The 10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

The 10 Reasons Why Women Are Better Than Men

It really is an awesome list and we had a lot of fun compiling it.

 The debate will continue in the long term the better but both enjoy compiled a series of rolls in!

10. Women “grow” other human beings inside them

Women have the ability to grow a whole new person inside. The men look like tadpoles and even they make the girl accidentally do not know which way to go to move into an egg inside the body sperms. All of a woman is a "moving" kicking pay "and is", inside the baby "big"!

9. They can tolerate pain

Having a baby will push myself once is not enough, they do it again and again. Women have a greater tolerance for pain as they go on all the chores for the whole nine months. The men would hide under the sheets if they have flu.

8. Multi tasking

Women can reply to emails on smartphones TV news at the same time, cook, custodian and listen to the baby. Men? The Hahaha! See Best Jobs for Women.

7. Female brain has better healing ability

A man and a woman, both from an accident at the same time that you say, it will be up to the daily tasks of a woman is the man opened his eyes. Because neurons are connected to a woman in a man's brain compartmentalized.

6. Communication experts

Women can talk anywhere, anyone. The bus driver, know how to socialize with their teachers sit with their children, cleaner, salesperson or bus. The communication led to the development of human life and we owe it to women.

5. Women get things done

Dead, nothing exciting, he will not do it. Similarly, he encouraged and it is something like washing the dishes even if the license is not appreciated will not do again. The women will get things done when they need to.

4. Women have super powers that get things done

Boy utility will leave power, police will not let her off without charging a ticket and they get that way around any problem. It has super strength tears!

3. Detail oriented

His lover likes to eat and other basic facts can distribute things like the small details that while women do list in his mind, birthdays, shopping lists, assignments and the whole calendar . That's downright impossible for men.

2. Women live longer

Why women are stronger than men on average live longer then maybe a year, which is on the nerves than men. Women are better decision makers even regarding their diet, and health check functions.

1. Psychic powers

If her husband is cheating or running their friend is not only a problem that can tell women their babies cry, they can be absolutely sure. It is no use telling the same lies about you thought it would. A strong intuition.