith a.k.a. Sons. David Tyson Kidd, along with Hart Dynasty wrestled in WWE for a short period of time as part of a tag team called. David After a brief period as a failed attempt as a face and a heel was released shortly after.
Recently, Smith helped bring down a thief Police Amsterdam. The thief had stolen the purse of a woman and fled the scene when the soldiers caught him. See them having a hard time to control the thief, the thief jumped David Smith and one choke. Man, perhaps a WWE fan. But Smith, who was one of the original tapes. The thief was calm and security took him away until he removed his hold.